From Far and Wide! Canada has room to fill

30 Nov, 2018 From Far and Wide! Canada has room to fill

Canada is known for many things: maple syrup, free healthcare, politeness and ice hockey to name a few. Canada is the second largest country on earth, covering mountain ranges, lakes, prairies, sand dunes, forests and ocean coasts. For a big country with a relatively small population, space is in abundance!


Canada’s population density, the number of people per square kilometer of land, is just 3.99. Although similar in size, the United States has a population density of 33. The entire population of Canada is smaller than that of California. However, Canada is highly urbanized! Nearly 80% of Canadians live in big cities or towns close to the southern border. Despite the huge physical size of the country, Canada has created dense city centres like Toronto and Vancouver.

Canada’s major cities are recognized as hubs for innovation and are the most popular destination for newcomers to the country. However, the huge physical space of the country means newcomers can live in towns and cities of all different population sizes. You can live as closely or as far away from bustling cities, and be close to or far from natural landscapes.

Having big cities that are population dense continues to benefit the whole country. More people in a city means more vibrant and competitive urban areas, and more productivity and innovation brought to all of Canada. More people in cities spreads out the cost of better transportation systems, and forces cities to become more efficient.

87% of Canadians report having a park or green space “close to home” even while they live in big cities. Being able to access nature and green spaces promotes physical, social and environmental health, and is an important part of how Canadian cities continue to be planned and designed.

Preserving nature and natural spaces is important to the country. But, Canadian cities can afford to accept many more people! The major cities in Canada still have smaller population densities than most, and can continue to grow in size while still offering a high quality of life. At Canadim we believe newcomers strengthen the country. This view is reflected in the country’s goal of welcoming over one million new immigrants by 2021!

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