Federal Entrepreneur Program (Terminated)

Make your mark on the Canadian economy by investing and managing an eligible business, and obtain a Canada Entrepreneur (Permanent Resident) Visa for yourself and your immediate family.

Program Closed

This program has been terminated. There are currently no plans to resume this program.

The Federal Entrepreneur Program is designed for those who are interested in managing a Canadian business that will help develop the economy by creating jobs for Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Eligible entrepreneurs with the intent to reside in any province or territory except Quebec must manage and acquire or establish a minimum of one third (33.33%) of a qualified business’ equity.

Federal Entrepreneur Program Requirements

  • A personal net worth of at least $300,000;
  • Intent to reside anywhere in Canada except Quebec;
  • Manage and establish/acquire 33.33% in equity of a qualifying business;
  • Create a minimum of one new job for Canadian citizens and residents.

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