How It Works


Our educational counsellor helps you find the right program in the right school in Canada, based on your needs and preferences. We’ll help you through the application process to get you set up at your school of choice. Once you graduate, we can also help you transition to permanent residence in Canada smoothly and simply.

Field of Study


It all starts with finding the right program. You can choose from a list of possible fields of study, and our educational counsellor will help you narrow your interests down to a specific program at one of Canada’s many designated learning institutions.

Why It’s So Great


Canada has a world-class, internationally recognized education system. Canadian educational credentials open career doors all over the world. Also, your Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate can help you and your family immigrate to Canada permanently!

A Step-By-Step Guide To Obtaining Your Student Visa

Find the Right Program

Our educational counsellors work with you to find the right program for your specific needs based on your preferred field of study. Length, cost, location and course schedule are all factors that our experts will take into account when deciding on which programs to recommend to you.

Application For School

Once we’ve decided on a school together, we’ll help you prepare and submit your application for the school. You need to have an acceptance from a Canadian designated learning institution before you can apply to the Government of Canada for a study permit.

Immigration Documents

When you have your acceptance letter, we’ll be able to apply for the immigration documents that you’ll need to start life as an international student. You’ll also be entitled to an off-campus work permit, and we can help you apply for an open work permit for your accompanying spouse.

How it Works: Life In Canada

Your Canadian credential and experience in Canada make you a great candidate for permanent residency. We can help you transition from an international student to a permanent resident simply and smoothly.



From finding the right school to submitting your application for Canadian Permanent Residence, you can rest easy knowing your student, and permanent status in Canada are in the excellent hands of the highly trained staff at the Canadim Law Firm.


Yes! Your studies in Canada will make you eligible to apply for permanent immigration. At Canadim we will strategically advise you when the best time is to submit your application for Canadian Permanent Residence to ensure you have continuous status in Canada. That way you don’t need to go back to your home country while waiting for your permanent resident visa. But this will come later so for now let us first focus on obtaining the student permit so you can get started on your new life as an international student in Canada!

Benefits of studying in Canada:

This allows you to work 20 hours/week, in any job position you wish, during your normal school routine. You are also eligible to work full time during scheduled breaks and holidays.

Your spouse is eligible for an open work permit and can be working full time in Canada while you are enrolled in classes. If you have children, they are welcome to attend Canada’s world-class public schools without the need of a student visa.

Following your program of study, you, and your spouse, if you are married, will be eligible for an open post-graduate work permit for the same length of time as your program, up to three years. What that means is that after you graduate you will be free to work and live in Canada while your application for Canadian Permanent Residence is processing to ensure you have continuous status in Canada

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