Don’t be a victim: How to spot Canadian Immigration fraud

29 May, 2013 Don’t be a victim: How to spot Canadian Immigration fraud

If it sounds too good to be true …

For a lot of my clients when they first come to see me it’s because they had a bad experience with another immigration agency. Their previous representation, whether it is a local business in their home country or family friend, didn’t end well and now no one is returning their phone calls or emails.

I find it troubling that people give their hard earned money to people in their home country who aren’t even Canadian Permanent Residents. Why would someone trust someone to handle their application for Canadian PR who doesn’t even have status in Canada!?! If they are a family friend, let them stay family friends but don’t trust them with something as important as your application for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not promising you Canadian Permanent Residence and anyone who does, you shouldn’t believe. Although we do have a 99% success rate, the decision to grant Canadian Permanent Residence always rest with the visa officer. I am however promising that my firm, myself and my highly trained team of professionals are at your disposal and we are on your side throughout the entire immigration process.

We will do our absolute best to ensure that your application is successful.

Something else you should never believe is anyone who promises you Canadian employment at a cost. Unfortunately I realize that in many places around the world that is how things work but in most places in Canada it is completely illegal to charge a fee for a job.

In Canada we have a saying – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of. Making the right decision from the beginning will save you time, effort and money.

Benefit from our 15+ years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field and let us help you start the next exciting chapter of your life in Canada!


Renaud Dery,

Canadian Immigration Attorney

With 15 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field we are now leading experts in this program. Become part of our community, and then let us help you become part of the Canadian community!

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