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Canadian Government Dedicates $113 Million to Pre-Arrival Services for Future Canadian Immigrants

On Thursday, January 3rd, Canada’s minister of immigration announced plans to dedicate $113 million in new money for improving pre-arrival services for new immigrants to the country. This announcement is an important move in the government’s promise to devote a total of $1 billion toward newcomer services.

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Newcomer services describes programming that seeks to help newcomers find employment, schooling, housing and even registering for language courses. These services are free of charge, offered locally throughout Canada and even available online. Newcomers can even use this online tool offered by the Canadian government to locate the settlement services nearest to them.

The $113 million will go towards funding 16 service providers in Canada, helping newcomers connect to these services before and after their arrival in the country. It is the hope of the government that greater resources for newcomers before and immediately after they arrive will mean better integration and a stable settlement for new immigrants, or as the Immigration Minister has put it, the ability to “hit the ground running”.

The new money promised by the federal government will go towards funding pre-arrival services for the next four years. This promise aligns with the goals of the federal government to welcome over one million newcomers to Canada in the next three years, and strengthen services to newcomers to ensure their best start in Canada!

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