Certificat de Selection du Quebec (CSQ)

Quebec immigration applications are approved through two separate processes: selection and admission. Selection occurs at the provincial level, while admission occurs at the federal level. To immigrate to Quebec, an applicant must meet the requirements for both selection and admission.

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The selection process:

Candidates are selected by Quebec by obtaining a certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ – Québec selection certificate). There are a number of Quebec immigration programs which issue CSQs to successful applicants. The CSQ is a document stating that an applicant has officially been selected for immigration by the province of Quebec.

The admission process:

Once they have obtained a CSQ, applicants becomes eligible to submit an official application for permanent residence. This application is submitted to the federal immigration authority and, if approved, results in permanent resident status. Before commencing the immigration process for Quebec, an applicant should ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements for both the selection and admission processes.

Quebec Immigration Programs

All of Quebec’s immigration programs use the same two-step process of provincial selection followed by federal admission. Quebec offers a range of immigration programs for a number of different types of applicants. Please consult the list below to learn more about Quebec’s various immigration options:

After CSQ: Federal Stage

Obtaining a CSQ means that a person has officially been selected by the province of Quebec for immigration. However, this does not guarantee that a person will become a Canadian permanent resident. Rather, it means that they move onto the second part of the Quebec immigration process: the federal application for Canadian permanent residence.

At the federal stage, the applicant must prepare an application for permanent residence as outlined by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is a paper-based application, meaning that documents are submitted in hard copy via mail or courier to the IRCC processing centre. If the application is approved at the federal level, then the applicant and all accompanying family members will receive for Canadian permanent residence. The federal stage application requires significant documentation which will vary based on the qualifications and personal history of individual applicants. Applicants should be prepared to provide documentation supporting their claimed education, work experience, and language proficiency.

All adults included on a permanent resident application will also be asked to complete police clearance checks for their countries of residence (past and present) and all family members included on an application will have to undergo a medical exam. Serious criminal and medical problems can be grounds for inadmissibility to Canada. The federal stage also has significant costs associated with processing. Learn more about the costs of Canadian immigration processing fees.

Working With a CSQ

A CSQ does not authorize a person to work in Quebec. However, if a person has a CSQ, they may be eligible to apply for an extension of an existing work permit in Quebec. In order to do so, the candidate must already possess a valid work permit in Quebec, a CSQ, and must have an official job offer from a Quebec employer. If a person meets these criteria, they can apply to MIDI for an extension of their work permit.

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