International Students in Canada

Over the past decade, Canada’s international student population has exploded with more than 350,000 international students enrolled in Canadian study in 2015. Many international students seeking quality education and a brighter future are choosing Canada as their destination for studying. Not only are Canadian schools among some of the top-ranked in the world, but Canada is a safe and secure country built upon tolerance, diversity and non-discrimination!

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Benefits of Studying in Canada

There are countless benefits to pursuing studies in Canada as an international student! From on-campus programs designed to integrate students and improve their experiences, to immigration programs developed to accelerate their permanent resident immigration applications, Canada has a reputation of excellence when it comes to international students. As Canada’s international student population continues to grow, schools and governments are launching measures to improve student experiences and make it easier for international students to live and work in Canada following their studies.

Universities, colleges, and other schools offer a range of programs to help integrate international students into campus communities, including assisted English as a second-language programs. As well, many schools offer competitive financial assistance packages to international students who can demonstrate high-calibre academics. The majority of Canadian international students are automatically granted authorization to work part-time during their program of study in Canada. As well, most international students are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit which allows them to stay in Canada and work after they have completed their studies.

Canadian immigration organizations at both the federal and the provincial levels also offer immigration programs designed to assist international student graduates transition to Canadian permanent residence. Canada’s reputation as a world-class destination for international students continues to improve and shows no signs of slowing down in the future. Foreign nationals seeking a new environment to continue their education, or those seeking a new life in a prosperous country, should definitely consider pursuing studies in Canada!

Responsibilities of an International Student in Canada

In order to study in Canada, many foreign nationals first must be approved for a Canadian study permit. This usually involves first obtaining a letter of acceptance from a Canadian school and then submitting a study permit application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Once approved for a study permit, all international students in Canada have certain conditions which must be met for the duration of their time studying in Canada. An international student with a study permit must:

  • Always be enrolled at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI);
  • Make progress towards completing their program;
  • Respect any conditions listed on their study permit;
  • Stop studying if they no longer meet the requirements, and;
  • Leave Canada when their permit expires.

If an international student violates any conditions of their study permit, the permit automatically becomes invalid. Violating the conditions of their status in Canada could have negative impacts on any future Canadian immigration applications, whether for temporary or permanent residence.

Resources for International Students

The Canadim Team has published a wealth of resources for those interested in becoming international students in Canada. Follow the links below to learn everything you need to know about beginning your journey to pursuing education as a Canadian international student:

If you are already an international student, the following resources may be useful:

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Canadim offers a comprehensive immigration program, the International Student Program, which supports foreign nationals in becoming Canadian international students. Through the International Student Program, prospective international students are paired with an Educational Counsellor who will assist with every step of the process!

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