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Election Results Are In: Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada Hold Government

Yesterday, nearly 17.9 million Canadians cast their vote in the 43rd Federal election! Shortly after polling closed, it became clear that the Liberal Party of Canada was going to continue to hold onto government, with Justin Trudeau returning to his position as Prime Minister of Canada.

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The Liberal party will be returning as the party with the most seats in Canada’s House of Commons. However, yesterday’s election saw Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party lose the majority government they had taken in the previous election of 2015. In order to continue a Liberal majority government, the party would have had to hold at least half of the seats available, which they fell short of. 

What can we expect with a minority government? Trudeau and the Liberal party will need to rely on the support of members of parliament from other parties in order to pass bills and create law. If they cannot earn this support, Canadians may see another Federal election sooner than expected. 

At this time many believe that Canada’s New Democratic Party (NDP), led by Sikh son of Indian immigrants Jagmeet Singh, will offer support to Liberal party bills across many issues. In this campaign, the New Democratic Party has committed to welcoming skilled workers to Canada, with the end goal of permanent residency. The NDP has also emphasized the need for a more efficient family reunification system, and that immigration policies and levels “meet Canada’s labour force needs and recognize people’s experiences, contributions and ties to Canada”. 

Liberal Party Promises for Canadian Immigration

During the campaign period, the Liberal party emphasized three significant goals for immigration in Canada:

  1. Commitment to the current Immigration Levels Plan, which aims to welcome more new immigrants per year than ever before. The plan aims to bring in more than one million newcomers by 2021, with the possibility of extending it into the following years. The majority of these newcomers will be skilled workers.
  2. Making permanent the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program. Launched in 2017, the pilot has seen great success in attracting and retaining newcomers to Canada’s four Atlantic provinces. 5,000 yearly spots will be made available to applicants holding a job offer from a designated Atlantic employer.
  3. Introduction of a Municipal Nominee Program. During the 2019 campaign the Liberal party promised to establish a Municipal Nominee Program that will allow cities, chambers of commerce and labour councils to elect new immigrants to fill gaps in local workforces. This program plans to offer 5,000 yearly spots.

The return of the Liberal Party to power in Canadian government is good news for foreign nationals interested in living and working permanently in Canada. At Canadim we are pleased to see a re-commitment to the ambitious yearly immigration levels introduced in 2017! In the words of Justin Trudeau in his victory speech on October 21st: “we will champion Canada in all its diversity / and walk together into a better future for all”. 

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