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Legal Opinion Letters

The knowledge and expertise of an expert in Canadian immigration law can be incredibly helpful when dealing with inadmissibility issues. A legal opinion letter from a Canadian immigration attorney may help to prove to a border officer that a person is in fact not criminally inadmissible to Canada.

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Deemed Rehabilitation

If you believe that you qualify for deemed rehabilitation, you might benefit from carrying a legal opinion letter with you to the Canadian border. Along with other documents relating to your conviction, an analysis from a verified immigration professional will provide added assurance to border officers that under your current circumstances you are no longer inadmissible to Canada.

Charges that Don’t Cause Inadmissibility

Just because a person has a criminal record in their home country, it does not guarantee that they are criminally inadmissible to Canada. If a conviction does not have an equivalent crime in Canadian law, then criminal inadmissibility does not apply. A legal opinion letter from a Canadian lawyer can help explain any such circumstances to a border agent.

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A legal opinion letter from a Canadian lawyer can potentially save a lot of trouble for people who are not inadmissible to Canada. Fill out the form below to contact one of our associates for a confidential free consultation:

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If you have questions or concerns relating to legal opinion letters please contact us and a member of the Canadim Team will be happy to discuss your options.

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