New Canadian Immigration Program for Filipino Nurses

New Canadian Immigration Program for Filipino Nurses

Based on my interaction with the Filipino community I’ve always held the belief that there is an intrinsic aspect of the ethos of Filipino people to care for others.  I believe that this is why so many excel as Healthcare Professionals. Being an Immigration Attorney, I like to think of my clients as my patients and care for them, educate them, minimize and explain risk and work with my team of qualified professionals to develop a plan to maximize your chances of success. 

Canada needs nurses. Our demographics are changing, people are having fewer children and the baby-boomer generation is reaching the age of retirement.  These changes in our demographics creates a two-fold deficit in the number of healthcare professionals Canada will need because as our population ages they require more healthcare professionals but the experienced healthcare professionals that are on the front line of Canada’s health care system are also retiring.  The perfect solution to this problem is to bring nurses like you, to Canada, as permanent residents (Canadian green card), with your families, to keep our population strong and healthy.

Although I often travel to the Philippines, Southeast Asia and my partner, Cleo Dimayuga to the Middle East, to promote our program and services to the Filipino community, my practice is located in the Province of Quebec. Quebec is a unique region of Canada in many ways. 

It is a very multicultural part of Canada with many different spoken languages and commonly held values that differ slightly from the rest of Canada and one of these values is their view on immigration.  While many Canadian Immigration programs are reducing their numbers or tightening their requirements to qualify, Quebec Immigration remains largely untouched and very much in favour of healthcare professionals like you. 

I commend Immigration Quebec for their proactive approach to solving nursing shortages by making it easier for nurses to come here and fill the gaps that exist in our healthcare system.

The beauty of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) is that unlike all other Canadian Immigration programs commonly known, the QSWP can be applied for solely based on your qualifications obtained outside of Canada.  The program itself does not require a Canadian job offer, there is no limit to the number of applicants that can apply if you are a nurse and you are not required to show settlement funds to be eligible for this program.

If you are a university graduate with a major in Nursing, under 35 and have 4 years of nursing experience you should qualify with minimal language requirements.  If that doesn’t match your career and educational profile don’t despair as there are many different factors that can contribute to your eligibility. For example, having children and your husband’s credentials can help strengthen your application.  

I should mention that when you apply under the QSWP you should show intention to reside in the province of Quebec but as a permanent resident your freedom to live and work anywhere in Canada is protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nurses don’t just treat you in the hospital but they prepare you for when you leave their care and we at the Canadim family do the same. Visit our website and take a free online assessment, join us in one of our many Immigration seminars abroad and check out our Facebook page to see pictures of our many successful clients and become part of our community.

Canada welcomes 250,000 newcomers a year, and you could be one of them!


Renaud Dery,

Canadian Immigration Attorney

With 15 years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field we are now leading experts in this program. Please visit our website to take our free online assessment and check us out our Facebook page to keep updated and find out about our next immigration seminars abroad as well as to see pictures and the stories of our many successful clients. Become part of our community, and then let us help you become part of the Canadian community!