Canadian Employment Increased to Pre-Pandemic Levels in September

Published on: October 12th, 2021

Statistics Canada has released its Labour Force Survey for the month of September 2021. The report found that overall employment has increased, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

This September 2021, employment in Canada increased by 157,000, marking a return to levels seen in February 2020. Labour market conditions were influenced by the new school year for both students and parents; this time of year is typically associated with a rebound in employment rates and hours worked by parents.

The services-producing sector saw the largest employment growth in September, exceeding pre-pandemic levels with an increase of 142,000.

Employment rises in September

Employment rates in Canada have been steadily increasing since the pandemic hit.

The provinces of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan saw the most growth. Of all the provinces, British Columbia saw the most notable increase, exceeding its pre-pandemic levels.

Ontario’s employment also grew for the fourth consecutive month, mainly in information, culture and recreation, finance, insurance, real estate, and rental and leasing.

Overall, most of the jobs created were in the service-sector, public administrate, information, culture and recreation, and professional, scientific, and technical services.

Increased employment rate among recent immigrants

The employment rate among recent immigrants – those who have been in Canada for five years or less – has continued to increase on an upward trend. The unemployment rate reached 71% this September, which is 6 percentage points higher than September 2019.

The employment rate among immigrants that have been in Canada for more than five years is down by one percentage point from September 2019. For those born in Canada, the employment rate was down by two points from the same period.

Canada has been experiencing a record high number of job vacancies as the working population ages and fertility rates drop. To fill these vacancies, the federal government looks to the immigration of foreign skilled workers.

This report bodes well for foreign nationals seeking employment and looking to make Canada their home. The Canadian government plans to welcome more than one million newcomers over the next three years. With record employment vacancies, now is the time for hopeful newcomers to take the first step towards obtaining Canadian permanent residence!

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