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How Will Canada’s Express Entry Change in 2023?

Published on: November 22nd, 2022

As 2022 is wrapping up, many are starting to look toward 2023 and the expected immigration changes to come. With the announcement of the new 2023-2025 immigration plans, updated NOC codes, and the passing of Bill C-19, many are wondering what Canadian immigration will look like in 2023.

Express Entry is the online system used by the Canadian government to organize and process applications for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to Canada and acquire Canadian permanent residence. The system manages three main federal economic programs:

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Changes to Express Entry 

IRCC has stated its intention to begin conducting targeted Express Entry draws in 2023. Targeted draws would give the government a better ability to fill specific labour gaps and target those with in-demand skills. 

Bill C-19 would give the framework for holding such targeted draws. This bill would allow candidates to be invited based on groupings outlined by the IRCC. This would allow for the IRCC to intentionally target candidates based on their occupation, language and/or education to meet specific gaps. 

According to Immigration Minister Sean Fraser, the current Express Entry all program draws do not sufficiently meet current immigration needs. The current draws, do not allow Canada to bring in foreign nationals who align with the country’s most in-demand skills and experience.

It’s still unclear exactly how these targeted draws will be carried out, what will be targeted, or how often. It is expected that targeted draws will likely begin around the first quarter of 2023, but no exact date has been given as of yet. 

While the exact groupings have not been confirmed; they will likely be based on factors such as work experience, educational background, or proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages. For example, they may hold a round of invitations issued to only French speakers, or to candidates with experience in a particular occupation in demand.

2023 – 2025 Immigration Targets

The latest immigration plan embraces immigration as a strategy to help address labour market shortages. It also aims to attract the skills required to fill key sectors, such as health care, skilled trades, manufacturing and technology sectors. 

Express Entry will be an essential tool in addressing these shortages and filling in-demand roles in the sectors facing the most severe shortages. 

Over the next three years, Canada will increase the number of new immigrants to the country each year. Canada will aim to welcome 465,000 new immigrants in 2023. The target will rise to 485,000 new immigrants in 2024. And it will again rise in 2025 to 500,000 new immigrants. 

The new plan also aims to increase regional programs to address targeted local labour market needs, through the Provincial Nominee Program, the Atlantic Immigration Program, and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

Make Sure You’re Prepared

Make sure to give your profile the best chance of being selected by ensuring that your profile is filled out adequately. As it is still unclear what groupings will be, it’s important to make sure that all relevant information is included on your profile. 

For example, if you have both English and French language ability, it could be a good idea to have test results. This would benefit both maximizing CRS points and giving your profile the possibility of being selected for French language ability groupings. 

It’s also important to ensure that you have chosen the best TEER category to represent your occupation. As the government makes the switch from NOC codes to TEER categories, it is essential that your Express Entry profile is updated with the most accurate TEER category as there will likely be targeted draws based on specific TEERs. 

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