Attorney Renaud Dery

Attorney Renaud Dery is the founder and managing partner of Canadim Immigration Law Firm, founded in 2001. With over 20 years of experience in immigration, Renaud Dery’s passion is, and has always been, immigration law.

Renaud Dery is an attorney and a member of the Quebec Bar Association and a member of the Quebec Immigration Lawyers Association. He holds a Civil and Common Law degree from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Master’s degree in law from King’s College London, England. He is an experienced and certified Canadian Immigration Lawyer with an in-depth knowledge of Canadian Immigration law.

Attorney Renaud Dery

Attorney Renaud Dery

"I believe that a successful immigration process depends on a great relationship between the client and their lawyer. At Canadim, we strive to match our superior immigration expertise with our unparalleled client support."

Having immigrated to Canada himself, Attorney Dery has a unique understanding of the needs, concerns and fears of moving to a foreign country. Our mandate is to simplify the Canadian immigration process and, in the end, help you achieve your Canadian Dream! All too often families come to Attorney Dery after being defrauded by consultancies and foreign law firms on their journey to Canada. Canadim is Renaud Dery’s effort to make Canadian immigration easier by empowering businesses and families to make smart and informed immigration decisions. It is Attorney Dery’s goal to make your immigration process simple and efficient. With a proven track record of providing first-class client services, Attorney Renaud Dery is perfectly positioned to help you or your business navigate the Canadian immigration system.

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You can verify Attorney Dery’s credentials by confirming his accreditation with the Quebec Bar Association. You can also read Attorney Dery’s contributions to the Canadim blog where he shares his vast knowledge on immigration issues.

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