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Why it’s a great time to become a Canadian

I’ve written a lot about how to immigrate to Canada but I didn’t really get a chance to touch on an important side of the discussion and that is “why it’s a great time to become a Canadian.”

There are of course the typical reasons like being very close to nature, maple syrup and ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ but that’s not what I want to talk about in this article.

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Canada is an economic, natural resource superpower.

While our neighbor to the south chooses to invest in military supremacy and bailing out a broken banking sector, we choose to invest in social programs, peace keeping, free healthcare for all Canadians and we have one of the most responsible and profitable banking sectors in the world. Canadian banks are on a hiring spree to keep up with their expansion plans and have posted record profits for this year. Conversely, banks in the US are cutting jobs in the tens of thousands and other US banks are closing altogether.

Canada has weathered the recent global economic recession better than most countries. I believe a large part of this can be attributed to the fact that we have the highest number of economic immigrants coming into our country than any other developed nation. It isn’t just high immigration levels that help make a nation great, but rather how you treat these immigrant communities once they arrive here.

Canada’s success in integrating immigrants into our economy is partially based on policy of multiculturalism (in contrast to the US system of cultural assimilation) and an immigration system that brings the best and brightest to Canada and rewards them with Canadian Permanent Residence.

Newcomers to Canada will find a wealth of services tailored to them, some funded by the Government of Canada while others are private organizations run by volunteers, often 1st generation immigrants themselves. These newcomer services allow immigrants to gain insight into Canadian values while still maintaining their own unique cultural identity.

Canadians understand that immigrants have a lot to add to our great country and that our differences and diversity make us a stronger, more adaptable nation. Contributions from immigrants young and old are creating jobs, innovating our technology sectors, building outreach programs for newcomers, creating arts and entertainment and so much more that enrich the diverse tapestry that is Canadian culture.

Many prominent government positions are held by immigrants like Tobias C. Enverga Jr. the first Filipino-Canadian appointed to the Senate and Olivia Chow, an elected Member of Parliament and a vocal advocate for the needs of immigrant communities living in Canada. These individuals and the many other notable 1st generation immigrants holding important positions in our government will continue to push for immigrant rights and ensure that the community has a voice in our government.

For young families, what could be more important than health care and educational services?

In Canada going to public school (kindergarten to grade 12) is free.  The government offsets the costs of our post-secondary institutions to ensure that the financial cost of higher learning is manageable for all levels of income.  We also have excellent student loan and bursary programs available to all Canadians.

Our health care system is free to access for Canadians and we are constantly upgrading our facilities with new equipment and procedures. Much of these upgrades are the direct result of medical research done right here in Canada. Many universities in Canada receive major funding to conduct research in everything from pharmaceuticals to appropriate nursing interventions. Take for example the 9 million dollar investment in the McGill University School of Nursing, which is located in downtown Montréal just blocks away from our office. This investment will focus on clinical research for nurses on how to improve outcomes for patients and their families.

Something that I take great pride in is the Canadian sense of social justice. The first draft of the Declaration of Human Rights was written by a Canadian and the concepts of equality and dignity for all are essential Canadian values.  We have wide array of accessible social programs that ensure individuals and families going through difficult times not only have what they need to survive, but also what they need to succeed in the future.

Like all countries Canada is not without problems but how a country deals with their problems, defines them as a nation. Where other nations succumb to xenophobia and choose to isolate themselves from the world, Canada looks out to the horizon for immigrants like you to contribute to our economy and culture and continue to build this great nation.

If Canada is your ideal destination for immigration then I highly recommend the Quebec Skilled Worker program which I have detailed in my previous posts that I hope you get a chance to read

In closing, with 2 out of every 5 Canadians not born here in Canada we truly are a country of immigrants and we at the Canadim family sincerely hope that you will be one of them.

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Renaud Dery,

Canadian Immigration Attorney

With 15 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field we are now leading experts in this program. Please visit our website to take our free online assessment and check us out our Facebook page to keep updated and find out about our next immigration seminars abroad as well as to see pictures and the stories of our many successful clients. Become part of our community, and then let us help you become part of the Canadian community!

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