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Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced it will be launching two new pilot programs for caregivers before the end of 2019. One of these programs is the Home Child Care Support Pilot, designed for foreign nationals with work experience in NOC 4411.

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This pilot is designed to bring Home Child Care Providers to Canada on temporary work permits, with the ability to apply for permanent residence after gaining enough work experience.

The two new pilot programs will be replacing two previous caregiver programs which are set to expire on November 29th, 2019: the Caring for Children pilot and the Caring for People with High Medical Needs pilot.

IRCC has not yet announced a launch date or released details regarding eligibility criteria or application procedure. Stay tuned to this page for updates!


What is known about the upcoming pilot?

Though exact details have not yet been released, IRCC stated that the new pilot will address two main issues with the previous caregiver pilot programs:

  1. Ability for caregivers to change jobs: Caregiver programs have been criticized in the past because they bind caregivers to single families, creating an environment conducive to workplace abuse. The new pilots will enable caregivers to more easily change employers.
  2. Accompanying family members: In past programs, spouses/partners and children could not necessarily accompany the caregiver to Canada. Under the new programs family members will be eligible to accompany caregivers and will be eligible to apply for open work permits and/or study permits.


Other options for caregivers

In addition to the Home Child Care Support Pilot, the government is also introducing the Home Support Worker Pilot. These two pilots are expected to be similar, with the Home Support Worker targeting those with experience in NOC 4412 rather than NOC 4411.

The federal government has introduced the Interim Pathway for Caregivers which is accepting applications from March 4th, 2019 to June 4th, 2019. This program will help to ease the transition into the two new pilot programs later in 2019.

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