Why working with an immigration lawyer can make the difference

07 Jan, 2019 Why working with an immigration lawyer can make the difference

Working with a lawyer to prepare your immigration application can make the difference between having your application accepted instead of having it refused. In fact, based on the brilliant legal work of our team of attorneys, several of our clients recently had their unjust refusals overturned, enabling their successful immigration in a situation wherein they otherwise would have been rejected.


The Situation

In 2017, the province of Quebec abruptly changed how they assessed language proficiency for immigration applicants. This change in policy came without notice and affected many families whose applications for Canadian immigration were already in progress.

Prior to this change, the Quebec government accepted completion of an intermediate French course as evidence of French-language proficiency. However, in March of 2017, without notice, Quebec immigration officials began calling these immigration applicants for in-person interviews. If the interviewer decided that the applicant’s French was not up to standard, their application was denied.

How Canadim helped our clients with legal action

For most hopeful immigrants who had their applications refused, they had no choice but to accept the decision. However, we at Canadim refused to accept Quebec’s actions in this situation. We believed that Quebec’s abrupt change of policy was unjust and unfair towards those who had already submitted their immigration applications.

We prepared judicial reviews for our clients who were affected by the policy change and submitted them to court for judgement. Last month we received the news that our clients’ refusals were overturned and their immigration applications will be reconsidered by Quebec authorities!

Lawyer vs consultants

One of the major differences between an immigration lawyer and an immigration consultant is the ability to act as legal representation in a court of law. A lawyer can represent you in court, while a consultant does not have that ability. As demonstrated in the situation listed above, sometimes this can be the difference between a successful application or a refusal.

According to a recent report, immigration lawyers have a much higher success rate than lawyers as well. Only 10.4% of immigration applications submitted by lawyers are rejected, compared to a rejection rate of 18% of applications submitted by consultants. With substantially more educational and training requirements, it is unsurprising that a lawyer is able to offer a higher success rate than those working as consultants.

If you are interested in learning more about your own eligibility for Canadian immigration, simply complete our free assessment! A member of the Canadim Team will review your eligibility and contact you to discuss your immigration options.



The Canadim Team!


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