Did you know: The Canadian Permanent Resident Card

29 May, 2013 Did you know: The Canadian Permanent Resident Card

Did you know: The Canadian Permanent Resident Card is the official proof of your status in Canada after your application for Canadian PR is approved. It is a plastic wallet-sized card allowing you unlimited re-entries into Canada. It must be shown at the Canadian point of entry when going back to Canada and it has to be renewed every 5 years.

Please remember that to maintain your permanent residency status, you must physically reside in Canada for at least 730 days for every 5 years period. These 730 days can be used in bulk or spread among the 5 years at your discretion.

For information on Canadian Citizenship click here.


The Canadim Team!

  • Oluwak
    Posted at 04:28h, 09 November

    My husband is a medical doctor but has applied to a university in Canada for his phd program. This allows me to accompany him as a dependent with an open work permit.
    How do we go about applying for the Canadian permanent residence?

    • The Canadim Team!
      Posted at 13:41h, 12 November

      Dear Oluwak,

      Thank you for using our page.

      How you should go about applying for Canadian Permanent Residence depends on a couple of different things. Do you plan to work in Canada? You might already be qualified for Canadian Permanent Residence.

      I sent you a direct email with more instructions. Kindly review that and get back to me.


      The Canadim Team!

  • shkar usman mahmud
    Posted at 09:01h, 10 January

    hi dear administrators,my name is shkar usman,i live in iraq. and recently i have seen and also i have heared some thing about refugee,and refugeeing from peoples in and out of internet,facebook friends,and also in your accounts,if it is right,iam very interesting in to be your refugeeingrefugeer,or to be one of your refugeers,except it is one of my hopes,but it is also was one of my great imations,dreams,

    because before hearing and seeing this interesting news ,all of my trying,trials,hoppings,dreams were hopping to arrive with you and lift my bad occupied,currupted city,and see you,and except that was my child hoods dream,and in the end of hoplessness,pessimism, by the way one night i heared and saw this interesting good news,via sharing and commenting something from one of my friends,really it was great night and great momment when i heared that you are wanting strange peoples to be refugeers in your country,and for that purpose i have been prepared my self and collected. and i hope your helping please help me and get rid,save me from this bad situation,my life is in bad,horrible,hazard,and whole my hope and my best future life is among your hands please help me as much as as you can and please try to do your best for this purpose and make me to be one of those who may be your refugeers……thanks for the dear administrators..

    note/please if you submitted me please massage me or call me via this phone number

    inorder to search for agood translater or interpreter ,and not to waste time please message me or call me in ashort time.
    by this mobile phone number:009643875104

    pls help me

    • The Canadim Team!
      Posted at 12:25h, 17 January

      Dear Shkar,

      Thank you for taking the time to write us.

      We are a private law firm that specializes in obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency for our clients.

      We are not Immigration Canada and therefore cannot take on any clients who are not eligible to apply.

      If you believe your life is in danger we suggest you consult Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website regarding how to apply as a refugee.


      We wish you all the best.


      The Canadim Team!

  • Aela Esteves
    Posted at 21:35h, 22 January

    Dear Canadim team,

    My husband to be has already applied for the first step of the qsw program and is expected to receive a reply three weeks from now. I would just like to ask if this guarantees him a sure slot on the program? As we are trying to do our best to make it up to the March deadline of applying. More power!

    • The Canadim Team!
      Posted at 16:37h, 26 February

      Dear Aela,

      Please allow me to explain a little more about us.

      We are a private law firm that specializes in obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency for our clients. Since you have not retained our services we cannot advise you about your application.

      When you become a Canadim client you benefit from our years of experience in the Canadian Immigration field and the peace of mind that a Certified Canadian Immigration Attorney is looking out for your best interests.

      To find out more about Canadim we invite you to the following link: http://www.canadim.com/benefits-applying-canadian-immigration-attorney/
      Best of luck with your application and my advice would be to contact whoever you have as your current representation.


      The Canadim Team!

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