Canada Offers Immigration Support to Those Affected by Ukraine Conflict

Published on: March 1st, 2022

In response to the current conflict, Immigration, Refugee, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is implementing a series of measures to aid Ukrainians and people residing in Ukraine.

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Canada has been processing applications from Ukrainians and people residing in Ukraine at an unprecedented rate. Since the conflict began, IRCC approved nearly 4,000 applications from Ukrainian nationals and people residing in Ukraine.

“We expected upon reports of a potential further invasion into Ukraine that we would see displacement of Ukrainians. That’s why we started preparing more than a month ago to ensure we had the ability to respond to a potential influx of people seeking to come to Canada,” – Immigration Minister Sean Fraser

In addition to the prioritized processing, Canada is implementing the following measures:

1.      Prioritized communication

Applicants affected by the conflict in Ukraine will have a dedicated service channel at 613-321-4243. These individuals may also receive prioritized IRCC Webform responses by adding the keyword “Ukraine2022” with their inquiry.

2.      Urgent processing of travel documents

Canada will also be urgently processing travel documents for immediate family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents who do not have valid passports.

3.      Extending stay of Ukrainians in Canada

To ensure Ukrainians can extend their stay in Canada, IRCC will prioritize the processing of work and study permit renewal applications. Canada will also permit these individuals to apply for a work permit from within Canada. This will allow applicants with a job offer to remain in Canada and work while awaiting the processing of their work permit application.


As well, Canada has installed additional resources in offices in Poland, Austria, and Romania to handle any influx in Canadian visa applications.

IRCC is currently working on implementing the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel. The act will allow Ukrainians fleeing Ukraine to apply to come to Canada for at least two years, eliminating many visa requirements. Canada will also be creating a special family reunification sponsorship pathway to permanent residence for Ukrainians with immediate and extended Canadian family members. Ukrainians that come to Canada under one of these measures will be eligible to apply for an open work permit, which will allow them to work anywhere in Canada.

Canada is home to the second-largest Ukrainian diaspora in the world, after Russia. Minister Fraser is speaking with members of the Ukrainian Canadian community and Ukrainian Canadian Congress and business about how to best welcome Ukrainian safely to Canada moving forward. He will announce further details in the upcoming days.


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