Double Your Chances: Apply to Express Entry & Quebec Skilled Worker

Express Entry & Quebec Skilled Worker

25 Jan, 2016 Double Your Chances: Apply to Express Entry & Quebec Skilled Worker

Double Your Chances: Apply to Express Entry & Quebec Skilled Worker

Did you know: You can submit both an Express Entry application AND a Quebec Skilled Worker application at the same time, provided you are eligible for both programs. This way, you can maximize the likelihood that you are accepted. Keep in mind, both programs have their pros and cons (see below) but applying to both can help ‘hedge one’s bets’ and capitalize on the best of both programs.

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experience-program2For example: Express Entry accepts candidates into a pool and only invites selected applicants with a high enough ranking to apply for permanent residence. In other words, you are competing with other applicants for your visa. Conversely, in QSW, if they accept you initially, your application will be processed and you will be evaluated on your own credentials and you will not have to compete with others for your visa.

If, in the example mentioned above, your QSW application is approved faster than your Express Entry one, then you would simply need to withdraw your Express Entry application and obtain your Canadian PR through your QSW application. It should be mentioned that if you apply to Quebec you should show intention to reside in the Province of Quebec and if you apply to Express Entry, you should show intention to live outside of Quebec. That said, as a Canadian Permanent Resident, your freedom of mobility in Canada is protected under the Canadian  Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


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Express Entry: Pros & Cons

Cons: Express Entry is not a lottery system but your application is entered into a pool of aspiring applicants where you are ranked against one another. Applicants that score higher will have a better chance of receiving an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. So in other words, you are not guaranteed a visa.

Pros: 6 months processing times and no government processing fees paid until you receive your invitation to apply. It should also be noted that a wide range of applicants qualify for this program as it does not specify a prioritized occupation list.

Quebec Skilled Worker: Pros & Cons

Pros: No settlement funds needed, one of the last first-come first-served type of Canadian Immigration programs, doesn’t require French and both academic and general IELTS are accepted. They have also recently lowered the points needed to qualify for the QSW program by waiving the usually mandatory immigration interview.

Cons: Longer processing times, quota system, only specific occupations are prioritized but engineers, nurses, accounting/finance and IT professionals all generally do very well in the program.

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