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Immigration News: Unintentional Border Jumpers

Canada and the United States of America share the longest international border in the world between two countries. Much of that border cuts across the Great Lakes, or through densely wooded mountains. So it should come as no surprise that occasionally Americans find themselves in the wrong country by accident and vice versa.


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Float Down

On Sunday, August 21, 1,500 Americans were blown across the St. Clair river by strong winds. It was the annual Float Down event, and they were all making the trip from Port Huron to Marysville in a flotilla of dinghies, innertubes, and rafts. But they were at the mercy of strong winds, which pushed them onto the Eastern shore, firmly within the Canadian border in Sarnia, Ontario. Most of them arrived without passports, phones, or a way home. Canadian authorities rounded them up and sent those with no other options back to Canada on Sarnia city buses. All of the Americans were accounted for and none were punished for the accident.

Pokemon Go

This comes on the heels of two Albertan teens who wandered into the bordering state of Montana while distracted playing Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go is an augmented reality phone game. News outlets have covered stories of people walking into trees and discovering a dead body while playing the game, but this may be the first time it has caused an international incident. U.S. border control detained the teens while agents contacted their family, and then released to their mother.

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