Living In Canada Series: Cottage Life


13 May, 2016 Living In Canada Series: Cottage Life

The purpose of our Life in Canada Series isn’t to tell you how to immigrate to Canada. The purpose of this article series is to showcase the authentic ‘Canadian Experience’ to our readers. You can look forward to future editions of this series where we will cover everything from the Canadian healthcare system to our near obsession with ice hockey and other winter sports.

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Spring has sprung in Canada & many Canadians use this time of year to escape their fast-paced urban routine for a more relaxed way of life – cottage life.iStock_000014309081_Large

It’s no secret that Canada has lots of room. We are the second largest country in the world by landmass. But much of our population lives in major urban centers, generally clustered very close to the border with the USA.

shutterstock_272726753With so much left to explore, it’s no surprise that many Canadians, from coast-to-coast, choose to flee the noise of the city and head to The Great Canadian Wilderness.  Some very popular pastimes of Canadians are boating, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking.


Canada’s love affair with great outdoors is a long standing tradition. Our flag does have a maple leaf on it after all. Canadians preoccupation with escaping the city for more scenic and rural landscapes has even spawned a magazine and television channel entirely dedicated to cottage living.


Lake Huron Inukshuk

We also have an extensive collection of national parks in Canada that are dedicated to increasing public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment, while being maintained for future generations of Canadians to enjoy.

Whether you are going to one of the many national parks or your own private property, if you are looking for pristine lakes and beaches or mountains and untouched forests, Canada has an ideal destination for you. With so much space, anyone can find their little corner of heaven in Canada.iStock_000018550790_Full

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