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Business-savvy individuals with significant investment capital who are willing to permanently settle and establish a business in the Northwest Territories may apply under the business driven streams of the Northwest Territories Nomination Program (NTNP).

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Applicants will be required to present a viable business plan with the potential to create lucrative employment opportunities for other Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Top priority will be given to entrepreneurs who can establish a business that will provide significant benefits to this northern territory’s economy. The Northwest Territories Business Driven stream includes the following streams:

Northwest Territories Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs who wish to establish, purchase, or invest in a Northwest Territories business in any economic sector may be eligible for provincial nomination through the NTNP Entrepreneur stream. Applicants will be required to submit a business plan for the proposed business, and priority will be given to businesses that introduce a new product or those that provide significant benefits to the Northwest Territories.

Northwest Territories Self Employed (Terminated)

Self-employed professionals with the ability to provide services that are in high demand in the Northwest Territories may apply through the NTNP Self-Employed stream. Applicants who will be employed by a business or organization are not eligible to apply through this stream of provincial nomination. NOTE: This program has been terminated. There are currently no plans to resume this program.

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