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With a wealth of jobs and limited local talent to fill open positions, the Northwest Territories is an ideal territory for foreign nationals who wish to immigrate to Canada.

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Eligible foreign workers with a job offer from a Northwest Territories employer are invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence through one of the Employer Driven streams of the Northwest Territories Nomination Program (NTNP). Both the foreign national and their prospective employer must meet specific eligibility requirements and partake in the application process. Northwest Territories Employer Driven stream includes the following streams:

Northwest Territories Critical Impact Workers

Foreign nationals with at least six months work experience in the same semi-skilled occupation may be eligible to receive a provincial nomination from the Northwest Territories through the NTNP Critical Impact Worker stream if they can successfully fill a full-time, permanent position in semi-skilled and low-skilled occupations.

Northwest Territories Skilled Workers

Applicants who possess the required experience and certification or accreditation for a high-skilled occupation may be eligible for the NTNP Skilled Worker stream, provided they have received a full-time, permanent job offer from a qualifying Northwest Territories employer.

Northwest Territories Express Entry

Candidates with a job offer from an eligible Northwest Territories employer who also meet the eligibility requirements for one of the Federal economic programs managed by Express Entry may take advantage of the accelerated Northwest Territories Express Entry stream.

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