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How to Easily Write a Great Email in English

Did you know: You don’t need to be a genius or fully proficient in English to write a professional looking email when applying for jobs or inquiring about your immigration application. Here are 10 quick and easy tips to help you stand out from the crowd!

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10 Steps to Writing a Great Email in English

  1. Always sign your first and last name when writing a message to someone.
  2. Never write a message to someone in all UPPERCASE LETTERS. This can be considered rude and generally implies the tone of your message is yelling. Also, stick to a reasonable font size (10-13) and never use font colours that are bright or difficult to read.
  3. It also isn’t great to use all lowercase letters either. There are lots of rules about capitalization in English but generally people and places must be capitalized. Also, when you begin a new sentence, the first letter of that sentence must be capitalized.
  4. Proofread your message. Does it make sense to you? If it doesn’t make sense to you, chances are it won’t make sense to the recipient either.
  5. Generally speaking you should never use abbreviations that are not clearly established earlier in your email. Using emoticons or “lol” & “TTYL” would also be considered unprofessional in a message to a potential employer.
  6. Just because you’re writing your message on a small mobile device does not mean that the recipient is also using the same small mobile device. Make sure your emails will be formatted properly if someone is viewing your message on a handheld device or a computer monitor.
  7. If you have specific questions that you need answered, make sure you list these questions and number them so the person responding to you can address each one. This way you can be sure all your questions were addressed and the person answering them doesn’t have to summarize and restate the original question when replying to you.
  8. If it is your first time writing to an organization and you aren’t sure who to address your message to, use “To whom it may concern.” If someone has written you a message, ALWAYS address the message back to them with the same name they used to sign off.  This way you can’t go wrong!
  9. Always spell check. Misspelling industry specific terms or just commonly used words with a potential employer could imply that you do not have the required knowledge or language proficiency for the position. With the thousands of free programs to correct spelling in every possible language it is astounding how many people choose not to use this technology.
  10. Last but not least, see how they write their email and try to match their format and level of professionalism. Not everyone is a stickler for grammar but if you try your best to match their level, you shouldn’t have a problem.
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