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Employment of Workers Aged 25-54 Continues to Rise in Canada – Including Newcomers

Statistics Canada has released the September Labour Force Survey, finding that 54,000 Canadian jobs were created in September this year. Core-aged workers from 25 to 54 years of age saw significant employment growth in full-time work, including a growing participation rate for newcomers to Canada!

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September’s growth in employment was driven by the province of Ontario, with more people working in health care and social assistance. The unemployment rate, the share of working age people unemployed or not seeking work, has dropped to 5.5% and is among the lowest we have seen in recent decades. 

In most receiving countries, recently landed newcomers tend to see lower levels of employment in fields that match their training than core-age citizens. Fortunately, in Canada, newcomers are seeing increasing levels of employment shortly after arrival. In 2018, core-aged newcomers who had landed in the past five years, or fewer, saw their highest employment rate since 2006. 

As Canada continues to experience the effects of an aging working population and low fertility rates, immigration of skilled workers is essential in maintaining the workforce. The Canadian government recognizes this, which is why we are seeing our highest yearly economic immigration targets of all time. 

If living and working in Canada is something that interests you, now is the best time to take advantage of favorable immigration conditions in the country. Right now skilled workers are in their best position to make Canada their home, with the option of applying through Canada’s Express Entry system and Provincial Nominee Program options. Both Express Entry and provincial nominations offer faster and more efficient routes to permanent residence for workers with the right skills and experience, resulting in the ability for successful applicants and their families to live and work anywhere in Canada. 

The push to increase yearly economic immigration targets, and the emphasis on developing new and faster immigration programs to bring in skilled workers, has been a key characteristic of Canada’s current Liberal government. With federal elections set to occur in just one week, we cannot be certain that the immigration climate will remain the same in coming months. If you want to know more about your chances for successful immigration to Canada, now is the best time to begin the process. 

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