Medical Issues

Just like a criminal record, medical issues can also cause a person to be inadmissible to Canada. If a person fails a Canadian immigration medical exam, they might not be allowed into Canada. Certain medical conditions that could be considered a risk to the public health or safety of Canada can make you ineligible for immigration. These medical issues include untreated syphilis, pulmonary tuberculosis, untreated mental health issues that may cause a person to act violently, and substance abuse that may become dangerous to Canadians. These regulations apply to all people attempting to enter Canada and does not change due to different financial resources.

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Canadian immigration authorities will provide a notice if a person is found to be inadmissible due to medical reasons. The person then has 60 days to respond to this notice and appeal the decision.

Excessive Demand

Immigration officials may also deem someone inadmissible to Canada if they feel that their health will put undue strain on Canadian health or social services. If a person’s Canadian immigration medical exam reveals that they will require more access to health and social services than the average Canadian over a period of five years then that person is medically inadmissible to Canada. If a person’s medical issues might increase wait times for Canadians to access health and social services, that is also considered excessive demand on services and can lead to inadmissibility.

Options to Enter Canada

A person who is found to be inadmissible because of medical issues has options to be able to come to Canada. A Temporary Resident Permit may allow a person to come to Canada if they have a need to be in the country that outweighs the risk of their presence in Canada. If there are valid humanitarian and compassionate reasons for a person to be allowed into Canada, they can overcome medical inadmissibility.

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A Canadian immigration lawyer can help make sense of the complex nature of medical inadmissibility and help you determine if medical issues will impede your chances of coming to Canada. Fill out this form if you have medical inadmissibility questions:

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