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Canada Work Permit

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How to Extend Your Work Permit in Canada

By extending your work permit, you ensure that you can legally continue working in Canada without any interruptions and fully comply with Canadian immigration laws.

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Canada Immigration Guide for H1B Visa Holders

If you currently hold an H1B visa, whether residing in the United States or another country, you stand as a robust candidate for Canada’s immigration […]

Temporary Workers in Canada: Know Your Rights

Each year, many foreign nationals travel to Canada to work temporarily and gain valuable Canadian work experience! As a temporary foreign worker in Canada, you […]

Canada’s Tech Talent Strategy: A 3-Year Open Work Permit

The first-ever Tech Talent Strategy aimed to attract and retain highly qualified individuals in the tech industry. As of July 17th, 2023, this program closed […]

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Can I Bring My Family to Canada as a Temporary Resident?

Family reunification is one of the largest categories of Canadian immigration. If you’re in Canada temporarily as a temporary worker or student you may be eligible […]

LMIA-Exempt Work Permits

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required to apply for most Canadian work permits. Obtaining an LMIA document can be a lengthy process that some employers […]

Hong Kong Work Permit
All About Canada’s Open Work Permit for Hong Kong Residents

Starting February 8th 2021, eligible Hong Kong residents can apply for a 3 year Canadian open work permit, designed to give highly educated Hong Kong residents the opportunity to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

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H1B Holders: How to Apply for Canada Work Permit?

Canada offers numerous programs and immigration streams tailored to highly skilled workers who have been waiting for a prolonged Green Card process in the U.S.

Designated Employer Immigration Streams
Work in Canada With These Fast-Track Immigration Streams

Canada’s designated employer immigration streams, like the Global Skills Strategy and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, make it easy to find a job and get […]

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