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Immigration News: Seven New Visa Offices in China

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to China has now concluded. While there, he met with several senior officials including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. There were several items on Trudeau’s agenda, including forming new commercial contracts, overseeing an agreement between Parks Canada and its Chinese counterpart, and agreeing to cooperate to boost the flow of tourists between Canada and China.


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Seven New Visa Offices

To meet this final objective, Canada has announced it will open seven new visa offices in China. This announcement was made in a joint statement following Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first official visit to China. These seven new offices are in addition to the five offices already present.

While five cities were suggested as potential locations when Immigration Minister John McCallum was in China earlier this summer, the locations of the seven new offices have not yet been confirmed. Previously, China only permitted offices to be built in cities where Canada had either an embassy or consulate. However, the new visa offices will be constructed in cities that do not otherwise have a Canadian presence. It’s expected that the new offices will be open by 2017. In fact, the Chinese and Canadian governments have declared 2018 as the Canada-China Year of Tourism.

Chinese Tourism

As of this summer, Chinese nationals will be able to fly to Canada from 11 cities in China. It was in September of last year that the first direct flight from Montreal to Beijing started. In 2015 alone, almost half a million Chinese tourists visited Canada. In fact, Chinese travel to Canada increased 24% in the first six months of 2016. With more direct flights planned between the two countries, that number is only expected to grow in years to come.

China is Canada’s third-largest overseas source market for tourists. Chinese tourism plays an important role in the Canadian economy. It is estimated that Chinese visitors contribute over $1 billion annually to Canada’s economy, and support about 7,400 Canadian jobs.

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