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Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW)

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is an immigration program operated by the province of Quebec for candidates who have skilled work experience and will be able to make lasting contributions to Quebec’s economy as members of the workforce.

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Although the official language of Quebec is French, QSW does not require applicants to show proficiency in French, making the program attractive to English speakers who wish to reside in Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker - How to Apply

All QSW candidates must demonstrate that they meet the minimum required score on the QSW points assessment grid. If you have sufficient QSW points, you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) using the Arrima online portal to be considered for the program. The Quebec government will then invite some candidates to submit a complete application for a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate).

Upon receiving a CSQ, an applicant becomes eligible to submit an official application for Canadian permanent residence.

Arrima Online Portal

The Quebec Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) launched the Arrima online portal to manage applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW) program. Candidates who want to apply to QSW must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form online, which contains information regarding the candidate’s language proficiency, work experience, field of training, and education.

MIDI will select candidates from this pool to submit an application for a CSQ, however they have not yet confirmed how they will determine which candidates to invite. Upon receiving an invitation to apply to the program, candidates will have a limited amount of time to submit their complete application.

Applications for a CSQ submitted through the Arrima portal are expected to be processed within 6 months.

Selection Factors - QSW Points Grid

In order to submit to the Quebec Skilled Worker program for a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate), applicants must meet the minimum required scores on the eligibility points grid below. Please note that points for education are awarded based on the applicant’s area of study. Applicants applying without a spouse or common-law partner must reach a minimum of 43 points on the employability factors and 50 points total. Applicants applying with a spouse or common-law partner must reach a minimum of 52 points on the employability factors and 59 points total.

With spouseWithout spouse
Language Proficiency2222
Connection to Quebec88
Accompanying Spouse Factors1717
Valid Job Offer1414
Employability Eligibility Score4352
Capacity for financial autonomy (eliminatory)11
Minimum Eligiblity Score5059

Factor 1: Education

Level of Education
General secondary2
Professional secondary6
General post-secondary 2 years4
Technical post-secondary 1 or 2 years6
Technical post-secondary 3 years8
University undergraduate 1 year4
University undergraduate 2 years6
University undergraduate 3 years or more10
University graduate 1 or more years12
Univeristy post-graduate14
Area of Training
Section A12
Section B9
Section C6
Section D2
Section E0

Factor 2: Experience

Length of skilled work experience
Less than 6 months0
6 months to 11 months4
12 months to 23 months4
24 months to 35 months6
36 months to 47 months6
48 months or more8

Factor 3: Age

18 to 35 years16
36 years14
37 years12
38 years10
39 years8
40 years6
41 years4
42 years2
43 years or more0

Factor 4: Language Proficiency

Language Proficiency - Principal ApplicantPoints
Listening and Speaking
B1, A2, A1, or less than A10
Reading and Writing
C2 or C11
B2, B1, A2, A1, or less than A10
Listening and Speaking
CLB 92
CLB 51
Reading and Writing
CLB 51

Factor 5: Connection to Quebec

Connection to QuebecPoints
Trips to Quebec
Study in Quebec for one full-time semester0
Study in Quebec for two full-time semesters0
Study in Quebec leading to a DEP/AEC of 900 to 1800 hours AND full-time work experience related to the field of study within the 6 months following the period of study5
Study in Quebec leading to a DEP/AEC of 1800 hours or more, or a DEC, or university degree or diploma5
6 months of full-time work experience in Quebec while holding a work permit valid for at least one year5
Work experience in Quebec for less than 6 months0
Working holiday participant 3 months or more0
Other trips 3 months or more2
Other trips (2 weeks to less than 3 months)1
Other trips less than 2 weeks in length0
Family in Quebec
Spouse, Parent, Sibling, Child, Grandparent3

Factor 6: Accompanying Spouse Factors

Accompanying Spouse FactorsPoints
Level of Education
General secondary1
Professional secondary2
General post-secondary 2 years1
Technical post-secondary 1 or 2 years2
Technical post-secondary 3 years3
University undergraduate 1 year1
University undergraduate 2 years2
University undergraduate 3 years or more3
University graduate 1 or more years4
University post-graduate4
Area of Training
Section A4
Section B3
Section C2
Section D1
Section E0
less than 18 years0
18 to 35 years3
36 years2
37 years2
38 years2
39 years2
40 years1
41 years1
42 years1
43 years or more0
French-language Proficiency
Oral comprehension0, 2, or 3
Spoken French0, 2, or 3

Factor 7: Valid Job Offer

Valid Job OfferPoints
Valid job offer in Montreal Metropolitan Region8
Valid Job Offer outside Montreal, by region
• Capitale-Nationale
• Chaudière-Appalaches
• Montérégie
• Abitibi-Témaniscamingue
• Centre-du Québec
• Estrie
• Lanaudière
• Outaoais
• Bas-Saint-Laurent
• Côte-Nord
• Laurentides
• Mauricie
• Nord-du-Québec
• Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
• Gaspésie10

Factor 8: Children

ChildrenPoints par enfant
12 years or less4
13 to 21 years2

Area of Training

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