Did you know: Immigration Consultant vs. Immigration Lawyer

22 Aug, 2013 Did you know: Immigration Consultant vs. Immigration Lawyer

Do you know: The difference between a Canadian Immigration Consultant and a Canadian Immigration Lawyer? What you NEED TO KNOW that you probably aren’t being told.

Although needing to attend courses to become certified, a Canadian Immigration Consultant does not have the same immigration knowledge, legal expertise or the legal privileges that a Canadian Immigration Attorney has.

An Immigration Attorney, like Attorney Renaud Dery, can also advocate for your application in a federal court of law, should your application be brought under judicial review, a very rare but possible scenario.

In order to be certified, Immigration Consultants must be members of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) while an attorney DOES NOT. Attorneys at law are governed not only by a code of ethical and legal conduct, but also by law societies and bar associations.

I don’t want to speak badly of all immigration consultants. I have met several in my career that are honest and hardworking people but I cannot ignore, and you cannot afford to ignore, the high degree of fraud in their industry.

You should be extremely careful when hiring an immigration consultant in your home country. There are entirely too many horror stories out there.

We have dozens of clients who first applied through a local business, friend of a friend or an unethical family member and they had their hard earned money taken from them and have nothing to show for it but frustration. Then they come to Canadim because they need help and don’t know where else to turn. Thankfully, most of them we can help and we submit an application on their behalf but some lose their chance because rules change and they wasted too much time with someone who didn’t have a clue what they were doing.

Even Certified Immigration Consultants in Canada have been found guilty of defrauding unsuspecting prospective immigrants like you. Don’t wait for your consultant to burn you, go with Canadim the first time and make all the right decisions regarding your Canadian Immigration plans.

To summarize, with a looming immigration cap you don’t have time to waste on what might seem like a cheaper option in your home country. The cheaper option will, most likely, cost you MUCH more and in the end you will have nothing but a bad taste in your mouth and no status in Canada.


The Canadim Team!


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