You may be eligible for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Skilled Worker category if you are a skilled worker, have a valid job offer from an eligible BC employer and want to live and work in BC.



Meeting the criteria listed below does not guarantee a nomination or permanent residence.


As a candidate, you must:

  • Be in the Express Entry pool
  • Provide language test results demonstrating language proficiency matching the level declared in your Express Entry profile.
  • Have a job offer of indeterminate, full-time employment from an eligible BC employer in an occupation classified as National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Type 0 or Skill Level A or B for which you are qualified.
    • Your employment must provide economic benefit to B.C.
    • The wage you have been offered must be competitive with B.C. wage rates for the occupation.
    • The job offer must not conflict with a labour dispute, or affect the employment of anyone involved in any such dispute, or adversely impact training or employment opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
  • Not have an ownership/equity stake of more than 10 percent in the B.C. company that has offered you employment
  • Have at least two years of directly related full-time (or full-time equivalent) work experience in the skilled occupation that has been offered to you
  • Demonstrate that you meet minimum income requirements and/or settlement funds to support yourself and your family in British Columbia.
    • Minimum income requirements are set by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).


Individuals in the following circumstances are not eligible under the BC PNP Skilled Worker category:

  • Prohibited from entering Canada
  • Has not been lawfully admitted in the country of current residence
  • In Canada and out of status
    • An individual whose status has expired, and who has not applied for restoration of status within the 90 day eligibility period, will be considered out of status
  • Working in Canada without authorization
  • Has an unresolved refugee claim in Canada


As a British Columbia employer, you must:

  • Be established as an employer in good standing in B.C. and:
    • Incorporated or extra-provincially registered OR
    • Registered as a limited liability partnership in B.C. OR
    • Be an eligible public sector or non-profit employer.
  • Have indeterminate, full-time employees
    • If your employer is located within the Greater Vancouver Regional District, your employer must have at least five indeterminate, full-time employees
    • If your employer is located outside of the Greater Vancouver Regional District, your employer must have at least three indeterminate, full-time employees
  • Have a history of good workplace and business practices
  • Sign an employer declaration
  • Meet domestic labour market recruitment requirements


The BC PNP accepts applications from the following public sector or non-profit organizations with a permanent establishment in BC:

  • Provincial and regional health care authorities and agencies
  • Public post-secondary education and training institutions
  • Private non-profit post-secondary institutions that are accredited by, or registered with, The Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC
  • Institutions supported by the Government of Canada or the Province of B.C. conducting research in natural and applied sciences, engineering, computer and information systems, or health sciences
  • Provincial/federal/municipal government organizations and agencies
  • Other non-profit groups registered as charitable organizations and incorporated under the Society Act or the Canada Corporations Act, Part II, 1970


Employers in the following circumstances are not eligible:

  • Employers involved in producing, distributing or selling pornographic or sexually explicit products, or providing sexually oriented entertainment or services
  • Employment agencies and similar placement firms unless they are establishing an employer/employee relationship with the registrant and/or applicant

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