Canadian Employment Rate Continues to Rise in October

Published on: November 10th, 2021

According to the latest Labour Force Survey from Statistics Canada, Canadian employment rates have continued to increase in the month of October after increasing to pre-pandemic levels in September.

Employment rises in October

Statistics Canada’s latest report on the month of October shows an increased labour force participation from pre-pandemic levels for most age groups.

In October, the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick saw a rise employment, while Manitoba and Saskatchewan experienced a slight decline.

Employment among core-aged women (25 to 54 years old) increased to higher levels than before the pandemic, whereas employment among core-aged men returned to pre-pandemic levels.

Controlling for changes in employment composition during the COVID-19 pandemic, average hourly wages have increased by 5.1% since October 2019.

Employment rate for very recent immigrants remains high

Statistics Canada defines “very recent immigrants” as those who have been in Canada for five years or less. Following an unprecedented number of newcomers welcomed in September, the employment rate for very recent immigrants remains high; the number of very recent immigrants that were employed increased by 11% since October 2019.

Canada is experiencing a record high number of job vacancies as the working population ages and fertility rates drop. To fill labour market gaps, the federal government depends on economic immigration and the arrival of skilled newcomers.

This report is good news for foreign nationals seeking employment in Canada. With the Canadian government becoming increasingly reliant on foreign workers to fill labour market, the immigration landscape is promising for prospective newcomers.


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