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Quebec to Cut Tuition Fees for Certain International Students

Published on: May 20th, 2022

Quebec is planning to cut tuition fees for eligible international students from about $20,000 to $3,000 CAD per year.

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Quebec’s Minister of Labour and Immigration, Jean Boulet, said the government plans to reduce tuition for international students to make the province more attractive to prospective students from abroad. Students studying in eligible priority areas of study will pay the same basic annual tuition as Quebecers – about $3,000 CAD.

Who will be eligible for Quebec’s program?

Quebec’s new program for international students will target individuals studying in select priority fields. The government of Quebec has indicated priority areas of study to include the following:

  • information technology;
  • engineering;
  • health and social services; and
  • education (including early childhood education)

International students must attend an institution in Quebec, outside of the metropolitan area of Montreal. The program will also require students to study in a priority sector full-time, and in French.

A complete list of institutions and specific programs of study will be revealed by the Government of Quebec at a later date.

The initiative will be available for eligible international students starting September 2023.

What does this mean for new international students?

This new initiative is great news for candidates interested in studying in Quebec, and those who wish to eventually settle in the province. The significantly reduced tuition costs will make studying in Quebec more accessible to a wider audience. The program will amount to a reduction of as much as $14,000 CAD per year for college students and about $20,000 CAD per year for university students.

Completing a qualifying credential in Quebec allows foreign nationals to obtain a post-graduation work permit. This permit allows international graduates can gain work experience that can count toward their eligibility for permanent residency.

Boulet also said that the government will offer personalized support to international students to help with their integration into Quebec society. This would include offering support in learning French, and assistance with finding housing.

International students to fill labour market gaps

The new measures are part of a larger effort by the Quebec government to fill the thousands of vacant positions across the province. In the midst of a significant labour shortage, Quebec is looking to international students to help fill vacancies in the province’s most in-demand fields.

In addition to meeting Quebec’s labour needs, the bill also aims to attract new immigrants to areas outside of Montreal; newcomers that study in cities across the province are more likely to settle there permanently upon completion of their studies. Quebec’s Regular Skilled Worker Program also reflects the province’s aim to attract skilled workers outside the metropolitan Montreal area; candidates can claim additional points for a job offer outside of Montreal and are often given priority in Arrima draws.


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