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Federal Startup Visa

Canada is looking for talented, innovative entrepreneurs that are interested in growing their businesses in Canada to propel the Canadian economy while creating lucrative employment opportunities for its residents.

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Qualified entrepreneurs will be granted a Startup Visa (Permanent Residence), as well as the funding, expertise, and mentorship of designated private sector organizations for their growing companies. This visa will remain valid, even in the event of a business’ failure.

Federal Startup Visa Requirements

  • Intent to reside in any province or territory except Quebec;
  • Sufficient funds to live and settle in Canada;
  • Provide proof that your company is paired and supported by a designated organization, as described below (Commitment Certificate, Letter of Support);
  • Proof that your company meets the ownership requirements;
  • Meet the minimum language requirements in either English or French, in all four categories (reading, writing, speaking, listening).

Designated Organizations for Federal Startup Visa

As part of the eligibility requirements, you will need to provide proof (Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support) that your business is in fact supported by a designated organization. These documents will cover the relevant details of your arrangement with one or multiple designated organizations, and are paramount to your startup visa application. Unlike federal and provincial investor programs, where applicants must invest their own capital, no investment of their own funds will be required.

Instead, those who meet the eligibility requirements must secure a minimum of $75,000 from a Canadian angel investor, or a minimum of $200,000 from a Canadian venture capital fund recognized by the government of Canada. If the applicant is accepted into a recognized Canadian business incubator, no investment capital is required.

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