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How to Prepare for Your Canadim Immigration Consultation

Beginning the immigration process for you and your family can be intimidating. The Canadian government offers many immigration streams, each with unique eligibility criteria, requirements, processing times and availability. If immigrating permanently or temporarily to Canada is something you are interested in, the first step is determining which programs you may be eligible for. A free Canadim consultation is an excellent way to find out!

Free Assessment

At Canadim, we offer a free, confidential, first immigration consultation with a Canadian lawyer. For those located near our downtown Montreal office, an in-person consultation will put you face-to-face with a Canadim attorney who can assess your unique case, and create a personalized roadmap charting your best pathway to Canadian permanent or temporary residence.

Of course, we know that many of those seeking more information on their immigration options are living outside of Canada. For those who cannot join an in-person consultation, you still have the option of arranging a free immigration consultation by phone

If you’re thinking of organizing your first Canadian immigration consultation, there are a few things to know! Here are three questions to ask in your Canadim immigration consultation, to give you your best head start in the immigration journey.

1) What are my options?

With several federal immigration programs, and over 70 active Provincial Nominee Programs available, knowing which immigration program to apply for can be a challenge. Fortunately, a Canadim attorney knows first-hand the landscape of Canadian immigration and can let you know what options lay before you. They will also be able to help you evaluate what pathways are best suited to your needs, skills and demographic.

2) How can I raise my score?

Canada’s economic immigration system is designed to prioritize those with work, education and language skills that best compliment the country’s labour force. Both federal and provincial economic immigration systems designate points to candidates based on their experience. However, there are ways to increase the points you can claim, and become a more competitive candidate even while in the candidate pool. At Canadim, we make sure you leave no points on the table. A Canadim attorney can let you know exactly how you can make your profile the most competitive possible. 

3) When is the right time to begin?

Canada currently holds its most ambitious yearly immigration goals ever. The government has pledged to welcome more than one million newcomers to the country in the next three years. With new immigrants set to constitute 1% of Canada’s population by 2021, the country’s immigration streams are being made faster, more accessible and more efficient. An immigration lawyer can let you know which provinces, programs and streams are in the best position to invite newcomers with your particular experience. Get an expert opinion to inform your planning from lawyers with 18 years of experience in Canada. 


Interested in finding out your Canadian immigration eligibility from anywhere in the world? Complete our online assessment and a member of the Canadim team will be in touch with you to discuss your options. 

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