Is the Live-In Caregiver Program an option for me?

Is the Live-In Caregiver Program an Option for Me?

05 Dec, 2017 Is the Live-In Caregiver Program an option for me?

On Sunday, December 3rd, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen announced that by the end of 2018 Canada’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will process 80% of backlogged permanent resident applications submitted by people who came to Canada through the former Live-in Caregiver Program. For those live-in caregivers who have submitted applications for Canadian permanent residency, this is great news! It means that soon they will likely receive legal permanent resident status in Canada and will have many new options for bringing their families together in Canada.

With the increased news coverage surrounding this topic, many people working as nurses and caregivers outside of Canada may be wondering, “Can I apply for Canadian permanent residence through the live-in caregiver program?”

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Canada’s Live-In Caregiver program was designed to help Canadian families hire foreign workers to live with their family in Canada and to provide live-in care to a family member with personal and medical needs requiring significant care and assistance.

In November 2014, Canada’s Live-In Caregiver Program stopped accepting new applicants. This means that unless a person is already living and working in Canada with a work permit issued through the Live-In Caregiver Program while it was still issuing work permits, then this person cannot apply to the program now. If a person has been working as a live-in caregiver in Canada for at least 3,900 hours within the last 4 years, then this person may be eligible to submit a permanent residency application through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

For those with experience as caregivers, there are a range of other possible pathways for immigrating to Canada:

Foreign workers with at least one-year of skilled work experience, for example, registered nurses and practical nurses, may be eligible to immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker program. To check your eligibility for this program, you can complete a free online assessment and the Canadim Team will let you know the results!

Some provinces are seeking skilled workers with experience in certain healthcare occupations. For example, the province of Nova Scotia is currently seeking immigrants with experience as Registered Nurses, while the province of Manitoba is currently seeking immigrants with experience as occupational, dental, and massage therapists. To assess your own eligibility for Provincial Nomination Programs, please complete Canadim’s free online assessment and one of our team members will contact you with the results.

Most of Canada’s immigration programs require skilled work experience. A Live-In Caregiver is a low-skilled occupation, meaning that a live-in caregiver interested in immigrating to Canada should consider ways to increase the skill level of their employment. One such way may be to pursue further studies in Canada. Not only will this enable a person to find skilled employment, but it also makes it much easier to obtain Canadian permanent residence. Canadim has a team dedicated to helping prospective students find a school in Canada and apply for their study visa. Please complete our free online student assessment and a member of our Study-to-Immigrate department will contact you with the results!

Not sure which option is right for you? Discover all of your options with our free online assessment below!


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