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International students: Best degree to land a high-paying Canadian job

Published on: April 16th, 2018

Studying in Canada can be one of the best pathways to becoming a Canadian permanent resident. Once you graduate from a Canadian college or university, you have a range of options for staying in Canada! But, if you’re going to stay in Canada permanently, you want to be sure that you can get a good, high paying job, right? Well, we’ve done some research to find out which degrees will land you the best jobs in Canada! Don’t sign up for classes until you read through this article!

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RBC’s Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees

Earlier this year, one of Canada’s trusted banks, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), released a list of the 10 most valuable degrees in Canada. We’ve combed through this list to identify a few trends and lay out your best options for Canadian studies!

Engineering Degrees

A whopping 4 out of the 10 top earning degrees are in the field of engineering. So, if you want to ensure you’ll be making a good salary after you graduate, engineering is a good option for you! Engineering requires a strong background in mathematics and sciences, with a heightened ability in the specific type of engineering being undertaken. RBC includes the following four types of engineers on their list:

  1. Civil Engineering | Average Salary in 2017: $80,080 CAD
  2. Specialized Engineering | Average Salary in 2017: $85,009 CAD
  3. Software Engineering | Average Salary in 2017: $90,001 CAD
  4. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering | Average Salary in 2017: $104,000 CAD

Many engineering degrees also include a mandatory internship or a period of co-op work during studies. These are excellent options for international students, as having Canadian work experience will be a big advantage when moving into the Canadian job market!

Healthcare Degrees

As the population of Canada is aging, the Canadian healthcare system is constantly expanding to meet its new demands. With healthcare expanding, so is the need for healthcare professionals, with two different healthcare options landing on today’s list: nurses and pharmacists. Those with the passion for science and the compassion for humanity will be able to carve out job security upon graduating in Canada.

  1. Nurses | Average Salary in 2017: $84,510 CAD
  2. Pharmacists | Average Salary in 2017: $102,398 CAD

The fields of nursing and pharmacology are both regulated in Canada, so those wishing to practice these professionally should expect to go through an examination and licensing process upon graduation. However, once you’ve landed your license, it shouldn’t be long before you find a job!

Business and Finance Degrees

For high earning degrees, it should come as no surprise that several business and finance programs made the list. After all, every successful business has to have a strong leader and a team of business administrators to keep things running smoothly. If you have a passion for business, management, and administration, pursuing one of these degrees will give you high hopes of employment after graduation:

  1. Business Administration | Average Salary in 2017: $85,508 CAD
  2. Finance | Average Salary in 2017: $103,376 CAD
  3. Business & Management Science (MS) | Average Salary in 2017: $110,000-115,000 CAD

If you’ve already completed a degree and you have some business experience, you may be eligible to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Canada. This degree is a great option for those wishing to take on leadership roles with their future employment.

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