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Canadian City Spotlight: Hamilton, Ontario

Canada is a big place! The country covers vast and varied landscapes, from mountain ranges, to Great Lakes, from forests to deserts (yes really!), and even touches the coasts of three separate oceans. If you’re deciding to settle in Canada, you may be overwhelmed by choosing exactly where to live. Over the next few weeks we will be introducing you to some of Canada’s lesser known cities that make some of the best places to call home.

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While popular cities such as Toronto and Vancouver see many newcomers each year, great places to live in Canada come in all shapes, sizes and with their own unique features. Hamilton, Ontario offers several features that may be valuable to newcomers. Located in southern Ontario, Hamilton is only 75 km from the major city centre of Toronto and sees many residents commuting into the city for work.

Hamilton is experiencing its own employment boom in recent years, and has been steadily attracting international tech talent. Hamilton is considered part of a blossoming “tech corridor” of Southern Ontario, which includes Toronto, the city of Waterloo, Guelph and Oakville. This corridor is seeing more and more tech companies coming into the region, and is being compared to an up-and-coming Canadian silicon valley.

For international applicants interested in living and working permanently in Canada, this is great news. In 2018, 25% of all applicants nominated for immigration to Ontario held job offers or work experience in high-tech occupations. Canada’s fastest path to permanent residence, the Express Entry system, prioritizes applicants with skilled work experience. In 2017, occupations in technology led the way in receiving Invitations to Apply (ITAs). With this job experience in demand in Canada, immigration through the Express Entry system for skilled workers has been fast-tracked to an average processing time of just four months!

Not only is the city of Hamilton experiencing a boom in tech-related occupations, it is an ideal place for families. Hamilton welcomes many newcomers each year, and has been proactive in ensuring strong settlement services are in place. Services such as the Immigrants Working Centre, YMCA, YWCA and Hamilton Center for Newcomer Health work to ensure that newcomers have the best chances at success in their move to the city.

Although close to the bustling city of Toronto, Hamilton boasts beautiful natural landscapes including waterfalls, hiking trails, and beachfront looking onto Lake Ontario. A variety of residential areas means you can choose from downtown living to spacious neighborhoods, and their transportation system makes accessing the Greater Toronto Area easy and effective.

Stay up to date with our City Spotlight series to discover some more excellent options for the best places to call home in Canada! Who knows what place you’ll discover next.

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