Business Visitor Visas

A business visitor visa in Canada is a temporary travel permit designed for individuals who are planning to visit Canada for business-related purposes. These visitors typically come to Canada for a short duration, ranging from a few days to several weeks, to engage in activities like attending meetings, conferences, or business events.

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A business visitor is someone who comes to Canada for international business activities, but does not directly enter the Canadian labour market.

Eligibility Criteria for Business Visitors Visa

To qualify as a business visitor to Canada, several specific criteria must be met, ensuring the visit is strictly for business purposes without integrating into the Canadian labor market.

  1. Firstly, the individual must plan a stay of less than six months.
  2. Secondly, there should be no intention to enter the Canadian labor market. This is evidenced by maintaining the main place of business.
  3. the source of income and profits, outside Canada.
  4. Additionally, supporting documents are essential for the application.
  5. Basic entry requirements for Canada also play a crucial role: having a valid travel document like a passport, possessing sufficient funds for the stay and return, and planning to leave Canada at the end of the visit.
  6. Importantly, the visitor should not pose any criminal, security, or health risks to Canadians.

If the visit extends beyond six months or involves working in Canada, it falls under the temporary worker category, necessitating a work permit application.

Business Visitor vs Work Permit

Note that a business visitor visa is different from a Canadian work permit. You cannot enter the Canadian workforce as a business visitor. Business visitor visas are intended to allow short-term stays for business activities such as industry conferences, site visits, or training. If you are transferred to Canada by your company or are otherwise employed by a Canadian company, you will need a work permit. You can come to Canada as a visitor to search for Canadian employment.

However, you cannot legally work in Canada without a work permit. If you secure a job offer from a Canadian employer while in Canada on a visitor visa, you must apply for a work permit before you can begin working. Your application must be processed by the Canadian visa office responsible for the country in which you live or are a citizen, so you may be required to leave Canada during the course of your application processing. However, you can legally remain in Canada for as long as your visitor visa is valid.

How to Apply for a Business Visitor Visa

There is no special visa for business visitors to Canada. Business visitors have to follow the normal application procedure for a visitor visa, or TRV, and will need to indicate that they are entering Canada for international business activities. Business visitors may be required to demonstrate proof of their activities to the border services officer at their port of entry. Some business visitors may be visa-exempt, if they are from visa-exempt countries. In these cases, the individual may still need an electronic travel authorization (eTA) if they arrive in Canada by air. Business visitors may bring family members with them to Canada, but each family member must complete their own visitor visa application.

NAFTA Business Visitors

NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement, reduces barriers between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Under NAFTA, citizens of these countries can gain quick entry into each others’ countries for temporary business or investment reasons. NAFTA business visitors are one category of business people under NAFTA.

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