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A Complete Guide to Finding Housing & Employment in Canada

One of the biggest questions we receive is “do we arrange employment and/or housing in Canada for our clients?” The short answer to this question is: no we do not and here is why:


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Why We Don't Provide Housing or Employment

Securing suitable housing and employment in Canada might seem like a daunting task for someone living abroad with little experience in Canada. But the reality is there are numerous resources and services at the disposal of newcomers that provide free housing and employment assistance when you first arrive in Canada. We feel that charging a fee to our clients for this type of service would be unnecessary and costly to our clients.

That being said, I don’t want you to think you are alone in this. Canada has some of the best newcomer services in the world, many of which are free to access. As your legal representative on your immigration application, we will be happy to help you take full advantage of these services when you are ready to make the move to Canada.

What We Do

We are a full-service Canadian Immigration law firm. We are not a job placement agency, although we do offer personalized employment advising to help you connect with employers in Canada. We are also not in a position to select suitable accommodation for our clients because we believe this is a personal decision best made by the applicant’s own preferences and desired location. We specialize in obtaining the right to live and work in Canada for you and your family.

Finding Housing in Canada

In a major city, things can be a bit easier but the general process of securing housing in Canada is the same in a big city as it is in more rural and suburban areas.

More often than not, applicants find temporary accommodations first, and then transition to a more permanent solution when they have secured employment or found their preferred place to live in Canada. These temporary accommodations can be hotels, hostels or month-to-month rental apartments but keep in mind that many rental agreements are for 12 months leases. So before you commit to such a long time, it is best to evaluate your options once you arrive in Canada.

The main factors you want to take into consideration when it comes to selecting the right type of housing for you are:

  1. Your budget
  2. Desired location
  3. Transit time to employment, whether by car, walking or public transportation


A landlord in Canada can ask for several things you might have difficulty obtaining as a newcomer to Canada like:

  1. Previous references from old landlords
  2. Where you work and what your income is
  3. A review of your credit history


In the event that you are asked for any type of documentation you cannot obtain, we strongly advise you to consult newcomer resources in your area to help find a solution. Click here for more information.

Cost of living in Canada largely depends on where you choose to live. Urban centers like Vancouver, for example, can be expensive while cities like Montreal can be more economical. This link provides a great breakdown of costs per Canadian provinces.


Resources for Finding Housing In Canada


This is a great website to help select apartments in a specific area. It has a map of your chosen area in Canada with all the available housing in that location. This is a great tool if you know the neighbourhood you would like to live in.


Kijiji.ca & Craigslist.ca

These two links are a mix of many different types of listings including jobs, services, items for purchase and housing.



Canada's Mortgage and Housing Corporation

The following links are from Canada’s Mortgage and Housing Corporation and include great resources for newcomers specifically about buying and renting properties in Canada that are a must read for anyone moving to Canada in the near future.


Employment in Canada

With great programs like Express Entry, many applicants coming to Canada already have formal job offers from Canadian employers. But the vast majorities of newcomers to Canada do not have arranged employment and must secure a suitable job once they are permanent residents of Canada.

Securing employment in Canada can be a bit more difficult than housing, but the principals are largely the same. Prior research and dedication will pay off whether you are looking for a new job or a place to live.

Newcomer services are essential to your success in Canada and as a new resident of Canada; you should take full advantage of these great programs to help you adjust to life in Canada. For the link to the list of newcomer services by Canadian province, please click here.

Essential Tips for Securing Canadian Employment

Improve Your Language Proficiency

Improve your language proficiency, either English, French, or both. You might not need to be bilingual (most Canadians are not) to get a great job in Canada but being bilingual is a great opportunity and will always be an asset to your employability in your new country. There are many different services available to newcomers, paid for by the Government of Canada, to help you enhance your English and/or French proficiency.

Ideally, you should start working on your language proficiency before you come to Canada so you will be ahead of the curve and in a better position to correspond with potential employers when you finally arrive.

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Don't be Afraid to Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Consider becoming an entrepreneur or starting a new career path. Another great option is learning a new skill/trade in one of the many great Canadian educational institutions available.

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Improve & Westernize Your CV/Resume

Improve & Westernize your CV/Resume. In North America we tend to have a different style for our CV/Resume than in certain parts of the world. For example, pictures of yourself, your religion or your parents’ names are inconsequential to a Canadian employer. So regardless of where you are coming from, it is highly advisable to consult an employment counsellor or an online service to ensure your CV/Resume showcases your skills and credentials in the best possible light, while also adhering to North American standards of how such a document should be prepared.

Make Connections Outside Your Ethnic Community

Make connections outside your ethnic community. Canada is a multicultural country, representing many different nationalities. Often when newcomers arrive in Canada they are drawn to communities with the same ethnic background as themselves which can be comforting and help ease your transition to Canada. That being said, don’t forget to expand your horizons beyond your ethnic enclave to experience all that Canada has to offer and allow you to explore new opportunities for networking employment options.

Have a Plan B for your Employment Plans

Have a Plan B for your employment plans. Things don’t always go as planned and you might find that your certifications or experience are not sufficient to practice your exact profession in Canada without additional training. Don’t despair! Consider other employment options, similar to your career path, that can allow you to either; get the experience you need or the financial resources necessary to obtain your Canadian certifications.

For example, if you are working as a nurse in your home country, it is likely you will need to be certified as a nurse in Canada if you wish to practice that profession here. Sometimes additional schooling is required or sometimes you just need to write the Canadian nursing examination. One option that I suggest to many nurses is that working as a healthcare assistant will still pay significantly higher than most nursing occupations in your home country. You can work on your certifications part time while still earning a sizable salary and making connections that will help you in your future employment.

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Job Search Resources

Most available employment in Canada is listed online. There are many websites, some are official and run by government agencies while others are private companies who list the types of occupations available in your area.

Canadim Job Search Toolbar

Our website can be an excellent resource to finding Canadian employment. Our online toolbar collects job listings available in Canada from other resources online. You just simply enter the type of job and your ideal location in Canada and our job search toolbar then conveniently displays all available listings in an easy to review list.


Job Bank

This is a great website that sources jobs from all over Canada. It is highly recommended that anyone considering immigrating to Canada complete a profile on this site to familiarize themselves with what Canadian employers are looking for. This is also where Express Entry candidates create a profile for them to be selected by a Canadian employer.



Emploi-Québec is great resource run by the Quebec government to help match employers with employees. If you are intending on residing in Quebec, Emploi-Québec should be your first stop on your journey to securing employment in your new home.



This is a private company that has very much pioneered the digital recruitment industry and has excellent job matching algorithms so it makes suggestions based on your online profile that you create.


We hope you found this information helpful and remember, the best way to discover your Canadian Immigration options is to complete our free online assessment form and we will get back to you.

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The Canadim Team!

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