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British Columbia welcomes new PNP: the Entrepreneur Regional Pilot

Canada’s westernmost province, British Columbia, has introduced a new category under its Entrepreneur Immigration stream. The Entrepreneur immigration stream of BC’s Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) draws experienced entrepreneurs who will actively manage businesses in the province of British Columbia. If successful under BC’s Entrepreneur Immigration Stream, the applicant is eligible to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada!

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What makes this stream different?

The province of BC has several categories for entrepreneurs coming into the province, with each category having different goals and application criteria. While other Entrepreneur categories in British Columbia are directed at the province at large, the newly released Entrepreneur Regional Pilot requires newcomers live in a designated community in BC, targeting smaller, rural communities in the province. It also requires new entrepreneurs establish a business in the community they are settling in.

The BC PNP Entrepreneur Regional Pilot works with local communities to fit the business needs of the area. This category demands that applicants are able to do an exploratory visit to the community, and meet with a community representative to discuss your business concept as part of the application process.

How Do I Apply?

All Entrepreneur Immigration categories from BC follow a similar process to apply. Applicants create an online profile with the BC PNP, including details about work experience, language ability, education and possible business ideas. The BC PNP then invites the highest ranking applicants to submit applications for the program. If they meet all requirements, new entrepreneurs will be nominated by British Columbia for Permanent Residence in Canada!

The pilot is expected to be delivered over a two year period, and will begin with registration in early 2019. To stay up-to-date with information about the new Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot, follow along with the Canadim blog and PNP tracker.

Entrepreneur Immigration Regional Pilot
Eligible Communities
Population of less than 75,000 and not near a large population center. Applicant must visit community and obtain a referral from the community.
Applicant Investment
Minimum $100,000
Net Worth
Minimum $300,000
Language Proficiency
Minimum CLB 4 equivalent
Applicant residency requirement
Business and residence must be within supporting community
Eligible Type of Business
New business start-ups only
Ownership of Business
Minimum 51%
Work Permit Period
May submit a Final Report at least 12 months after arriving on a valid work permit
Applicant Management of Business
Applicant must demonstrate active management of the business

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