Express Entry Pool of Candidates

After creating your profile, it enters the ‘Express Entry Pool,’ a waiting area where all profiles reside. Applicants await an invitation to apply while actively working to enhance their scores, thereby increasing their chances of selection.

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The Express Entry Pool of candidates plays an important role in the Selection process through this stream. Find out why is it important and some tips of what to do while waiting in the pool.

What is the Pool of Candidates in the Express Entry Selection Process?

After confirming your eligibility and assessing your score, the next step in the Express Entry process involves gathering essential supporting documents, including language test results, to validate the accuracy of the provided information. Since obtaining some documents may take a considerable amount of time, it is advisable to prepare them in advance. This proactive approach is crucial because, in the event of an invitation to apply, you will have a limited window of 60 days to submit your application with the support documents.

Once your documentation is ready, the subsequent step is to create your Express Entry profile. Subsequently, your profile enters the “Express Entry Pool,” a waiting area where all created profiles reside while candidates endeavor to enhance their scores. The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) periodically issues invitations to apply to candidates with the highest scores in the pool, facilitating the selection of individuals for permanent residence in Canada.

Number of Candidates in Express Entry Pool

The IRCC updates the number of candidates in the Express Entry pool before each invitation round. It’s important to note that these numbers change daily due to the submission of new profiles, expiration of existing profiles, or the issuance of Invitations to Apply (ITAs).

As of the last official update, the composition of the Express Entry pool is:


Express Entry Pool of Candidates

CRS Score RangeNumber of Candidates
UpdatedJuly 16, 2024

Express entry pool requirements

To enter the Express Entry Pool, individuals must meet the specific requirements of one of the three immigration programs managed through the system.

The Canadian Experience Class caters to skilled workers with Canadian work experience, acquired within the three years preceding the application.

The Federal Skilled Worker Program targets skilled workers with foreign work experience, necessitating the fulfillment of criteria related to education and other factors.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is designed for skilled workers qualified in a skilled trade, requiring either a valid job offer or a certificate of qualification. If eligible for any of these programs, applicants can create their Express Entry profile, joining the pool as they await an invitation to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. Moreover, those qualifying for the above programs can also opt to apply through Express Entry for the Provincial Nominee Program, gaining extra points if nominated and potentially expediting the invitation to apply process.

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