Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): How to find a job offer

Published on: February 20th, 2019

Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) has been growing in strides since its introduction in 2017, and has quickly become a promising option for those interested in Canadian immigration. Under the AIPP, skilled workers can be nominated and fast-tracked through the immigration process to a province in Canada’s Atlantic region: Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick.

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What is the AIP?

AIPP allows immigrant applicants with job offers to apply for Canadian permanent residence while working in the Atlantic region. The program has been highly successful so far. Since its introduction, the Atlantic provinces have been increasingly able to fill AIPP immigration quotas. The growth of the program pushed Canada’s Minister for Immigration to announce a quota increase in the summer of 2018, pushing the AIPP intake from 2,000 to 2,500.

Are you eligible?

For a skilled worker to be eligible for AIPP, you have to get an offer of employment from someone who has been designated through the program. An employer becomes designated after applying to AIPP. As well, you must meet additional eligibility criteria regarding work experience, language proficiency, and education, that varies depending on the AIP stream through which you apply.

How do you get a job offer?

In order to receive a job offer, you must apply for employment opportunities with Atlantic Canadian employers who have been designated by AIPP. Thankfully, all four provinces have now released complete lists of designated employers:

Newfoundland & Labrador

Last Updated: November 1st, 2021
(CSFP) Conseil scolaire francophone provincial de Terreneuve-et-Labrador
(CSFP) Conseil scolaire francophone provincial de Terreneuve-et-Labrador
10113 Newfoundland Limited o/a Mary Brown's
10162 NFLD Limited DBA o/a Marsh Motor Sports
10464 Newfoundland Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
10565 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
10566 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
10567 NFLD Inc. o/a Hotel North
1949 Barber Shop Ltd
2554049 Ontario Inc. o/a Extended Stay St. John's
4411617 Canada Inc. o/a Lasik MD
56955 Newfoundland and Labrador Corp o/a Pleasantview Manor
61065 NL Inc. o/a The Golden Years Estate
61144 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a Office Furniture Warehouse
64118 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc., o/a Jungle Jims Eatery
64354 Newfoundland & Labrador Limited o/a McDonald's
69795 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc., Sports Experts
70535 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
70838 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a U Design
71036 Newfoundland and Labrador Ltd. o/a Cabot Auto
72764 Newfoundland & Labrador Ltd. o/a Mary Browns
74501 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a St. John's Fish Exchange
75961 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Cyno
76361 NL Inc., oa A&W
77711 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
77727 Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a Burritos Mexican Grill
78117 Newfoundland and Labrador Limited
78187 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Mucho Burrito Avalon Mall
79109 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a World Fur Exchange
82117 Newfoundland and Labrador o/a Menchies Yogurt
82360 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Gingergrass Thai and Vietnamese Restaurant
84088 Newfoundland & Labrador Inc. o/a Old Town Pizza
85429 Newfoundland & Labrador Corp. o/a McDonald's
9819983 Canada Ltd.o/a McDonald's Restaurant
A Better Living Home Care
A Plus Auto Service Centre
ABA Access Incorporation / Univeral Cognitive Solutions
Aboriginal Cleaners Inc. (HVGB)
Aboriginal Cleaners Inc. (Lab. City/Wabush)
Adelaide & George Inc. o/a Kelly's Pub
AG Pike's Holdings Ltd. o/a Pike's Home Hardware
Air Borealis Ltd. Partnership
Airbourne Cafe and Gifts Ltd.
Amity Foods Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Approved Auto Sales Ltd.
Arthur Kitchens Inc.
Association For New Canadians
Association francophone du Labrador
Atlantic Grocery Distributors Ltd.
Atlantican General Trading Inc.
Auto Impact Solutions Limited
Avalon Holographics Inc.
Avalon Tech & Tailor Inc.
Awesome enterprises Ltd. o/a Acropolis Pizza
Axess Baffin Inc.
B & F Enterprises Ltd. o/a Mary Browns
Bay Roberts Food Services Ltd. o/a A&W Store
Beachside Manor Ltd.
Beaufort Solutions Inc.
Bemister's Janitorial Services Inc.
Bennett's Limited o/a Ultramar
Bhaskar Holdings (Canada) Inc. o/a Dairy Queen MUN Campus
Birdhouse Garden Market Inc.
BJH Enterprises Inc. o/a Wing'n It Kenmount Road
Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc.
Bluesky Family Care Ltd.
Body Works St. John's 2012 Ltd
Bogart's Jewelry Ltd.
Boss Construction Group Ltd.
Boutcher Holdings Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Breton Bay Holdings Incorporated o/a Tim Hortons
Briarside Holdings Ltd. o/a Humber Valley Veterinary Clinic
Brittany Inns Limited
Bugden Enterprises o/a Mary Brown's Restaurant
Burry's Shipyard Inc.
Burton's Adventure Ltd. o/a DQ Southlands
C&C Enterprises Inc.
Cabot Endeavour Inc. o/a Mary Browns
Canton Restaurant
Cape Dor Holdings Ltd. o/a Esso
Cape D'or Holdings o/a Corner Brook Esso
Cape D'or Holdings o/a Stephenville Esso
Care Givers Inc. o/a Momentum Developmental Support
Carol Automobile Ltd.
Catholic School Foundation of Corner Brook Inc. o/a Immaculate Heart of Mary School
CBS Animal Hospital Inc.
CBS Foods Ltd. o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
Celtic Enterprises Ltd., Canadian Tire Gas Bar/Subway
CG Aberdeen Holdings Inc. o/a Harvey's Restaurant
Chancellor Park Inc.
Chinched Bistro
Citrus Marketing Inc. o/a Newfoundland Canvas
City Light Holdings Inc. o/a City Lights Buffet
City Tire and Auto Centre Ltd.
City Trust and Mortgage Company Ltd.
CJP Investments Limited o/a Little Caesars
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
Clarenville Foods Inc. o/a Shamrock City Pub
Clarenville Vet Hospital
Clear Risk Inc.
Coastal Bay Coffee o/a Tim Hortons
Coastal Pizza Company Inc. o/a Boston Pizza
Coastal Shipping Limited
CoLab Software Inc.
Collision Clinic Ltd.
Commonwealth Foods Ltd. o/a A&W
Condon's Home for Special Care
Connie Parsons School of Dance Ltd.
Connor Madyson Enterprises o/a Tim Hortons
Corner Brook Hotel Ltd.
Corner Brook Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation
Cosmos Enterprises Ltd. o/a Newfound Cabs
Couche-Tard Inc. o/a Circle K
CRB Rebuild and Recreation Ltd.
Culinary Creations Inc.
D-J Composites Inc.
DAC Holdings Inc. o/a Mr. Lube
Daleco Ltd.
Dandy Dan's Fish Market
DASH Foods Inc. o/a Mary Brown's
Dave Gulliver's Cabs Ltd., o/a City Wide Taxi and Bus Service
Day and Ross Inc.
DC Ventures Inc. o/a Mary Browns Famous Chicken
Deer Lake Dental Centre Inc.
Deer Lake Express Hotel Ltd. o/a Holiday Inn Express Deer Lake
Deer Lake Holdings Ltd. o/a Driftwood Inn
Deer Lake Physiotherapy Clinic Inc. o/a Health and Performance Centre
Dental Crafts Ltd.
Diocesan Synod of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador
DJ Gift Shop
Donna Daycare Centre Inc.
Dot's Bakery ad Coffee Shop (2007) Ltd.
Dr. Chandrasegaram Labrador Professional Dental Corporation
Dr. Hans and Dr. Hans PMC Inc.
Dr. Nagaanand Dental Inc.
Dr. Parekh Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Exploits Valley Dental Office
Dr. Rehan Malik
Dr. Rufus Meshack Dentistry Professional Corporation o/a Summerville Dental Office
Dr. Sreevidya Lagisetty Professional Dental Corporation o/a Sunshine Dental
Dr. Vikram Vasamreddy Dentistry Professional Corporation
Dream Nails Inc.
Duxion Motors Inc. o/a DuXion
D's Landing Inc.
Earle's Groceries Ltd.
East Coast Sushi Restaurant Inc.
East End Home Centre Limited o/a Home Hardware Torbay Road
East End Tailoring Ltd.
Eastern Regional Health Authority
EgyCana Fast Food Enterprises Inc. o/a Big Bite Pita
ELJ Holdings o/a Discovery Day's Children's Centre
Em-K Investments o/a Burger King
EMA-A-Pizza Inc. o/a Peters Pizza
Emma's Suites
Empowered Homes Inc.
ENC Holdings Limited
ENCON Construction Services Limited
Essential Personal Care Home Inc.
Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd.
Fahey Building Ltd. o/a The Labrador Inn
FGI Group
Fibreglass Works Ltd.
Field Power Foods Inc. o/a Wing'n It
Fisherman's Landing Ltd. o/a Fisherman's Landing Inn
Flynn Canada Ltd.
FMI Atlantic Inc o/a KFC
Focenco Ltd. o/a Colemans
Fonemed North America Inc.
Four Guys Enterprises Inc. o/a Paradise Dairy Queen
Frank's General Store Ltd.
Fresh Health & Wellness Inc.
Froyd Services Ltd. o/a A&W Restaurant
Frozen In Time Ltd.
Futurity Limited, o/a Tim's
Fytics Inc.
G&C Reddeman Investments Ltd. o/a Canadian Tire Associates
Gander Flight Training Ltd.
Genoa Design International
Georgetown Bakery
GFI Composties Limited
GillCo Enterprises Inc. o/a City Centre Pharmacy
Glenview Farm
Glovertown Shipyards (2010) Ltd.
Good Fortune Food Industry Inc. o/a Golden Phoenix Buffet
Goosebay Airport Restaurant 1972 Limited o/a El Greco
Goosebay Airport Restaurant 1972 Limited o/a El Greco
Goulds Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
Grace Hotel Ltd.
Grand Enterprises Limited o/a Gypsy Tea Room
Grand Falls Foods Inc. o/a Jungle Jims
Green Bay Fibre Products Ltd.
Green Food Industries Inc. o/a Golden Pheonix
Grieg Marine NL Ltd. o/a Grieg Seafood Newfoundland
Grieg NL Nursuries Ltd. o/a Grieg Seafood Newfoundland
Gros Morne Trading Post Ltd.
GWG Investments o/a Red Pepper Mongolian Grill
H&M Food Inc.
Halliburton Group Canada
Harbour Grace Ocean Enterprises Ltd.
Harmonie Foods Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Hawkno Holdings Ltd. o/a Wendy's
Headline Holsteins Ltd.
Health and Performance Centre Inc. o/a Health and Performance Medical Centre
Height of Land Hotel Inc.
Hellen Young o/a Vitality, Hair, Skin and Laser Studio
Hoi Tian Ltd. o/a Tai Hong Restaurant
Hometel Suites 2010 Ltd.
Horion Laminates Ltd.
Horner Investments Ltd.
Humber Nurseries Ltd.
Humber Tumblers Gymnastics o/a Saltos Gymnastics Club
Hurley's Enterprises o/a Bistro on the Bay
I.C Pizza House Inc.
Iceberg Cosmeceutical Spa Products Inc.
Indian Express Ltd.
Integrated Logistics
Iron Berry Inc.
Island Holdings Limited o/a Miraquinn Hilltop Manor
Island View Guest Home
J & C Dubois Limited o/a Canadian Tire (Stephenville)
J&K Subway Limited
J. Shiref Sales Ltd.
J.Co Holdings Inc. o/a Kelseys 7120
Jago Auto Ltd. o/a Western Toyota
JAKE Retail Inc. (HVGB)
JAKE Retail Inc. (Labrador City)
Jamonli Restaurant Inc. o/a Taiwan Restaurant
Jegs Enterprises Ltd., o/a Needs Convenience
Jin Dragon Restaurant Holding Inc.
Jiwen Garden Chinese Restaurant
John D. Allan Limited o/a Cabot Business Forms and Promotion
Jubilee Investments Incorporated o/a Booster Juice
Jump Academy of Dance Inc.
Just Goody Merchants Inc.
K & B Atlantic Inc. o/a Milestones
K&R Holdings Inc. o/a Mary Brown's, Avalon Mall
Kariss Enterprises Ltd. o/a Donovans Irving
Karlee Enterprises Ltd. o/a Deer Lake Irving Big Stop
Kelly's Body Zone
Kelsey Drive Pizza Inc. o/a Boston Pizza
Keppel Island Construction and Electrical Inc.
Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador Inc.
KGM Enterprises Ltd.
Kingsway Living Grand Falls Windsor Inc.
Kingsway Living Lewisporte
KS Cuisine Ltd. o/a Kimchi and Sushi
L & H Tucker Holdings Ltd. (Deer Lake)
L&H Tucker Holdings Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Labrador Donut o/a Tim Hortons
Labrador Gem Seafood Inc.
Labrador Motors Ltd.
Labrador-Grenfell Health
Lanes Retirement Living Irishtown-Summerside Inc.
Lanes Retirement Living Port Saunders
Letto Brothers Enterprises Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts
Letto's Enterprises Ltd. o/a Northern Light Inn
Louis Gees Pizza
M & M Properties Ltd. o/a Airport Auto Park & Jet ? St. John's, NL
MacBride Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Magic Foods o/a A&W
Magic Wok Ltd.
Magnard Ltd o/a Torrent River Inn
Majors Contracting Ltd.
Mallard Cottage
Mandarin Mart
MAR Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Marble Resort Development Ltd.
Maritime Jewellers
Mary Brown's Enterprises Inc. o/a Mary Brown's
Mary Brown's Enterprises Inc. o/a Mary Brown's
Mary Brown's Inc.
Memorial University
Mercer Investments o/a Mary Brown's
Mercury Services Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
Merle's Parts & Recreation
MHD Enterprises Incorporated o/a Wing'n It Gander
Miao's Holding Inc.
Mike Davis Signs Ltd.
Mila Foods Inc. o/a Mary Browns
MMB Dining Enterprise, The Captain's Table
Mobile Tire Service NL Inc. o/a TireTec
Mohamed Ali's Restaurant
Momavie DMML Inc. o/a The MoMavie Center
Momentum Developmental Support Ltd. o/a Momentum
Momentum Developmental Support Ltd. o/a Momentum
Mushuau Innu First Nation
N.E. Parrott Surveys Limited
Nails Time Inc.
Nain Hotel Ltd., o/a Atsonik Lodge
NavSim Technology
Neptune Security Services Inc.
New Moon Inc.
New World Dairy Inc.
Newfound Resources Ltd.
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro
Newfoundland and Labrador Inc. o/a Ye's Wok Restaurant
Newfoundland Dance Presenters Inc. o/a Neighbourhood Dance Works
Newfoundland Multi Foods Ltd. o/a Multi Foods Ltd.
Newont Ltd. o/a Burger King
NGA Outsourcing Canada Inc. o/a NGA Human Resources
NJ's Kitchen
Noodle Nami Churchill Square Restaurant Inc.
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Bentleys Restaurant
Nor-Lab Ltd. o/a Maxwell's Lounge
Northern Harvest Smolt Ltd.
Northern Light Ltd.
Northern Light Ltd.
Northern Lights Seafood Inc.
Northern Lights Veterinary Clinic Inc.
Northern Properties Corporation, o/a Dennys
Nova Yoga Inc.
Ocean Quest
Old Town Pizzeria Inc.
Ollerfly Coffee Inc. o/a Brewed Awakening
Orcinus Technologies Inc. o/a Orcintech
Orkin Canada Corp.
OT Pizzeria Inc.
O'Brien's Sales and Service Ltd.
O'Driscoll Restaurant Inc. o/a Mr. Sub
P and B Enterprises o/a Hotel Alexis
P.S. You Design Ltd.
PAL Aerospace Ltd.
PAL Airlines
Peninsula Donuts Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Pennecon Ltd.
Pet Central Ltd.
Peyton Food Services Ltd. o/a A & W
PF Collins Customs Broker Ltd.
Philrobben Janitorial Ltd.
PLR Enterprises Inc. o/a McDonald's
Pride Restaurant Enterprise Inc. o/a Greco Pizza
Principal Holdings Ltd.
Proper Care Services Inc.
Provincial Advisory Council The Status of Woman, NL
Puldin Enterprises Inc. o/a Venice Pizzeria
qualiTEAS Inc.
Quinlan Enterprises, o/a Subway
Quinlan Enterprises, o/a Subway
R & L Food Services Ltd. o/a A & W
R&R Coffee Ltd o/a Tim Hortons
Radient 360 Solutions Inc.
Rambler Metals and Mining
Random Donuts Inc., o/a Tim Hortons
Red and Yellow Cabs Inc.
Restaurant P.H.R. Inc.
Rice Bowl Ltd
Robins Bay Roberts Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts
Roger's Electric Motor Service (1998) Ltd. o/a Rogers Electric & Machine
ROM Group Ltd. o/a Bridie Molloy's
RTS Janitorial Maintenance Inc.
Rutter Inc.
S&J Investments Inc. o/a Mary Brown's
S&M Park Limited
Saffron Operating India Gate Inc.
Scotia Recycling (NL) Limited
SDC Enterprises Ltd o/a Smokes Poutinerie
Seadrill Canada
Seaspray Construction Corp., oa Piatto Pizzeria & Enoteca
Shirley's Haven Inc.
Shorefast Social Enterprises Inc. o/a/ Fogo Island Inn
Small Holdings Ltd. o/a Smitty's Restaurant
So & Associates Ltd. o/a The UPS Store
So and Associates Ltd. o/a The UPS Store
Sobeys Capital Inc. (Avalon Peninsula Region)
Sobeys Capital Inc. (South Coast-Burin Peninsula Region)
Solace Power Inc.
Sound Donuts Inc., o/a Tim Horton's
South Park Driving School Inc.
Spruce Meadow Farms Ltd.
Square meals Inc. o/a Smitty's Family Restaurant
St. Anthony Family Dental Clinic
Startastic Ventures Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Stassis Investment Inc. o/a No Name Pizza
Stavanger Drive Pizza Company o/a Boston Pizza
Steele Auto Group Limited
Stokes & Company Ltd. o/a Liddy's
Sullivan's Enterprises Limited o/a Country Convenience
Sun Sushi Inc.
Sunbridge Portugal Cove LP Inc. o/a Holiday Inn St. John's Conference Centre
Sunrise Ventures Inc. o/a Tim Horton's
Sushi Nami George Street Restaurant Incorporated
Sushi Shokunin Inc.
Sutherland Investments (2017) Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Sutherland Investments (2017) Inc. o/a Tim Hortons
Sutreen Hardwood & Moulding Ltd.
Tailwind Investments o/a Tim Hortons
Taste of India Inc.
Terry's Tents & Shoe Repair Limited
TGY Estate Ltd. o/a The Golden Years Estate
The Call Centre Inc. o/a Telelink
The Mogul Restaurant
The New Vogue Furriers Ltd.
The Sand Bar Ltd.
Them Days Incorporated
Thunder Rode Ent. Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons
Tiffany Village Retirement Residence Partnership
Tilt House Bakery
TLC Nursing & Home Care Services Ltd.
Todd Rowe Ltd. o/a North Atlantic Orange Store
Torbay Fun Foods o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
Trinity Hospitality Services
Turnbull's Hardware Ltd.
TV Fish Inc.
United Foods Inc. o/a McDonald's Family Restaurant
Urban Flooring Contractors Ltd.
Uzor Enterprises Ltd o/a EVOO In the Courtyard
Verafin Inc.
VetStrategy Newfoundland Inc. o/a VetStrategy
Viking Carpentry and Construction Ltd.
Village Investments Limited, Mary Brown's
Vision 33 Canada Inc.
W.J. Dober Limited
Wabush Convenience Store Limited
Wabush Hotel Limited (PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. receiver)
WaterWerks Communications Inc. o/a WaterWerks Agency
Way's Restaurant Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
Way's Restaurant Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
WDI Coffee Incorporated o/a Tim Hortons
West End Foods ltd. o/a Jungle Jim's Restaurant
White Rock Holdings Inc. o/a White Rock Consulting & Communications
Win Hop Inc. o/a Johnny Ruth; Living Planet
Wiseman's Funeral Homes Ltd.
Wong's House Limited
Work Global Canada Inc.
Xtreme Xposure Inc. o/a Xtreme Hockey
Yellow Belly Brewery Ltd.
Young Power Associates Inc.
Zahanov Enterprises Inc. o/a Sorrento Pizza, Pasta and Grill

New Brunswick

Last Updated: November 1st, 2021
3D Property Management
670807 NB Inc (Dépaneur Needs Caraquet & Shippagan)
693666 NB Inc.
A & J Hanna Construction Ltd (Fredericton)
A&W Miramichi (630883 NB Inc)
A.C. Sharkey's Pub & Grill (Florenceville-Bristol)
A.N.D. Communications
A.R.Rietzel Landscaping Ltd
Acadia Pizza Donair / Korean Restaurant (Dieppe)
Acadia Veterinary Hospital
Accor Hotels Global Reservation Centre
Acorn Restaurant / Mads Truckstop (Lake George)
Admiral's Quay B&B (Yang Developments Ltd.)
Adorable Chocolat Inc
Adrice Cormier Ltd
Agence Résidentielle Restigouche
Airport General Store (649459 NB Ltd)
Airport Inn
Albert's Draperies
Alexandru & Camelia Trucking
All Needs Special Care Inc.
Allen, Paquet & Arseneau
Allen's Petro Canada & Grocery (Allen's Enterprise Inc.)
Amsterdam Inn & Suites Sussex (deWinter Brothers Ltd.)
Andrei Chartovich
Andrei Master Tailors Ltd
Apex Industries Inc
Armour Transport Inc
Arom Chinese Cuisine Fredericton (655749 N.B. Ltd.)
Asian Garden Indian Restaurant Moncton (Bhatia Brothers Ltd)
Aspen University
Association Multiculturelle du Restigouche
Assurion Canada Inc
Atelier Gérard Beaulieu
Atlantic Ballet of Canada
Atlantic Controls (Division of Laurentide Controls)
Atlantic Home Improvement (656637 NB Inc)
Atlantic Lottery Corporation
Atlantic Pacific Transport Ltd.
Atlantic Potato Distributor LTD
Atlantic Poultry Incorporated
Atlantic Star Uniforms 2009 Inc.
Atlantic T-1 Cash and Carry Inc.
Atlantic Wildlife Institute
Atlantic Windows
Atlantic Windows
Atlantic Windows
Atlantic Windows
Atlantican MFG Trading & Service Inc
Au Bootlegger de la Baie Craft Beer Ltd (Bathurst)
Aulac Big Stop Restaurant (W.J. Allen & Sons)
Autism Intervention Service
Ayat Timbers International Ltd
Ayr Motor Express Inc
B & B Environmental Services Ltd
Baie Sainte Anne Seafoods
Banque National du Canada (Memramcook)
Banque National du Canada (Shediac)
Banque Nationale du Canada (Dieppe)
Banque Nationale du Canada (Moncton)
Barnhouse Pub (Keswick)
Barrie Special Care Home Ltd (Nasonworth)
Base Engineering
Bayshore Lobster and Sea Food
Benchmark Fabricators
Best Western Plus Fredericton (Levesque-Toner Management Ltd)
Bicom Systems
Bill's Siding Ltd (Saint John)
BioScript Pharmacy Ltd.
Birch Hill Construction Ltd
BJ'S Subs & Sandwiches (684422 NB Inc)
Black Duck Cafe & Coy Wolf Bistro (Sackville)
Blue Canoe Restaurant (Fenety Convenience Store Ltd.)
Blue Spurs Consulting Inc
Bluebird Café Moncton (682395 NB LTD)
Boathouse Café Fredericton (JTM Holding Ltd.)
Boaz Japanese and Korean Restaurant (666101 NB Inc)
Bos Brothers Inc
Boston Pizza Edmundston (Madawaska Victoria Pizza Co.)
Boston Pizza Miramichi (0734641 B.C. Ltd)
Boston Pizza Moncton (NWC Pizza Company Inc)
Boston Pizza Saint John (McAllister Pizza Company Incorporated)
Bouctouche Bay Inn
Boudreau Meat
Boulevard Cafe (Bouctouche)
Boulevard Cafe Moncton (696871 NB Inc)
Bourque Industrial
Bradley's Food & Beverage Ltd (Miramichi)
Bravo Pizza (Riverview)
Brennan Contractors & Supplies Ltd. (Florenceville-Bristol)
Brennan Home Hardware Woodstock
Brona Transport Ltd
Brothers Bakery Inc. (Moncton)
Brunswick News Inc
Buchaneer's Pub & Eatery (DonMatt Enterprises Ltd)
Buffet Express (Fredericton)
Bulgogi (696387 NB Inc.)
Burger King (FMI) (BKR Management Inc)
Burger King Bathurst (6497942 Canada Inc)
Burger King Edmundston (BKE Food)
Burger King Miramichi (Livingston & Jardine Holdings Ltd.)
Burger King Moncton (Gallean Management Ltd)
Burger King Moncton (Glencoe Holdings Ltd)
Burger King Saint John (6497969 Canada Inc)
Butterfly Energy Systems Inc
BWS Manufacturing Ltd
C & C International Enterprise Ltd
C & D Construction Limited (Beresford)
C & J Trucking Ltd
Café C'est La Vie (663417 NB Inc)
Cain Insurance
Caissie Grocery & Meat
Calm Water Holdings Ltd
Campbellton Nursing Home Inc
Canadas Best Value Inn & Suites Woodstock (ARC Motels Inc)
Canadian Faraz
Canadian Health Solutions
Canadian Red Cross Society
Canadian Tire Gas - Saint John Three Mile
Canadian Tire Gas Bar & Snack Distributor (Fredericton)
Canadian Tire Sussex (Honour Adventures Inc.)
CanCo Logistics Inc.
Canlink Aviation Inc
Cape Bald Packers Ltd
Capital Region Community Tennis Center
Carleton Manor Inc (Woodstock)
Carrefour communautaire Beausoleil Inc.
Carrefour Environnement Saguenay
Carstar St Stephen (Oak Haven Auto Renewal Ltd)
Casino Grey-Rock
Casino Grey-Rock
CBDC Restigouche Inc
CBI Health Group
Cedar Street Convenience (657030 NB Ltd)
Cedars Pizza (Moncton)
Central Garage Ltd
Centre Éducatif Le Platinum (2015) Inc
Centre for Youth Care Inc.
Century Exteriors Inc.
Cerberus PPV Holding Ltd
Champlain Dental Clinic Inc
Chantals Steak House (Edmundston)
Chantals Steak House (Edmundston)
Chatter's Pub & Eatery (658711 NB Ltd)
Chef Chinese Kitchen (Ming & Bo Brothers Company Ltd)
Chess Piece Patisserie and Cafe
Chez Kim Restaurant Inc (Campbellton)
Chez Raymond (Neguac)
Chez soi, résidence de soins (2018) inc.
Chipman Hill Suites Limited (Saint John)
Choy & Choy Inc
Cinta Ria Malaysian Fusion Malaisienne (Exdy Synergy Inc)
Cirrus Garment Ltd
Clad-Tech Inc
Clamatco Home Enterprise Ltd.
Clarkview Inc.
Coast Tire & Auto Service Ltd
Cocagne Seafood
Coffee Mill Canada Ltd (Fredericton)
Colin Read
Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick
Comfort Inn Bathurst (701274 NB LTD)
Commercial Properties
Computech-Informatika Inc
Computer Generated Solutions Canada Ltd
Concentra Solutions
Concentrix (Minacs)
Confection 4e Dimension Ltee
Connors Bros. Clover Leaf Seafoods Company
Connors Transfer Limited
Conrok Development Inc
Cooke Aquaculture
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Dieppe
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Fredericton
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch McAllister (638571 NB Ltd)
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Moncton
Cora's Breakfast & Lunch Saint John (611286 NB Ltd)
Corporation Cercueil Alliance St-Laurent
Courtenay Ave. Day Care (2018) Inc.
Craig Manufacturing Ltd.
Crystal Clean Maintenance Ltd.
Cunard Restaurant (Miramichi)
Cvent Canada ULC
CVR Home Improvements Inc
CYV Chevrolet Pontiac Buick GMC Ltd
D & H Warren Holdings Inc.
D.S. Forma Soins
Dai Lam Trading (8012873 Canada Inc)
Dairy Queen Atholville (601894 NB Inc)
Dairy Queen Dieppe (G.Y. Enterprise Inc.)
Dairy Queen Riverview (Mitton's Food Service)
Dairy Queen Saint John (OM Shiv Shakti Inc)
Dairy Sweet Holsteins Ltd
Dalhousie Medicine NB IMPART Investigators Team
Dana's Collision Center (Dan Car Enterprises Inc)
Dango Inc
Danny's Hotel Suites Events Centre (687735 NB Inc.)
Danube Trucking Inc
David Bailey and Sons Transport Ltd
Davis and Dye Inc
Day & Ross Inc
Delta Beausejour by Marriott (Innvest Hotels)
Democles Fencing Club of Fredericton
Dentech Dental Laboratory Inc
Dépanneur MBJ Ltée/Canadian Tire Gas Bar & Convenience (664806 NB)
Diocese of Saint John (Roman Catholic Bishop of Saint John)
Diplomat Restaurant (Fredericton)
Ditech Testing
DJ Marine Fishing Supplies Ltd.
Dolma Food Inc (Moncton)
Domaine La Vallée de Memramcook Inc
Domino's Pizza Fredericton (100-220 PEI Inc.)
Do-Nguyen Restaurant / Do Mai Restaurant Inc.
Donnelly Farms Ltd
Dougherty Steel Stud & Drywall Ltd
Dr. Choy Dental Clinic
Dr. Janice E. Wilson Prosthodontics Inc
Dr. Paul Smith
Dramis Communications Solutions Ltd
Dream Payments Corp
Du Repos Bed and Breakfast (Saint Quentin)
D-U-C Trucking Inc.
E.T. Mechanical
E.T. Mechanical
E.T. Mechanical
E.T. Mechanical
Earle of Leinster (Inn Style Bed and Breakfast Ltd)
East Coast Canada Travel Agency Inc
East Side Mario's Fredericton
East Side Mario's Moncton (514666 NB Ltd)
Eastern Charlotte Waterways
Eastern Jewellery ( La Mine D'or)
Eastern Sea Products Ltd
Ébénisterie Tech Design Woodworking Inc.
Econolodge Inn & Suites Saint John (Gi & Kim Co. Ltd)
EduCode Canada Inc
El Rancho Inc
Elandas Inc
Elephant Transport Inc
Elmwood Veterinary Hospital
Elphege & Norbert Leblanc Ltd
Elsipogtog Mental Health and Addictions
Elumicate Inc
Enseignes Geneau Signs Inc
Enseignes Pattison Sign Group
Entreprise Le Baobab
Entreprise Orientale Ltée
Érablière du Pont d’Or Ltée
Erb Builders Ltd
Evangeline Variety (Shediac)
Evasion air Elite Inc
Expedition Technologies Inc
Fancy Pokket Corporation
Fiddlehead Technology Inc.
Fiddlehead Technology Inc.
Fiready Inc
Flakeboard Co (Aurauco North America)
Flynn Canada Ltd
Forest Dale Home Inc
Forest Hills Variety and Pizza Shack
Four Points by Sheraton Edmundston / Franks Bar and Grill
Four Points by Sheraton Moncton (617330 NB LTD)
Foyer Chez Joanne
Foyer Claire Inc
Foyer Doucet Inc
Foyer Linda Charest
Foyer Linda Charest
Foyer Saint Thomas de La Vallée de Memramcook Inc
Franchise Management Inc (FMI)
Fraser Specialty Products
Freddie's Pizza & Donair Elmwood Dr (666727 NB Ltd)
Freddie's Pizza & Donair Mountain Rd (6163452)
Freddy's Delightful Cuisine (Fredericton)
Fredericton Animal Hospital
Freshii Moncton (Macbro Holdings Inc)
Frontier Technologies (3043177 NS Ltd)
Fuda Wholesale Ltd (Moncton)
Fundy Gymnastics Club
Fundy Plastics Inc.
Funke Hair Braiding & Extensions
Future Nets
G&M Chevrolet Buick GMB Cadillac Ltd
G&M Chevrolet Buick GMB Cadillac Ltd
G. E. Barbour INC
Gable Enterprises Ltd.
Ganong Bros. Ltd.
Garderie des petits moineaux
Gauvin Rembourrage Excellence
Gestion S. Lemieux Inc. (Edmundston)
Gilbert M. Rioux & Fils ltée
Gilbert McGloan Gillis (John Gillis Professional Corporation Inc.)
Ginger Design Inc
GK's Family Restaurant
GL Wood Products Ltd
Glaceige Games Inc
Glenns Grocery Ltd
Glenwood Kitchen Ltd
GNB Parts I, II, III - Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
GNB Parts I, II, III - Education and Early Childhood Development
GNB Parts I, II, III - Education and Early Childhood Development (Anglophone East)
GNB Parts I, II, III - Education and Early Childhood Development (Anglophone South)
GNB Parts I, II, III - Energy and Resource Development
GNB Parts I, II, III - Environment and Local Government
GNB Parts I, II, III - Finance and Treasury Board
GNB Parts I, II, III - Health
GNB Parts I, II, III - Office of the Integrity Commissioner
GNB Parts I, II, III - Opportunities NB
GNB Parts I, II, III - Service New Brunswick
GNB Parts I, II, III - Social Development
GNB Parts I, II, III - Tourism, Heritage and Culture
GNB Parts I, II, III - Transportation and Infrastructure
GNB Parts I, II, III (Horizon Health Network - Fredericton)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Horizon Health Network - Miramichi)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Horizon Health Network - Moncton)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Horizon Health Network - Saint John)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Horizon Health Network - Upper River Valley)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Réseau de santé Vitalité - Bathurst)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Réseau de Santé Vitalité - Beausejour)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Réseau de santé Vitalité - Campbellton)
GNB Parts I, II, III (Réseau de santé Vitalité - Edmundston)
Go Motel.Ca (Moncton)
Goji's Franchise Corp
Goji's Frozen Yogurt Dieppe (LLW Investments Ltd.)
Goji's Neighbourhood Treatery (Moncton)
Gold Leaf Holdings Ltd. o/a Greg's Convenience
Grab N Go (FMI) (632654 NB INC)
Grab N Go, FMI (683497 NB Inc)
Grains de Folie 2016 Inc (Caraquet)
Grand Manan Nursing Home
Granite Town Hotel (A.G. Hotels Inc.)
Green Renewable Energy Resources Inc.
Greenergy Fuels Canada Inc
Greystone Energy Systems INC
Groupe Savoie
Groupe Savoie
Groupe Westco Inc
Guimond Marine Finishers Inc
Guimond Marine Finishers Inc
Guimond Marine Finishers Inc
H.B. Group Insurance Management Ltd
Hallmark Gold Crown (664084 NB Inc.)
Hannah Gifts & Decor (Southern Summer Inc)
Haru Sushi (Oromocto)
Harvey Studios
Heritage Management Ltd
Highland Transport Limited
HILI Products Inc (Atlantic Sports Apparel)
Hillcore Atlantic Retirement Living Ltd (Auberge du Soleil)
Hillcore Atlantic Retirement Living Ltd (Résidence Oasis)
Hillcore Atlantic Retirement Living Ltd (Résidence Oasis)
Hillcore Atlantic Retirement Living Ltd (Résidence Oasis)
Hillcore Atlantic Retirement Living Ltd. (Residence Moncton)
Hilltop Grill & Beverage (Prospect Investments Ltd)
Hilltop Motel Restaurant (Broadway Holdings)
HomeCare By Design
Homestead Bay Contracting INC
Hotel Moncton
Hotel Shediac Inc
Hotspot Parking Inc
House of Chan (504115 NB Ltd)
House of Lee Bathurst (Sui Chaung Lee Enterprises Ltd)
Howard Johnson Fredericton (A.K Holdings)
Howard Johnson Inn & Suites Miramichi
Hub Dental Lab
Hum's Takeout Restaurant Ltd (Moncton)
Hungries Diner (Carpe Diem Food Inc)
Igloo Bathurst
Ignite Fredericton
IGT Solutions Canada ULC
Imperial Manufacturing
Innovatia Inc.
Institut de recherche sur les zones côtières inc.
International Harvesters for Christ
Introhive ltd
Irving Oil, Limited
Irving Oil, Limited - Highland Fuels Delivery GP
Irving Transportation Services Limited
ISPIRE Inspired Technologies LTD.
Itacast NB Ltd
J.D. Irving, Limited - Atlas Structural Systems
J.D. Irving, Limited - Cavendish Agri Services
J.D. Irving, Limited - Cavendish Farms
J.D. Irving, Limited - Chandler
J.D. Irving, Limited - Custom Fabricators & Machinists (CFM)
J.D. Irving, Limited - Gulf Operators Ltd
J.D. Irving, Limited - Information Technology Division
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Consumer Products Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Equipment Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Forest Services
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Personal Care
J.D. Irving, Limited - Irving Wallboard
J.D. Irving, Limited - J.D. Irving Business Services
J.D. Irving, Limited - JDI Finance
J.D. Irving, Limited - Kent Building Supplies
J.D. Irving, Limited - Kent Homes
J.D. Irving, Limited - Maritime Home Improvement Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Midland Transport Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Plasticraft Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Protrans Personnel Services Inc
J.D. Irving, Limited – St. Leonard Sawmill
J.D. Irving, Limited - Sunbury Transport Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Transport Solutions Ltd
J.D. Irving, Limited - Universal Properties Limited
J.D. Irving, Limited - Woodlands/Sawmill Division
Jack's Pizza and Donair (Fredericton)
JapanGo! Restaurant (Moncton)
Javier Enterprises Inc
Jaylee Variety (655404NB Inc.)
JB Greenlaw Transport Ltd
JDI Logistics
Jeramand Enterprises Ltd.
Jin & Mi Enterprises Inc (Lakeville Variety)
JJ's Convenience Store
JNS Cleaners
Joe's Diner (Fredericton)
Joey Ouellette Construction
John C. Robison
Johnson Enterprise Inc
Jolly Farmer Products Inc
Jolly Farmer Transport Inc
JPS Trucking LTD
J's Asian Kitchen
Jubilee Super Buffet (Full House Enterprises Ltd)
Jun Realty Ltd. (K-Cupbop)
Jungle Jim's (Saint John)
Kan-Go-Roo Playgrounds (1998) Ltd
Kanpai Izakaya (Dowon Brothers Inc.)
Keenan Construction Inc
Keenan Truck Repair Inc.
Kelly Cove Salmon Ltd
Keltic Transportation Inc.
Kenneth E. Spencer Memorial Home Inc
Kent & White Insurance Ltd
Key Industries
Kim Long Restaurant (653485 NB Inc)
Kim's Korean Food (690045 NB Inc)
Kim's Yori Time (Quispamsis)
Kingston Convenience (Mott Enterprise Ltd.)
Kingsway Restaurant Inc (Miramichi)
Kiwanis Nursing Home Inc.
Knalysis Technologies (690050 NB Inc)
Koto Restaurant Ltd. (Fredericton)
Kwan's Cantonese Restaurant (2012) Ltd. (Sussex)
La garderie Je Joue et J'apprends Inc
LA Groceries (662524 NB Ltd)
La Récolte de Chez-Nous Ltée
Lakeview Inn & Suites (Miramichi)
Lancaster Computer & Cell phone Ltd.
Lateetud Canada Inc
Le Groupe Roy Consultants ltée
Le Up'n Down Resto Bar (Entreprise Kimo Inc)
Leading Edge Geomatics
Lee's Garden Restaurant
Lei Zhang's Convenience
Les Religieuses de Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur
Les Résidence Mgr Chiasson
Les Résidences Jodin Inc
Les Tourbieres Berger Ltée/Berger Peat Moss Ltd
Li's Chinese Take-out Ltd (Rothesay)
Li's Restaurant and Take-out Inc (Bathurst)
Lit'l Sist'r Rose Transport Ltd
Little Caesers Saint John (JAT Investments Inc.)
Loch Lomond Community Services
Loch Lomond Home Hardware (John Cudmore Enterprises Inc)
Loch Lomond Villa Inc
Loch Lomond Villa Inc
Loft 1 Inc.
Lotte Convenience (662053 N.B. INC)
Lucky Freight Inc
Lyons Estates Inc
M & M Cormier Fisheries Ltd
M.O.R.E. Services Inc
MacLeod General Construction Ltd
Mai Asian Restaurant (KTH Restaurant Consulting and Services Inc)
Mai Restaurant Dieppe (676332 NB Inc)
Maibec Inc
Maison de Jeunes de Dieppe Inc
Malley Industries Inc.
Mama's Brew Pub (Fredericton)
Management 2000
Manan Air Services (Atlantic Charters)
Manoir Adelaide Inc (Dalhousie)
Manoir au son de la vague Inc
Manoir Belle Vue Inc
Manoir Brise de l'oasis
Manoir Oasis de la Baie
Manoir Pascal Poirier
Manoir St-Jean Baptiste
Manoir Sugarloaf (Groupe Lokia)
Maple Leaf Queen's Buffet (654501 N.B.Ltd.)
Marché Plus Ma-É-Ca Ltée (Saint-Sauveur)
Marijuana for Trauma (672800 N.B.Inc)
Mariner Group Inc
Maritime Hydraulic Repair Centre (1997) LTD
Maritime Hydraulic Repair Centre (1997) LTD
Marshlands Inn Sackville (BLAJ Hospitality Inc.)
Mary Brown's Moncton (C&A Holdings)
Mauro's Cleanwalker
Maxsteel Inc
Maxtali Entreprise Inc
Mayfield Veterinary Clinic
McCain Foods Limited
McCollum Mobile Denture Clinic 2019 Inc
McConchie Trucking Ltd
McDonald's Dieppe (Gestion Nammour Inc)
McDonald's Sackville (Mormac Ltd.)
McGrath Logistics Ltd
McGrath Logistics Ltd
Mckenzie Learning Systems Inc
McLaughlin Dental Group
Measurand Instruments
Mercy's Residence Special Care Home
Merex Inc
Merex Inc
Mesurina Ltd
Metapra Associates Inc
Miao Yu Sushi (Saint John)
Middle Sackville Variety (680759 NB Inc.)
Milident East Coast
Minglers Pub and Catering (Les Enterprises Rocmar Ltd)
Miss D's Convenience (658850 NB Ltd)
Missing Link Technologies
Misu Restaurant (689636 NB Ltd)
Moltex Energy Canada Inc.
Monarch Construction
Moncton Animal Clinic
Moncton Community Residences Incorporate
Moncton Flight College
Moose Bell Products Inc.
Mother Natures (Cedar Enterprises)
Mount Saint Joseph Nursing Home
Mountain Road Animal Hospital
Mr. Lube
Mrs. Dunsters (1996) Inc.
Multicultural Association of the Greater Moncton Area
Murray Enterprises Ltd.
Nadeau Poultry
Nadeau Poultry
Nadeau Poultry
Nadeau Poultry
Nadeau Poultry
Nadeau Poultry
Nam & Rim Inc.
Nanak Holding Ltd
Naru Japanese Restaurant Ltd (Fredericton)
Naveco Power Inc
Nectar Cuisine Internationale (Nectar Restaurante Inc.)
New Brunswick Multicultural Council Inc.
New Brunswick Youth Orchestra, Inc
New York Fries (ROMO Enterprise Ltd.)
Nguyen-Asian Convenience Store (681626 NB Inc)
Nico's Bakery Cafe Inc (Riverview)
Nippon Sushi (665606 NB Inc.)
Noory Engineering Inc
Noralyn's Bakery Inc (Fredericton)
Nordia (Moncton)
Nordia (Saint John)
Norm's Pizza (Moncton)
North American Forest Product Ltd
North Minto Residence (501378 NB LTD)
O.C. Maillet Transport Ltd
Oak Bay Consulting Inc
Ocean Capital Holdings Ltd
Ocean Pier Inc.
Ocean Steel Rebar Limited
Oliver's German Bakery Inc
Omics Software Inc
On My Own Business Solutions Inc.
On Target Transportation
One Touch Heat and Cool Inc
Organic and Sustainable Atlantic Food and Energy (OSAFE)
Oriental Pearl Restaurant Ltd. (Fredericton)
Oromocto Pizza & Donair (695716 NB Ltd)
Osaka Hibachi Moncton (692059 NB Inc.)
OSCO Group Services Limited
Out Reach Productions
Oval International (Eii Limited)
Oxygaz LTD
P & E Manufacturing Ltd
Papa John's Dieppe (PJ Atlantic Restaurants Ltd)
Papa John's Moncton (PJ Atlantic Restaurants Ltd)
Papa John's Moncton North (PJ Atlantic Restaurants Ltd)
Papa John's Riverview (PJ Atlantic Restaurants Ltd)
Parker Rentals (623346 NB Inc)
Partnership Saint John Selecting Inc
Passamaquoddy Lodge Inc.
Pêcheries Lebreton et Fils
Peoples Park Tower
Personal Auto and Tire Service Ltd
Peterbilt Atlantic (Hawkins Truck Mart)
Petro Canada Moncton (692663 NB Inc)
Petro Canada Woodstock (Kojax's Foods Services Inc)
Petro Service Ltd
PGD Company [Testing]
Phoenix Petroleum Ltd
Picket Hill Equestrian Centre
Pine Grove Nursing Home
Pink Sushi & Grill bar Shediac (698078 NB Ltd.)
Pink Sushi (659309 NB Inc.)
Pinokkio Pizzeria (6767899 NB Inc)
Pioneer Transport Inc.
Pita Pit Miramichi (D.A.E Enterprises Inc)
Pizza Boy (Grand-Sault)
Pizza Delight Bathurst
Pizza Delight Bouctouche (Boulevard Holdings Ltd)
Pizza Delight Caraquet (Caraquet Pizza Inc)
Pizza Delight Florenceville
Pizza Delight Fredericton (S & P Foods Inc.)
Pizza Delight Miramichi
Pizza Delight Moncton (Mountain Road Pizzeria Inc)
Pizza Delight Oromocto (TLC Pizza (2010) Inc.)
Pizza Delight Richibucto (MDB Holdings Ltd.)
Pizza Delight Saint John
Pizza Delight Saint John (BLR Foods Ltd)
Pizza Delight Shediac (638001 NB Inc)
Pizza Hut (FMI)
Pizza Hut Fredericton (Hometown Pizza Ltd)
Pizza Pro Bathurst (658143 NB Inc)
Pizza Pro Miramichi (638798 NB Inc)
Pizza Shack Bathurst (HS Pitre Foods Inc)
Pizza Shack Rothesay (Meca Holdings Inc)
Pizza Twins (Moncton)
Point Queen Fisheries Ltd
Polymerpave Global Corporation
Pool Boy Inc
Port City Royal (Saint John)
Potential Motors
Potential Motors
Power Precision Inc
Premier Tech Horticulture
Preschool in the Park (Mother's Care Education Centre Inc)
Primelegend Enterprise Ltd
Primus Management ULC
Prince Albert Lodge
Professional Carriers Inc
Professional Quality Assurance Ltd (PQA Testing)
Provincial Bandag Tires LTD
Provincial Elevator Services Ltd
Pub Down Under (Saint John)
Quality Inn Bathurst (Dream Alliance Inc)
Quality Transportation Services NB Ltd.
Quark Oil and Gas Services Inc
Quesada Burritos & Tacos Miramichi (9594949 Canada Inc)
R.E.M. Transport Ltd
Rayan Investments Ltd
RayLee Brooks Manor Inc
Reads Riverview (689229 NB Inc)
ReCar Fredericton (716784 NB Ltd)
Red Emerald R&D Ltd
Red Rooster Country Store & ESSO Gas Station (JNB Restaurants)
Red Satay Grill Inc (Dieppe)
Red Satay Grill Inc (Moncton)
Redmans Trucking Inc
Reid Truck Lines Inc
Remsoft Inc
Rendez-vous Crysler Ltd/Car Star
Renforth Auto Centre (Blue Spruce Investments Ltd)
Résidence aux Douces Marées Inc.
Residence Collette
Résidence Communautaire St-Joseph
Residence de l'Aboiteau - Alouette Special Care Home
Residence McGraw
Résidence Notre-Dame du Sacré-Coeur
Résidence Reine de la Paix
Résidence St-Isidore (2018) Ltée
Restaurant la Sagouine (Bouctouche)
Restigouche Family Services
Resto la Bonne Assiette
RETA Services Inc.
RevJet (Web AMG Canada)
Rigel Shipping Canada Inc
Riley Home Health Care Inc.
Rite-Line Transportation Inc.
Rivac Construction
River Signs Ltd
River Signs Ltd
Riverdale Manor Senior's Home Inc
Riverside Grocery and Pizza Shack (St. Stephen)
Riverside Warehousing Ltd
Riverview Animal Hospital
Roche Papier Stylo
Rodd Miramichi River Resort (Mirax Real Estate Inc)
Rodd Moncton Hotel (Rodd Hotels and Resorts)
Rogers Electric Motor Service (1998) Ltd
Rose St Pierre Special Care Home Inc
Rossignol Transport Ltd
Rothesay Netherwood School
Route 1 Big Stop Restaurant (R & L Convenience INC)
Rudolphs Farm and Butchershop
Ruscana Intertrade Inc
Safonov's International Business Corporation
Saigon Thai Restaurant Ltd (Moncton)
Saint John Hearing Aid Center Ltd.
Saint John Human Development Inc
Saint John Marina Ltd
Sally's Convenience (Robin and Grace Retail Ltd)
Sami's Enterprises Ltd
Samosa Delite (Fredericton)
Scierie Chaleur
Scotian Distribution Services Ltd
Search2Go Inc.
Second Cup Coffee Co (662853 NB Inc)
Second Cup Moncton (Yiyang Canada Information Trade Company)
Sedin Technologies Corp
Senior Watch Inc
Sense of Tokyo (Saint John)
Sereno Hair & Body Care Inc
Serpentine Lodge Ltee (Plaster Rock)
Services de Garde Chez Tiago Childcares Services Inc.
ServUs Health Inc.
Shannex RLC Limited
Shediac Lobster Shop Ltd
Shoreland Transport Inc
SHRI Spice Shop Ltd
Silk Stevens Ltd
Silver Fox Restaurant (JP Lavoie & Sons Ltd)
Silverwood Stone Corp
SimpTek Technologies
Sino Canadian Seafood
Sky-Tec Satellite (Skyco Inc.)
Smart Skin Technologies
Smitty's Restaurant (ABL Thompson Group Inc.)
Snider Mountain Adventures Inc
Sofdep LTD
Solutions Galore Inc
Somethings Brewing Cafe (St. Stephen / St. Andrews)
Song's Chopsticks (Sackville)
Sonrai Security
South Street Trading Co. (SST)
Southern Comfort Villa
Southern Comfort Villa
Spoon Express Restaurant
Squash Moncton Ltd
St Andrews Motor Inn (Hospitality Investments)
St John Valley Contractors Inc
St. Thomas University
Stafford Communications Group Inc
Stewarts Transfer
Stewart's Village Mart
Stockford Reefer Services Inc
Strescon Limited
Subway (FMI) (050523 NB Ltd)
Subway Bathurst (Mainmast Investment Ltd./Ltee)
Subway Bouctouche (618479 NB Ltd.)
Subway Campbellton (Shamrock Submarine Inc)
Subway Dieppe (623127 NB Ltd)
Subway Dieppe (627396 NB Ltd)
Subway Miramichi Inc
Subway Moncton (DW Restaurants Moncton Inc)
Subway Saint John (Brunswick Subway LTD)
Subway Saint John (Golden Point Ltd)
Subway Saint John (McSubway INC)
Subway Saint John (Ratchford Subway Ltd)
Subway Saint John (Sarlin Subway Ltd)
Subway Shippagan (606018 NB Ltée)
Subway St. Stephen
Subway Sussex (637772 NB LTD.)
Subway Sussex (McWhite Holdings Ltd.)
Subway Upper Letang (058149 NB Ltd.)
Sugar Roll Japanese Cuisine (Dieppe)
Summerhill Foods
Sun Prince Restaurant (Fredericton)
Sunbury Dental Lab Inc
Suncoast Seafood Inc
Sunny Corner Enterprises Inc
Sunny House Foods (Lotus Cafe)
Sunshine House
Super 8 by Wyndham Caraquet (697230 NB Inc.)
Sushi Jo Ltd (Sussex)
Sushi Sapporo (Riverview)
Swiss Chalet Dieppe (Fresh Casual Restaurants Inc.)
Swiss Chalet Fredericton (Fresh Casual Restaurants Inc.)
Swiss Chalet Moncton (Fresh Casual Restaurants Inc)
Sylvan Learning of Moncton
Sylvan Learning of Moncton
Taj Mahal Flavour of India (Moncton)
Tann Paper Ltd
Taras Tovstiy Trucking Enterprise Inc
Taste of Egypt Inc (Saint John)
Tech Mahindra
Teledyne Digital Imaging Inc
Tendering Publications Ltd
Text in Context
Thai Express Saint John (681259 NB Inc)
Thai Manao Inc (Fredericton)
Thai Pho (Saint John)
Thai Pho Uptown (Park's Thai Pho Inc. 676274 NB Inc.)
Thai Union Canada Inc (Tracadie-Sheila)
Thandi Inc (Saint John)
The Algonquin Resort (St. Andrews)
The Cooperators
The Country Home Bakery (Sussex Corner)
The Farmer's Truck Inc
The Golden Years Estate Ltd
The Goodie Shop Miramichi (Kwiksnax Ltd)
The Great Canadian Bagel (Dieppe)
The House of Chan (Saint John)
The Infusion (670486 Inc)
The Keg Steakhouse & Bar (Moncton)
The Learning Bar Inc.
The Midsea (648853 N.B. Inc.)
The Royal Barbershop
The UPS Store (MFCIC Business Services)
Theriault & Hachey Peat Moss
Thermtest Inc
Thu My Restaurant (Moncton)
Tide & Boar Gastropub (Moncton)
Tim Hortons Bathurst (Manawa Holdings Inc.)
Tim Hortons Campbellton (Circle Holdings Inc)
Tim Hortons Edmundston (Troyco Inc.)
Tim Hortons Grand Falls (C & A Toner Ltd)
Tim Hortons Miramichi (Jaden Ent Ltd)
Tim Hortons Moncton (Corey Craig Limited)
Tim Hortons Rothesay (Springer Investments Ltd.)
Tim Hortons Saint John (504151 N.B. Inc)
Tim Hortons Saint John (Homestead Holdings Ltd)
Tim Hortons Saint John (Murphy Food Service Ltd.)
Tim Hortons Saint John (Murphy Restaurants Ltd)
Tim Hortons Saint Quentin (Gestion R. G. Dube)
Tim Hortons St. Andrews (KCCS Restaurants Inc)
Tim Hortons St. Leonard (Café JEG Ruest Inc)
Tim Hortons St. Stephen (KCCS Restaurants Inc)
Tim Hortons Sussex (058249 NB Ltd)
Tim Hortons Tracadie (Tracadie Café Ltd)
Tim Hortons Woodstock (Donut Creek Company Inc)
Ting Xu (Moncton)
Tisdale Trucking Ltd
Tony Pepperoni Gourmet Pizza (El-Amm Holdings Ltd)
Tran's China Place Restaurant Ltd (Memramcook)
Tran's Palace Restaurant Miramichi (Tea Garden Ltd)
Tran's Place Restaurant Ltd (Moncton)
Trans-Aqua (The Greater Moncton Wastewater Commission)
Travel Lodge Edmundston (686949 NB Ltd)
Travel Lodge Waasis (696239 N.B Inc)
Travelodge Suites Moncton
Trevali Mining Corporation
Truall Building components inc.
Truall Building components inc.
True North Salmon Ltd.
Truis / ABC Taxi (Cedar Holdings Inc)
TSR Digital Ltd. (Evergreen Traders)
Turul Transportation Ltd
  Unicare Home Health Care                                                                                                                                                     

Nova Scotia

Last updated: November 1st, 2021
1006029 Ontario Inc. o/a Residence Inn by Marriott - Halifax Downtown
10094277 Canada Inc. o/a Infitious Technologies
10380008 Canada Inc. o/a MobSquad
10432423 Canada Ltd. o/a Cribcut
1357833 Alberta Ltd. o/a Bretoba Contracting
1431136 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Manchu Wok
1445913 Ontario Inc. o/a HGC The Harman Group
174511 Canada Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Dartmouth (Mic Mac Blvd, Highfield Park Dr.)
1784603 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a The Knot Pub
2166439 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a The Halliburton Hotel
21st Century Holdings Ltd. o/a Skye Lodge
2287027 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a United Travels
2383963 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Ideal Carcare Center
2439624 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen - Antigonish
2466295 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Subway - Coldbrook
3001659 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a A&W - Bedford (1748 Bedford Highway); A&W - Bridgewater (17 North
3006191 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Margaree Riverview Inn
3026236 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Fancy Lebanese Bakery
3030106 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a
3032948 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Inn on Prince
3033412 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3033438 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Atlantic Eye Centre
3043177 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Frontier Technologies
3046080 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Papa's Pub & Eatery
3046158 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Advantage Wireless PCS
3050524 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Swiss Chalet - Halifax (Lacewood Dr)
3051939 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Hearthstone Inn - Port Hawkesbury
3056092 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Pizzatown -Tantallon (Hammonds Plains Rd)
3059308 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a The Hearthstone Inn Boutique Hotel Halifax
3067464 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Smitty's Family Restaurant - Sydney (Prince St.)
3071427 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Balmoral Motel
3072624 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Habaneros
3074889 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Subway - Aulds Cove
3074889 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Subway - Port Hawkesbury
3082001 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Steele City Sports Bar
3087393 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Community Health Services
3091914 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Commons Inn
3093655 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3094037 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Finbar's Irish Pub (Bedford)
3099228 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Parsons ICF Construction
3099794 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Enfield Big Stop
3101278 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Mike's Kwikway
3104411 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Wone Group
3104568 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Lobster's 'R' Us Seafood
3110433 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Passage to India Restaurant
3149411 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3166133 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Baddeck
3200914 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Ye Olde Argyler Lodge
3211412 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Needs Convenience - Millbrook
3215436 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Coras Breakfast and Lunch - Dartmouth (Garland Ave)
3218548 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a PZZA.CO-HFX
3220991 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Princess Nails
3222849 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Finbar's Irish Pub (Dartmouth)
3223319 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a East Side Marios - Halifax (Chain Lake Drive)
3224619 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Wheatons
3227155 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a TDR Transportation and Logistics
3231974 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Do Lobster
3233401 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Chatters Salon - Dartmouth (Catelina Court)
3233653 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Princess Nails
3235645 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Medicine Shoppe #258
3238356 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Alexandra’s Pizza - Halifax (Titus Street)
3239228 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a 9 + Nine Chinese Cuisine
3239915 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Darling Nails Spa
3241637 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Gerhardt Trucking
3243020 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Cha Baa Thai Restaurant - Dartmouth (Ilsley Avenue)
3243149 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3249460 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Steele Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac
3250847 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Seal Cove Restaurant & Lounge
3253587 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Thai Ivory Cuisine
3257484 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Chatter's Salon - Dartmouth
3258319 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Bai Wei Grill Bar
3259582 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Boston Pizza - Bridgewater
3261396 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Rose Marie Care Home
3261813 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Harvey's - Halifax (Kempt Road)
3262710 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Service Master of Cape Breton
3263498 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3263797 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Canadian Tire Gas Bar (Bayers Rd.)
3265524 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Hubley Pizza
3265524 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Recardo's Grocery & Fast Foods
3265654 Nova Scotia Ltd o/a Subway - Wolfville (Main St.)
3266230 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Pizzatown - Halifax (6080 Young St)
3267807 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Domino's - Dartmouth (Wyse Road)
3267864 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Domino's - Halifax (Parkland Drive)
3267865 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Domino's -Halifax (Quinpool Rd, Novalea Dr)
3270337 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Pita Pit (Kingston)
3270339 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Home Instead Senior Care Cape Breton
3271037 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Kempt Screen Golf
3271087 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Glenghorm Beach Resort
3271385 Nova Scotia Ltd o/a Piece of Cake Fine Bakery and Café
3275653 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Downtown Pizza and Donair (Dartmouth)
3277374 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Antojo Tacos & Tequila
3279061 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a In Spring Fine Asian Fusion Cuisine
3279235 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Rime Restaurant
3279889 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Nook and Cranny
3280084 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Breton Brewing Company
3280404 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Shadow Security
3280546 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Comfort Inn Dartmouth
3280608 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Bento Sushi - Kingston (470 Main St); Bento Sushi - Westphal (612 HWY 7); Bento Sushi - Halifax (6136 University Ave); Bento Sushi - Halifax (1120 Queen St)
3281398 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Alexandra's Pizza
3281912 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3282510 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a New York Fries - Sydney (Grand Lake Rd)
3282529 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Bento Nouveau
3282541 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3282911 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a YST Auto Halifax
3283551 Nova Scotia Ltd o/a Alexandra's Pizza (Woodside)
3284496 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3284628 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a One Stop Shop
3285123 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a HRM Consulting Group
3286486 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Swiss Chalet - New Minas (Commercial Street)
3287324 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a East Side Mario's
3287666 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Julienne's Restaurant
3290188 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Cora - Halifax (Lacewood Dr)
3291625 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Colonial Honda
3291918 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Chatime
3292968 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Sushi Nami Royale - Halifax (Bedford Highway)
3293150 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Wandlyn Amherst Meeting and Convention Centre
3293337 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Chanadian Media
3296143 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Skipper's Pet Products
3296264 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a New Ross Farm Superstore
3296378 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Newsbreak Cafe and Convenience Store
3298564 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Trailsman Motel
3299012 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a The Finer Diner
3299261 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons We'koqma'q (9243 NS-105)
3299298 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Cha Baa Thai - Halifax North (Demone St.)
3299523 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Qui Brothers Dumplings
3300448 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Shanxi Paomo Chinese Restaurant
3300590 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Gangnam Korean BBQ
3301551 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Crepe Crepe Cafeteria
3303869 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Alexandra's Pizza - Halifax (Queen Street)
3304130 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a The Captain's Boil
3305511 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Montana's (3643) -Sydney (Reeves Street)
3305895 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a ZenQ Halifax
3306132 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Osprey Health Care - Halifax (Commission Street)
3306132 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Osprey Health Care - Sydney (Kings Road)
3308612 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a V&E's Convenience
3309125 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a VetStrategy - Lunenburg
3309125 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Vetstrategy-Cape Breton
3309125 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Vetstrategy-Hants
3309727 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Norbert's Good Food
3310483 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a A1 Garages Halifax
3311032 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Nayya Pizza & Grill
3311051 Nova Scotia Ltd.
3311267 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Aberdeen Motel
3312943 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Aziz Bridal & Master Tailor
3313382 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Days Inn and Conference Centre - Bridgewater
3313978 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Golden Pita Bakery
3314300 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Naughty Paw
3314626 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a King of Donair
3316696 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Paddy's Brewery; Paddy's Pub & Rosie's Restaurant; Paddy's Brew Pub
3317296 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Booster Juice - Dartmouth (McClure Close)
3317386 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Truro Big Stop
3319633 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a DSRA Architecture Inc.
3321590 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Local Source Market
3322746 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Booster Juice - Halifax (Young Street)
3323091 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Best Western Truro
3324608 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Hamachi Kita Sushi
3327580 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Ultramar - Sydney (Grand Lake Road); Ultramar - North Sydney (Blowers
Street); Ultramar - Bras D'or (Trunk 103 TCH)
3328597 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Iconic Restaurants: Pizza Girls and Katch Seafood
3333542 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Freshii Burnside
3337989 Nova Scotia Ltd. o/a Home Instead Senior Care
419510 Alberta Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Truro (51 Robie St; 245 Robie St; 236 Robie St; 44 Inglis St),
Masstown (10639 Highway 2), Debert (MacElmon Rd)
4338430 Canada Inc. o/a Smitty's Family Restaurant - Dartmouth (Main Street)
6835031 Canada Inc. o/a Group NB
7109938 Canada Ltd. o/a First Choice Haircutters - Bridgewater
7109938 Canada Ltd. o/a First Choice Haircutters - New Glasgow
7109938 Canada Ltd. o/a First Choice Haircutters - New Minas
7109938 Canada Ltd. o/a First Choice Haircutters - Truro
8035415 Canada Inc. o/a Cell Smart & Cell-N-Style
8720568 Canada Inc. o/a Mizu All You Can Eat
9882731 Canada Ltd. o/a Way 2 Roll Café
9902333 Canada Ltd. o/a Hwayi Construction
A & A Medical Inc.
A B&B by the River
A Bite of Asia Inc.
A Silver Dragon Restaurant Ltd.
A Taste of The East Inc.
A&A Ahmad Properties Inc. o/a Mian's Restaurant
A. Aucoin Bakery Ltd.
A. Bailey Supermarket Ltd. o/a Bailey's Supermarket
A. Jreige Accounting Services Ltd.
A.F. Theriault & Son Ltd.
A.L.S. Fisheries Ltd.
A.N. Bamyan Ltd.
A.N.B.A. Ltd. o/a Cora's Breakfast & Lunch - New Minas
A.P. Reid Insurance Ltd.
A-1 Gutter Systems Inc.
AB Care Healthcare Inc.
ABM Systems Ltd. Systèmes ABM Limitée o/a ABM Integrated Solutions
Abundant Acres Farm
Acadian Beverage Room Ltd. o/a Big Al's
Acadian Fish Processors Ltd.
Acadian Seaplants Ltd.
ACAP Cape Breton
Acceleration Trading Inc. o/a Acceleration Tire
Accrette Information Technology and Professional Solutions Inc.
ACE Machining Ltd.
Aculocus Health & Beauty
ADCOR Marketing Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Shelburne, Barrington Passage
ADCOR Marketing Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Yarmouth (Starrs Road, Main Street)
Admiral Insurance Services
Admiral Tavern Company Ltd.
Adventurers Child Care Centre
Aedos Marketing Concepts Inc.
Affinio Inc.
AGAT Laboratories Ltd.
Age Lobster Inc.
AireSun Global Ltd.
Akman Dartmouth Yorkshire Ltd. o/a Travelodge Dartmouth
Akso Marine Biotech Inc.
Al Rayaan Inc. o/a Master Tech Auto Trading, Services & Detailing
Alain Manalo Hair Salon
Alderwood Corporation o/a Alderwood Rest Home
Ale House Investments Ltd.
Alentic Microscience Inc.
Alico Direct Ltd.
All for Knot Rope Weaving Inc. o/a All for Knot
Allegro Child Care Centre Ltd.
Alliance Francaise d'Halifax-Dartmouth
Alliance Trade & Commerce
Almadina International Ltd.
Alpha Chemical Ltd.
Alsmadi Holding Inc. o/a Alsmadi Market
Alva Construction Ltd.
Amara Developments Inc.
Amazing Space Interiors Ltd.
Amherst Shore Country Store
Amos and Andy Fisheries
Anchor's Away Family Restaurant Ltd.
Andre's Pizza
Angels' Essentials - Sprituality, Health & Fine Art
Angels Nail & Spa
Angus G. Foods Inc. o/a McDonalds - Dartmouth (Windmill Rd, Nantucket Ave, Portland St, Pleasant
St); Halifax (Kempt Rd)
Annapolis County Municipal Housing Corp. o/a Mountains & Meadows Care Group
Anson CareGivers Inc.
Anthony's Food Market
Antle Family Market Inc. o/a Foodland 9255
A-Plus Garbage Removal Inc.
Aqua Production Systems Inc.
Aqualitas Inc.
Aquarica Tropical Fish
Aquilini Properties LP o/a Best Western Plus Chocolate Lake Hotel
Aramark Canada Ltd. o/a Aramark
Arbor Vitalia Courtyard Properties Ltd.
Arbuckle Media Inc.
Arbuckle Service Centre Ltd.
Archibald Dairy Inc. o/a Archibald Dairy Farm
Arirang Restaurant Inc.
Arisu Table BBQ and Sushi Bar Ltd.
Armani Painting
Armco Capital Inc.
Armshore Investments Ltd.
Arolik Catering Ltd. o/a Gold House Restaurant
Aspen Holdings Ltd. o/a A&W - Antigonish
Asurion Canada Ltd. o/a UBreakIFix
Atlantic Ambassatours Ltd.
Atlantic Assisted Reproductive Therapies Inc.
Atlantic Canada Business Network (Nova Scotia)
Atlantic ChiCan Seafood
Atlantic Home Health Care Supplies 2016
Atlantic Income Life o/a AIL Canada
Atlantic New Technology Development Inc.
Atlantic Oriental Wholesale (AOW) Inc.
Atlantic Poly Liners Inc.
Atlantic Poultry Inc.
Atlantic Rubber Paving Inc
Atlantic Sea Cucumber Ltd.
Atlantic Shield Insurance & Financial Inc.
Atlantic Theravada Buddhist Cultural and Meditation Society
Atlas Electric Ltd.
Auld's Cove Superstop Ltd.
AW Prince Street Ltd. o/a A&W Restaurant #6233
Aylward Fibreglass Inc
B & G Innkeepers Ltd. o/a Chebucto Inn
B & T Battery & Auto Real Estate Ltd. o/a Napa Auto Parts (Sydney, Glace Bay, North Sydney)
B. & A. Sales Ltd.
B. S. D. Restaurants Ltd. o/a Burger King - New Minas
B.M.C. Seafoods Ltd.
B.R. Printing Plates Co. Ltd. o/a Maritime Labels & Packaging
B4Checkin Ltd.
Baby Panda Asian Cuisine Inc.
Bage Tax & Accounting PC Inc. o/a Bage CPA
Bagel Montreal Style Inc.
Baile-mor Salonspa Ltd.
Baker Tilly Nova Scotia Inc.
Balodis Inc.
Baltic Delivery Company Inc.
Bamboo Garden Restaurant
Banc Properties Ltd.
Bannockburn Tours Ltd.
Banook Canoe Club
Barlomento Property Services Ltd.
Barnett Builders Ltd.
Bayers Lake European Farmers Market o/a Bedford Basin Farmers Market
Bayers Lake Tire Ltd. o/a OK Tire Bayers Lake
Bayshore Healtcare Ltd. o/a Bayshore Home Health
Bayview Marine Ltd.
Be Responsive Media Inc.
Beacon Construction Inc.
Bebbington Industries Inc.
Becky's Daycare Ltd. o/a Becky's Daycare
Bedford Orthotics Ltd. o/a Bedford Orthotics
Bedford Ready Mix
Beech Tree Academy Ltd.
Belfor (Canada) Inc. o/a Belfor Property Restoration
Bell Bay Golf Developments
Bell View Bed & Breakfast
Belliveau Motors Ltd.
Belliveau Shipyard Ltd.
Benco Foods Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen - Upper Tantallon
Bent Ridge Winery Ltd.
Best Choice Chinese Food Service
Best Star Restaurants Inc. o/a Dairy Queen - Stewiacke
Beta CNC Technologies Inc.
BGD Investments Ltd. o/a Island Cabinet Shop
Big Erics Inc.
Big G Pizza & Donair
Billee's in Home Cleaning Services
Billy Stick Food Ltd.
Binogi Studios Ltd.
Bione Restaurant Inc.
BioPolyNet Inc.
BioVectra Inc.
Birch Street Seafoods Ltd.
BK Korean Food Ltd.
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Dartmouth
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Enfield
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Halifax (Chain Lake Dr)
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Halifax (Young St)
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Lower Sackville
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - New Glasgow
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Truro
BKR Management Inc. o/a Burger King - Yarmouth
Black & White Fisheries Ltd.
Blackstone Construction Inc.
Blender Networks Inc.
Blue Basin Investments Partnership
Blue Elephant Thai Restaurant Ltd.
Blue Ocean Contact Centres Inc.
Bluedrop Training & Simulation Inc.
Bluewater Recycling Inc.
BMG Delivery Services Ltd.
Boardwalk Boardgame Cafe and Bar Ltd. o/a Boardwalk Cafe and Bar
Boost International Inc.
Boulangerie La Vendéene
Boyang Education Ltd.
Brad's Quality Foundations
Bras D'or Strategy Ltd.
Breakhouse Inc.
Breezy Petals Camping Resort Ltd.
Bright Sun Counselling Services Inc.
Brilun Construction Ltd.
Broadview Farms
Bronswerk Marine Inc.
Brooklyn Street Developments Ltd.
Bruce Automotive Group NS Ltd. o/a Bruce Auto Group Yarmouth o/a Bruce Auto Group
Bruce Automotive Yarmouth Inc.
Bruce Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.
Bruce Ford Sales Ltd.
Bruce H-N Ltd. o/a Bruce Hyundai
Brule Holdings Ltd. o/a Your Fathers Moustache
Bruno Builders Inc.
Building Blocks Preschool
Burgeo Sands Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - New Minas (Commercial Street)
Burnside Pizzeria Ltd.
Burrmill Subshop Ltd. o/a Subway - Antigonish
Burrnott Ltd.
o/a Subway - New Glasgow
Buta Ramen Inc.
Butler Eco Projects Inc.
Byblos Lebanese Grill Ltd.
C & C Flooring Ltd.
C & L Agencies Ltd. o/a Wholesale Moulding & Millwork
Cabinet Central Inc.
Cabot Links at Inverness, Limited Partnership o/a Cabot Links
Cabot Manufacturing ULC
Cambridge Financial Services (Canada) Ltd.
Cameron Seafoods Company
Campbell View Enterprises Ltd.
Campfire Restaurants Inc.
Canada Car Loans Inc.
Canada Games Centre Society (Halifax)
Canada Insight Business Solutions Ltd.
Canadian Business Management Accounting
Canadian College of Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine Ltd.
Canadian Pioneer Estates Ltd.
Cape Breton Business Partnership Inc.
Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design - Cape Breton School of Crafts
Cape Breton Christian Education and Service Association o/a Munro Academy
Cape Breton Realty Inc.
Cape Breton Salvage & Parts Inc.
Cape d'Or Holdings Ltd.
Cape d'Or Holdings Ltd. o/a Wilson's Gas Stop - Halifax (Dutch Village Road)
Cape John Crabs & Seafood Ltd.
Caper Crêpes
Capital Auto Sales & Repairs
Capital Installation Ltd. o/a Floors Plus
Capservco Limited Partnership
Captain Atlantic International Trade Co. Ltd. o/a Captain Atlantic Fisheries
Captain Little Seafood Ltd.
Carbon Collision & Paint Ltd.
CarbonCure Technologies Inc.
Care & Fun Childcare Ltd.
Carecor Health Services Ltd.
Carleton County Outfitters Ltd.
Carlo's Barber Shop Ltd. o/a Shades Hair Studio
Carmen's German Bakery Ltd.
Carree Valley Farms Inc.
CarteNav Solutions Inc.
Cartoon Conrad Productions Inc.
Castlerock Country Inn Ltd.
Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Antigonish
CBB Restaurant and Lounge Ltd. o/a Le Gabriel Restaurant
Centennial Pool Association
Centre for Law and Democracy Ltd.
Chain Lake Foods Inc.
Chain-Yard Cider Inc. o/a Chain Yard Urban Cidery
Chan Kwan Chow Restaurant Ltd.
Chapman Auto Body Ltd.
Charltom Restaurants Ltd.
Charmill Vibe Energy Fitness & Therapy
Chase's Lobster Pound Ltd.
Chedabucto Homes Ltd.
Chef Abod Cafe & Catering Ltd.
Cherubini Metal Works Ltd.
Cheticamp Boatbuilders Ltd.
Cheungwo Food Systems Ltd.
Chooster Food Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight
Citco (Canada) Inc.
Civic Pride Automotive
Civil Tech Construction Ltd.
Clare Machine Works Ltd.
Clarke Road Transport
Clasen Consulting Ltd.
Classic Freight Systems (2011) Ltd. o/a Classic Freight Transport
Closing the Gap Healthcare
CloudKettle Inc.
Cloverville Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Horton's - Antigonish
CMS Steel Pro Inc.
Coast Tire & Auto Service o/a Coast Tire & Auto Service - Dartmouth (Windmill Road)
Coastal Door & Frame Inc. o/a Coastal Entrance Solutions
Cobequid Gas Bar Inc.
Colchester Family Restaurant Inc. o/a Boston Pizza Truro
Collaborate IT Solutions Inc.
Comfort Orthotics & Podiatry Clinic Inc.
Common Good Solutions CIC
Community Lodge Inc. o/a Cove Guest Home
Concentrix Technologies Services (Canada) Ltd.
Concertia Technologies Inc.
Connolly Owens Ltd.
Connors Transfer Ltd.
Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial
Consolidated Restaurants Ltd. o/a The Steak and Stein Restaurant - Dartmouth (Portland Street)
Content Bloom Inc.
Contrans Flatbed Group GP Inc.
Cook's Pizza
Copernicus Studios Inc.
Cornerstone Research Group Inc.
Cornwallis Park Development Association
Costie Investments Ltd. o/a Subway - Lunenburg (Montague St .), Chester (North St.)
CPQi Canada Ltd.
Creative Ideas Ltd. o/a Certainly Cinnamon
Crossfire Food Market Inc
Croway Inc.
Crystal Clean Maintenance Ltd.
Cumberland Geological Society
Curb Appeal Interlock
Curry Village Ltd. o/a Curry Village
D & D Catering Ltd. o/a Debert Hospitality Centre
D.B. Kenney Fisheries (2014) Ltd.
D2D Restaurant Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Hamonds Plains; Halifax (Dutch Village Rd and Quinpool Rd)
DAA Group Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Dartmouth (15 Akerly Blvd)
Dada's Kitchen
Dakun Enterprises Ltd.
Dameng Internet Ltd.
Darrell's Restaurant 5576 Fenwick Ltd.
Dartmouth Child Develoment Centre (DCDC)
Dartmouth Crossing Hotel II Ltd. Partnership o/a Marriott Courtyard Dartmouth Crossing
Dartmouth Crossing Hotel Operating Ltd. Partnership o/a Hampton Inn Dartmouth Crossing
Dartmouth Day Care Centre
Data Security Node Inc.
Davis Pierrynowski Ltd. o/a Davis Pier Consulting
Daxsonics Ultrasound Inc.
Day & Ross Inc.
Daytona Freight Systems Inc.
DB Embroidery Solutions Inc.
DC Ventures Inc. o/a Mary Brown's
Deb Restaurants Ltd. o/a Subway - Truro (Treaty Trail)
Debert Electric Ltd.
Debra J & C Sales Inc. o/a The Hatfield House
Deep Cove Aqua Farms Ltd.
Deep Down Cleaning Services Ltd.
den Haan Enterprises Ltd.
d'Eon Boatbuilding Ltd.
Dhaba Express Restaurant & Takeaway Ltd.
Digby Holdings Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen - Digby
Digby Town and Municipal Housing Corp. o/a Tideview Terrace
DiLytics Canada Inc.
Dinah's Sourdough
Dixon's Marine Group 2000 Inc.
DKB Investments Ltd. o/a Pita Pit Antigonish
Donald A. Nicholson
Dong & Zhang International Ltd. o/a Titan Flooring
Donian Enterprises Ltd. o/a Subway - Truro (Pictou Rd)
DonMor Cornerstore Ltd. o/a Ultramar - Port Hawkesbury (705 Reeves St)
Dooly's Glace Bay Inc.
Dooly's North Sydney Inc.
Dooly's Sydney Inc.
Dora Construction Ltd.
Doraku Foods Ltd.
Double Dragon Restaurant Inc.
Doucette Investments Ltd. o/a Pizza Delight - Barrington Passage
Douglas L Costin Investments Ltd. o/a Tim Horton - Amherst
Down East Hospitality Inc.
Down East Hospitality Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Dartmouth (577 Main Street)
Down East Hospitality Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Dartmouth (84 Main Street)
Down East Hospitality Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Enfield (1 Bell Blvd)
Down East Hospitality Inc. o/a Tim Hortons - Enfield (75 Bell Blvd)
Dr. Chris Mintern Dental Practice Inc. o/a Bedford House Dental
Dr. Heizer Marval Inc.
Dr. S Hadad Inc.
Dr. Yavari Medical Inc.
Dragon E-bikes Ltd.
Drala Books and Gifts Ltd.
Draught Pro Ltd.
DSL Automotive Ltd. o/a Speedy Auto Service
DSM Nutritional Products Canada, Inc.
DSM Telecommunications Inc.
Dundee Resort and Golf Club ULC
Dura-Tech Industrial & Marine Ltd.
DW Restaurants Amherst Inc. o/a Subway - Amherst
DWAR Holdings Ltd. o/a Pita Pit - Dartmouth (Cuddy Lane); Elmsdale (Highway 214)
E. I. D. Trading Ltd. o/a Fast Fuel - Dartmouth (Prince Albert Road)
E2FX Holdings Ltd. o/a Sakura Sushi House
E3 Office Furniture & Interiors Inc.
Eassons Transport
East Coast Cedar Homes & Cottages Ltd.
East Coast Credit Union Ltd.
East Coast Pizza Ltd.
East Coast Power Fluids Ltd. o/a Pay-Less Fuels
East Preston Empowerment Academy Society o/a EPEA
Easypass Immigration & Education Consulting Inc.
E-Avigator Commerce Ltd.
Ebbett's Meadow Brook Farm
ED Enterprise Trade Canada Ltd.
Edusoar Solution Inc.
Egg Roll King Restaurant Inc.
Eidas Investments Ltd. o/a Magnet Signs Cape Breton
El Centro Pizza
El Jefe Food Truck
El Rancho Motel
Elassal Tech Inc.
Elcora Advanced Materials Corp.
Elgebeily Restaurant Ltd. o/a Mezza Lebanese Kitchen (Sydney)
Elmbrook Farms Ltd. o/a The Farmer's Daughter Country Market
Elmers & Casablanca Restaurant Ltd. o/a Joe's Food Emporium
Elmridge Farm (2003) Ltd.
Elmsdale Tire Ltd. o/a OK Tire Elmsdale
Endeavour Solutions Inc.
Enginuity Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company Canada o/a Enterprise Rent- A- Car
Erez Halifax Property Ltd.
Events East Group
Exus Pharmaceuticals Ltd. o/a Shoppers Drug Mart #150 - Sydney (Prince Street)
Eye Catch Signs Ltd.
Eyes on Optometry Group Inc. o/a Eyes on Bedford; Eyes on Mumford; Eyes on Lacewood; Eyes on
F.A.Z. Food Ltd. o/a Pizza Girls - Halifax (Portland Street)
F.E. Property Sales Ltd.
F.L. Pettis Holdings Inc. o/a Pettis Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
Faire Child Makewear Ltd
Fairytale Playground Ltd. o/a The Kids Fun Factory
Famolex Intergrated Consult Ltd. o/a Flenjor Foods
Famous Enterprise Ltd.
Fantasie Musical Instruments
Fares & Co. Development Inc.
Farmhouse Bakery Ltd.
Feet Dreams Inc. o/a Soles in Motion
Feher Transfer Ltd.
FH Development Group Inc.
Fired Creations The Pottery Painting Café
First Catch Fisheries Co. Ltd.
First Education Consulting Service Inc.
Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic
Fisherman's Market International Inc.
Fishermen's Premium Atlantic Lobster Inc.
Fivestar Bailiff & Civil Enforcement Services Inc. o/a Fivestar Bailiff
Flavor's Catering & Fine Foods Ltd. o/a Flavor Downtown Restaurant & Catering; Flavor on the Water Restaurant & Lounge; Nineteen Restaurant & Lounge by Flavor
Flower Nails & Spa
Fluffy Bottom Babies Inc.
FMI National Inc. o/a Pizza Hut - Dartmouth
FMI National Inc. o/a Pizza Hut - Halifax (Lacewood)
FMI National Inc. o/a Pizza Hut - Halifax (Quinpool)
FMI National Inc. o/a Pizza Hut - Lower Sackville
Fong Sing Restaurant Ltd.
Fong's Restaurant Ltd.
Forest Hill Care Inc. o/a Forest Hill Guardian Pharmacy
Forte Roofing & Renovation Inc.
Fortune Star Chinese Restaurant Ltd.
Fox Harb'r Development Ltd. o/a Fox Harb'r Resort
Foxhill Dairy Farm Ltd.
Foyer Pere Fiset Auxiliary o/a Foyer Pere Fiset
Framework Cycle & Fitness Inc.
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Amherst
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Antigonish
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Bridgewater
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Coldbrook
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Dartmouth (Tacoma Drive)
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Digby
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Fairview
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Greenwood
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Halifax (Quinpool Road)
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Lower Sackville
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Mic Mac Mall
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - New Minas
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - New Waterford
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Port Hawkesbury
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Sydney (Prince Street)
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Sydney River (Keltic Drive)
Franchise Management Atlantic Inc. o/a KFC - Yarmouth
FRC Investments Ltd o/a Victoria's Historic Inn
Freedom Ledger Financial Inc.
Fresh, Happy, Healthy Sushi Restaurant Ltd.
Fries & Company Ltd.
From Mild to Wild Hot Sauce Shop
Fujiyama Restaurant Ltd.
Fulem Holdings Ltd. o/a Mr Lube - Halifax (Lacewood Dr.); Dartmouth (Portland St.)
Fundy Restaurant Ltd. o/a Fundy Complex
Furmar Furniture Upholstering and Wood Refinishing
Future Accounting
Future Resource Ltd.
Future Stars Learning Centre
G&C Hughes Enterprises Ltd.
G. Abato & Sons Italian Market Ltd. o/a The Italian Market
G. Cuisine Inc. o/a Gabrieau Bistro
G. N. Plastics Company Ltd.
Galaxie Foods Inc. o/a Burger King - Sydney (Keltic Dr)
Gang (Ken) Chen Real Estate Ltd.
Geebo Device Repair Inc.
GEM Health Care Group o/a The Mira Nursing Home / Melville Lodge
Genesis Technology Inc.
Genius Camp Inc.
GeoSpectrum Technologies Inc.
Gerret Enterprises Inc. o/a Xsealent Seafood Company Ltd.
Gestion Colimat Inc.
Getaway Butchers Inc. o/a Getaway Butchers - Halifax
Gever Developments Ltd.
GFL Environmental Inc.
Giant Promotions Ltd.
Giant Steps Children's Centres Inc.
Giayoung Food Ltd.
Gidney Fisheries Ltd.
Glass Artisans Studio & Gallery Ltd.
Glen Haven Manor
Glenora Distillers (1994) Ltd.
Global Fine Foods Ltd. o/a Subway-Windsor (Wentworth Road)
Global Timber Products Ltd. o/a Global Construction Maritimes
Glow Signs & Promotions Ltd. o/a Glow The Event Store
GNF Investments Ltd.
Golden Alliance Canada Inc.
Golden Bay International Trading Ltd. o/a Taishan Asian Grocery
Golden Fortune Restaurant Ltd.
Golden Touch Accounting Services Inc.
Goldenwood Group Ltd.
Good Air Ventilation System Inc.
Goodleaf Community Farms Ltd.
Goodspeed Trading Inc. o/a Goodspeed Tires
Gordon Food Service
Gottingen Street (G - Street) Pizza Inc.
Governors of St. Francis Xavier University
Grace Tree Ltd. o/a Chens Convenience
Grand View Manor Continuing Care Community
Grant Thornton LLP
Granville Gates & Sons Ltd. o/a Cedar Bay Grilling Company
Graphite Innovation and Technologies Inc.
Graves Electrical Ltd. o/a Graves Electrical & Mechanical Contractors
Green Power Labs Inc.
Grinner's Food Systems Ltd. o/a Frank & Gino's / Greco Pizza
Ground Force Property Services Inc.
GT Painting Inc.
GTL Transportation Inc.
Guaranteed Siding & Roofing Ltd.
Guild Software Inc.
Guy LeBlanc Enterprises (1984) Ltd. o/a Guy's Frenchys
Guysborough County Home Support Agency Society
H & H Industries Ltd. o/a Mother Hubbard's Kitchens
H & M Contracting & Maintenance
Habaneros Modern Taco Bar Ltd.
Habermehl Contracting Ltd.
HAC Halifax Airport, Limited Partnership o/a Alt Hotel Halifax Stanfield Airport
Hair Design Centre Ltd.
Halifax Biomedical Inc.
Halifax Chinese Language School Society
Halifax City Soccer Club
Halifax International Airport Hotel Inc. o/a Quality Inn Airport Halifax Hotel
Halifax Language Institute of Canada
Halifax Osteopathic Health Centre Inc.
Halifax Partnership
Halifax Surgical Services Inc.
Halifax Tile Company Ltd.
Hallmark Dental Laboratory Ltd.
Hanatech Inc.
Hanatech IOT Inc.
Hansa Ltd. o/a Coastal Inn Digby
Happy Garden Chinese Restaurant Ltd.
Happy Kids Indoor Playground Ltd.
Happy Veal Hot Pot Ltd.
Harbour View Haven Home For Special Care o/a Harbour View Haven
HarbourMac Construction Ltd.
Harbourside Collision Centre
Harbr Inc.
Harry Freeman and Son Ltd.
Hausway Inc.
Haydon Restaurants Ltd.
HB Studios Multimedia Ltd.
HealthWalks Inc.
Helen's Family Barber Shop Ltd.
Heng Run Renting Agency Ltd.
Heppy's Pie Lady Inc.
Hervic Enterprises Ltd.
Hesen Properties
HFX Broadcasting Inc.
HGS Canada Inc.
Higgins Family Pharmacy Ltd o/a Shoppers Drug Mart #149
High Class Driving School Inc.
High-Crest Sherbrooke Home for Special Care Ltd.
Highland Subshop Ltd.
Hilly Acres Farm Ltd.
Hindon Construction Ltd.
HiYou Global Inc.
Ho Ho Wok Restaurant Ltd.
Hockey Town Training & Sports Centre Inc. o/a Newbridge Academy
Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Halifax Airport o/a Manga Hotels
Holloway Lodging Limited Partnership o/a Super 8 - Truro; Super 8 - Windsor; Holiday Inn Express - Stellarton; Holiday Inn Express -Dartmouth; Travelodge Suites - New Glasgow; Travelodge Sydney
Holmestead Cheese Sales Inc.
Home Chinese Market
Hometown Furniture & Mattress Ltd. o/a Hometown Furniture & Mattress Ltd - Halifax
Homeward Inns of Canada
Hotel N.S. Ownership Limited Partnership o/a The Westin Nova Scotian
HS Restaurant Holdings Inc. o/a A&W - Dartmouth (Wilkinson Ave.)
Humble Hippy Herb & Soap Company
Humetis Technologies Inc.
I. Deveau Fisheries Ltd.
I.J. Emesih Consulting Ltd.
I.L. MacIsaac Investment Inc o/a Tim Hortons- Bridgewater (244 Dominion Street, 464 LaHave Street,
421 LaHave Street)
I.M.P. Group International Inc.
I.M.P. Group Ltd. o/a I.M.P. Aerostructures
I.M.P. Group Ltd. o/a I.M.P. Solutions
ICEAP Nova Scotia Inc.
Icon Marine Services Ltd. o/a Icon Marine
IDC Restaurants Ltd. o/a Subway - Truro (Elm St.)
Idle Oars Boatbuilders Ltd.
iFIXuSAVE Cellular
Il Mercato Bedford Ltd.
ImmediaC Worldwide Inc.
Immigration Works
Immunovaccine Technologies Inc.
IMO Foods Ltd
IMP Aerospace
Independent Fisheries Ltd.
Index Infotech (North America) Inc.
Indian Groceries
Indianbrook Adventures Inc. o/a Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort
Indo Food Service Ltd. o/a Rasa Flavours of India and Sura Lounge
Indochine Asian Sandwiches Inc.
Ingonish Harbour Resort Inc. o/a Knotty Pines Cottages
Innovatia Inc.
Innovative Facility Care Inc.
INQT Media, Inc.
Inside-Out Cleaning Services Inc.
Interlude Ltd. o/a Interlude Spa
International Centre for English Academic Preparation
International Language Institute Ltd.
InterTalk Critical Information Systems
Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
IOM Media Ventures NS Inc.
IPM Ideal Property Maintenance Ltd.
Irving Shipbuilding Inc
IT International Telecom Canada Inc.
IWK Health Centre
J. Dedrick Auto Sales
J. G. Lubricants Inc.
J. Kate Enterprises Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen - Sydney (Grand Lake Rd.)
J.D. Irving, Ltd. o/a JD Irving, Ltd.-IT Division
J.M. Giffin Engineering Inc.
J.S. Lewis Sales Ltd.
JACMAR Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonalds- Yarmouth (Starr's); -Barrington Passage; Liverpool (Bristol);
Bridgewater (Dufferin); Bridgewater (New Pinegrove)
Jambhala Inc.
James E. d'Entremont Boat Builders Ltd.
James Higgs Real Estate Ltd.
Jamm Construction Ltd.
Janet L. Cheverie CPA Inc.
Janice's Custom Tailoring and Sales Ltd.
Jarko Ltd. o/a Arby's
JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) Ltd.
Jason Troy Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Glace Bay (Commercial St and McKeen St); Reserve Mines (Main St); Dominion (Commercial St)
Jay's Convenience Barn Inc.
Jazz Aviation LP
JB.S. Solutions Inc.
JC Video & Convenience Ltd.
J-Cat Enterprises Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen
J-Cubed Ltd. o/a J3 Pizza
Jeramy's Small Boats Repair & Fishing Ltd. o/a Jeramy's Boat Building
Jessy's Original Pizza Ltd.
JFKim Holdings Inc. o/a Kizuna Japanese Fine Cuisine
Jibro Enterprise Inc. o/a Kanpai Izakaya
Jida (Simon) Zhu Ltd.
JJN Discount Appliances Inc. o/a Discount Appliances
JMNL Investments Ltd. o/a McDonald's Restaurants
Joe Parsons Construction Ltd.
John Isnor
John Lucas Tree Expert Co.
John Ross & Sons Ltd.
Johnbo Investments Inc.
John's Steak House Ltd. o/a Snow Queen Restaurant
Jonas Software Solutions Inc.
Joneljim Investments Ltd. o/a Stephen's Building Supplies; Sydney Millwork, Sydney (Gatesway Ave)
Jones2G Inc. o/a McDonald's - Fall River (Lake Thomas Dr); Dartmouth (Main Street, Lamonte Terrace, Kiltern Row); Elmsdale (257 Hwy; Truro (Walker St, Wade Rd, Robie St); Valley (Pictou Rd)
Jost Vineyards Ltd.
JT Famous Lebanese Food Inc.
Jubilee Road Children's Centre
Jungle Kids Consulting
Jus-Mar Investments Ltd. o/a McDonald's
JusNova Agriculture Ltd.
Justamere Café Ltd.
Justin Ayre Management o/a Alexandra's Pizza - Sydney (Charlotte St.); Sydney (Kings Rd.); North
Sydney (Commercial St.)
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Sydney (Welton Street)
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Antigonish
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Glace Bay
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - North Sydney
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Port Hawkesbury
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Sydney (Spar Road)
Justin Restaurants Inc. o/a McDonald's - Sydney River
K-9 Orthotics & Prosthetics Inc.
Kaalex Enterprises Ltd. o/a Harvey's - Halifax (Chain Lake Drive)
Ka'le Bay Seafoods Ltd.
KAO Restaurant Ltd.
Karlene Developments Ltd. o/a Hearthstone Inn Sydney
Karo Horticulture Inc. o/a Oceanview Garden Centre & Landscaping
Kenny's Pizza Inc. o/a Kenny's Pizza - Sydney (Townsend St, Coxheath Rd, Kings Rd, Mayflower Mall, Sherriff Ave, Victoria Rd); Kenny's Pizza - North Sydney
Kent Building Supplies
Kevin's Towing
Kids & Company Ltd.
Kinduct Technologies Inc.
King Bo Restaurant Ltd.
King Lam Restaurant
King Town Chinese Restaurant
Kingsport Studios Ltd.
Kingstec Campus Learning Centre
Kingston Holdings Ltd.
KM Group Holdings o/a Jessy's Pizza-Dartmouth
Kmac Holdings Ltd. o/a Kenny's Pizza
K'Marks Trucking Inc.
KMD Law Inc. o/a Dumke Law
Korean Presbyterian Church of Nova Scotia
Ko's Restaurant Ltd.
Ko's Restaurant Ltd. o/a IOS Greek Donair
Krave Spring Garden Ltd. o/a Krave Burger
KSQ Buy & Sell
Kufa Trading Ltd. o/a Mid East Food Centre
L.J. Robicheau & Son Fisheries Ltd.
La Co-operative Charles Forest Ltee.
La Co-operative de Cheticamp Limitee
La Frasca Cibi & Vini Ltd.
Lafarge Canada Inc.
LAL Marketing Inc. o/a Your Dollar Store with More
Lan Linh Restaurant o/a New Moon Restaurant
Landworks Property Services Ltd. o/a Landwork Property Services
Lanire Holdings Inc. o/a Tommy Gun's Mic Mac Mall
L'Arche Cape Breton Society o/a L'Arche Cape Breton
Laurel's Lake Residence Inc.
Layers Cakes Inc.
Le Bistro by Liz
Leadon (Barrington) Operations LP o/a The Barrington Hotel
Leadon (Halifax) Operations LP o/a Hotel Halifax
Lealin Ltd. o/a McDonald's - Halifax (Lacewood Dr., Mumford Rd)
LearnCorp International
Lebanese Flower Take Out o/a Lebanese Flower Restaurant
LEDA Trading Inc. o/a Snappy Tomato Pizza
LeeWay Yachts Ltd. o/a LeeWay Marine
Lei Fong Hong Goods Distributor Inc.
Lemon Tree Home Style Food Ltd. o/a Lemon Tree Restaurant - Halifax (Queen Street, Bedford
Leo J Beazley 1996 Ltd.
Les Entreprises Samson Enterprises Ltee o/a Samson Boats
Les Pieces d' auto Transbec Inc.
Lewis Mouldings & Wood Specialties Ltd.
LF Bakery Ltd.
LIBCAN Properties
Lido Investments Ltd. o/a Al-Arz Pita Bakery
Life-Care Alternative Medicine Clinic
Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards
Lighthouse Restaurant Ltd. o/a Mother Webb's Steak House
Like Frozen Food Ltd.
Li's Wok & Grill
Little Picasso Art Centre Ltd. o/a Little Picasso Daycare & Art Centre
Little River Holistic Therapies
Living Stone Ltd.
Lixar IT
Lobster Hub Inc.
Long Point Ventures Ltd.
Loong 7 Chinese Restaurant
Los Primos Society
Lotus Garden Restaurant Ltd.
Louisbourg Seafoods Ltd
Lower Sackville Family Restaurant Inc o/a Boston Pizza Sackville
LSJ Group Ltd.
LSNG Enterprises Inc. o/a McDonald's Restaurant - New Glasgow (East River Road and Westville
Road), Pictou (Sunset Street)
Lucky Sound Commodities Supplying Inc.
Lumi Studios
Lumitech Inc.
Luong's Restaurant
Lu's Accounting Services Inc.
Luxury Hotels International of Canada ULC o/a Halifax Marriott Harbourfront Hotel
M & R Engineering Ltd.
M & Y The North Grocery Co. Ltd.
M & Y The North Grocery Co. Ltd. o/a M&Y Asian Mart
M&J Total Transport & Rigging Inc.
M.J.N.J. Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Liverpool
M.J.N.J. Investment Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Chester
M.Z.M. Holdings Ltd. o/a WM Fares & Associates Inc.
MAACO Collision Repair
MacDonald Senior Home Care Ltd. o/a Senior Homecare by Angels
MacHOLL IT Services
MacLane Holdings Ltd. o/a Crossroads Country Market
MacLeod Group Health Services Ltd
Magnicon Holdings Inc. o/a Halifax Bread Factory
Maitland Administration (Canada) Ltd./MUFG Fund Services (Halifax) 2 Ltd.
Mamatsu Fresh Asian Kitchen
Manga Hotel (London) Inc. o/a Atlantica Hotel Halifax
Manga Hotels (Toronto) Inc. o/a The Hollis Halifax - A Doubletree Suites by Hilton
Maplebusinet Ltd.
Margaree Co-operative Society Ltd.
Marine Thinking Inc.
Maritect Investigations & Security Ltd o/a Maritect Security Solutions (Sydney)
Maritime Broadcasting Systems Ltd. o/a MBS Radio
Maritime Business College Ltd.
Maritime Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church Inc. o/a Sandy Lake Academy
Maritime Digital Art and Design Ltd. o/a MDAD
Maritime Inns and Resorts Inc.
Maritime Paper Products Limited Partnership
Maritime Sikh Society
Maroon Hill Properties Ltd.
Mars Michael Automotive Repair Solution Ltd.
Master Meats Ltd. o/a Master Meats
Master Merchant Systems Software Ltd. o/a Maplewave
Maximum Lube & Tire Inc.
May Garden (1993) Company Ltd. o/a May Garden Chinese Restaurant - Bedford (Mill Cove Plaza)
May Garden Chinese Restaurant o/a May Garden Chinese Restaurant - Sackville
MB's Fairview Restaurant Ltd. o/a Mary Brown's Restaurant
MBW Courier Inc.
McFadgens Bakery
MCGA Venture Ltd. o/a Patrons Bar and Grill
McIntyre's Housekeeping Cottages Inc.
Mclean's Service Center Ltd.
Mega Vision Management Ltd.
Melvin Tan Sushi Company
Membertou Development Corp.
Membertou Trade and Convention Centre Ltd. o/a Kiju's Restaurant
Merex Inc.
Mermaid Motel and Enterprises Ltd. o/a Best Western Mermaid Yarmouth
Meshal Holdings Ltd.
Metacontinental Inc.
Metro Community Living
Metro Sub (Halifax) Ltd. o/a Subway - Halifax (Argyle St; Bayers Rd; Fenwick St; Robie St; Upper Water St; Spring Garden Rd; Quinpool Rd; Kempt Rd; and Duke St.)
Metro Subway Ltd. o/a Subway - Halifax (St. Margarets Bay Rd; Robie St; IWK-University Ave; Thomas
Raddall Dr; and Hammonds Plains Rd.)
Metro TDM Ltd. o/a Subway
Metropolitan Entertainment Group o/a Casino Nova Scotia and Casino Cape Breton
Michael Leblanc Auto Enterprises o/a Major Discount
Michael Ruan Financial Solutions Inc.
Mic-Mac Beverage Room (2006) Ltd.
Midland Transport Ltd.
Midway Supply Store o/a Sam's Quick Mart
Mielle Chanel Inc.
Mike Davies Holdings Inc.
Milford Haven Home for Special Care
Millennium Contracting Services Ltd.
Millennium Contracting Services Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts - Bras d'or
Millennium Contracting Services Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts - Cheticamp
Millennium Contracting Services Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts - Inverness
Millennium Contracting Services Ltd. o/a Robin's Donuts - New Waterford
Mill-Right Woodworking Inc.
Minato Sushi Japanese Restaurants Inc.
Mineville Care Inc.
Miniso Atlantic Canada Inc.
Mira River Camp Company Ltd. o/a Mira River Cottages; Riverbank Restaurant
Mise En Place Ltd.
Modest Tree Media Inc.
Mom 2 Bee Pregnancy Ultrasound
Moon Moon Cosmetics Inc.
Moore Suites
Morris East 2 Inc. o/a Morris East (Bedford)
Morris East III Inc.
Morris East Inc.
Motel Gisele Ltd. o/a Auberge Gisele's Inn
Mother's Hand Oriental Food & Grocery o/a JJ Mart
Mount Saint Vincent University
Mount Seven Pizza Ltd. o/a Boston Pizza -Sydney (Prince St.)
Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.
Municipality of the County of Victoria
Murphy Investments Ltd. o/a Gahan House Brew Pub; Rogues Roost Brew Pub; Rogues Roost IPA; Rogues Roost Pilsner; Pickford & Black - Seafood House and Oyster Bar
N&B Acupuncture Centre o/a Nikki's Acupuncture and Beauty Clinic Ltd.
N.S.K.D. Clothing Inc.
Nahco Investments Inc. o/a Mezza Lebanese Kitchen
Naji Fine Foods Ltd. o/a Charger Burger
Napoli Pizzeria Ltd. o/a Napoli Pizzeria - Sydney (Charlotte Street)
Narrative Research Inc.
Naru Japanese Restaurant (NS) Ltd.
Nasri Inc.
National Public Relations
Naturally Canadian Herbal Medicines Inc.
Nautel Ltd.
NCNM 277 Inc. o/a The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy
Nedtek Computer Solutions Inc.
Netgame Holdings Inc.
Nettie D Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Sydney (Grand Lake Rd. & George St.)
New Century Restaurant Ltd.
New Dawn Enterprises Ltd.
New Minas Subway Ltd. o/a Subway-New Minas (Commercial Street)
New Voice Language & Tutoring Inc o/a Atlantic Canada Language Academy
Nguyen Technologies & Electrical Equipment (NTE)
Nic Nax Variety
Nichent Energy Inc.
Nightingale Nursing Services Ltd.
NIO Wholesale Ltd. o/a Bento Sushi
NJ Holdings Ltd. o/a Video Tonight & Pizza
NNS Organics o/a Nova Scotia Organics
No. 1 Driver Training School Ltd.
Noblemay Catering Services Ltd.
Noggins Corner Farm II Ltd.
North 45 Orchards Ltd.
North Atlantic Trading Company Ltd.
North Brewing Company Ltd.
North End Building Supplies Ltd.
North End Community Day Care Centre
North Nova Seafoods Ltd.
Northern Climate Mechanical Inc.
Northview Consulting Ltd. o/a East End Group
Northwood Homecare Inc.
Northwoodcare Halifax Inc.
Northwoodcare Bedford Inc.
Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education Society
Nova Scotia Community College
Nova Scotia Health Authority
Nova Scotia Power Inc.
Nova Solar Capital Inc.
Nova Tile & Marble Ltd.
Novaleaf International Education Consulting Inc.
Novatra Ltd. o/a hop! skip! jump! Indoor Play Space
Novonix Battery Technology Solutions Inc.
NS KT Foods Inc. o/a KFC, TB Halifax
NS Sports Media Pros Ltd.
O.H. Armstrong Ltd. o/a Armstrong Foodservice
Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre
Oasis Motel (2014) Ltd.
Ocean Manor Society o/a Ocean View Continuing Care Centre
Ocean Optometry Inc.
Ocean Pride Fisheries Ltd.
Ocean Sonics Ltd.
Odell's Gluten Free Bakery Ltd. o/a Odell's Gluten Free Bakery & Café
Ogden Food Services Ltd. o/a A&W - Dartmouth (Mic Mac Mall); Elmsdale (Hwy 214) Windsor
(Wentworth); Enfield (Halifax Stanfield Int. Airport)
Olivet Grocery
Olympic Tae Kwon Do Society o/a Woo Yong's Taekwondo
Omega Formwork Inc.
On Center Construction
On Demand Webmasters
Orange Education Ltd.
O'Regan Halifax Ltd. o/a O'Regan's Toyota Halifax / O'Regan's Lexus
O'Regan M-B Ltd. o/a O'Regan's Mercedes Benz
O'Regan Properties Ltd. o/a O'Regan Chevrolet Buick GMC Ltd.
O'Regan's B-H Ltd. o/a O'Regan's BMW, Mini Halifax
O'Regan's K-H Ltd. o/a O'Regan's Kia Halifax / O'Regan's Kia Dartmouth / O'Regan's Wholesale Direct
O'Regan's Motors Ltd. o/a O'Regans Toyota Dartmouth/ O'Regans Green Light Used Cars / O'Regan's
National Leasing
Orenda Software Solutions Inc.
Orgrimmar Tech Inc.
Orthotics NS Inc. o/a Biofed
OSP Restaurant Group Inc. o/a Sam's Pizza
Otium Restaurant Ltd. o/a Subway - Truro (Vimy Road)
Our Life Changing Opportunity Holdings Ltd.
Oxen International Ltd.
Oxford Frozen Foods Ltd.
P Wong Enterprises o/a Wong's Restaurant
P.N.L. Communications Ltd.
Pacers Travel Group
Paizano's Pizzeria & Donair
Palmeter's Country Home (1986) Ltd. o/a Evergreen Home for Special Care
Pamir Foods Inc. o/a Greco Pizza - Dartmouth
Panorama Immigration Service Ltd.
Papyrus Paperplus Trading Inc.
Paraaza Technologies Inc.
Parallel Systems Computer Services
Paramed Home Health Care
Paraza Pharma Inc.
Park Convenience Store
Parsco Engineering & Construction Ltd.
Partners Construction Ltd.
Parts for Trucks, Inc.
Passchendaele Golf Club and Driving Range Ltd.
Passion Wing Inc. o/a Lake City Motel
Payzant Building Products Ltd.
PC Forwarding Ltd.
Pelley Operations Ltd. o/a Subway - Sydney (Charlotte St, Kings Rd, Welton St, Mayflower Mall, Health Park, Cape Breton University); North Sydney (Commercial St); Glace Bay (Commercial St); Eskasoni (Shore Rd)
Pennecon Energy Hydraulic Systems Ltd.
Pernanc Enterprise Sales Ltd.
Peter Green Hall Children's Centre
PG Atlantic Export Ltd.
Phoenix Hospitality Services Inc. o/a Old Port Pub & Grill
Phoenix Rehabilitation Services Inc. o/a CBI Health Centre
Pi Yao International Travel Inc.
Pictou County Glass Ltd.
Pine House Holdings Ltd. o/a Pine House Restaurant
Pineapple Bytes Inc.
Pinki Kumar Consulting Ltd.
Pinnacle Construction Ltd.
Pinpoint Financial Services Ltd. o/a Freshii - Halifax (Scotia Square)
PitchPerfect Software Inc. o/a Proposify
Pizzaholics Ltd. o/a Jessy's Pizza - Halifax (North St.)
Placemaking 4G CIC
PLANifax Production Co-operative Ltd.
Point Michaud Construction Ltd.
Point Pleasant Child Care Centre
Pole Star Transport Inc.
Polycorp Properties Inc.
Poly-Mar Canada Inc.
Pomerleau Inc.
Porridge Pot Foods Inc. o/a The Wooden Monkey Café
Port City Auto Experts
PowerTel Utilities Contractors Ltd.
Precision Concrete Services Ltd.
Premium Seafoods Ltd.
Prentice Holdings Ltd o/a Tom's Pizza Restaurant
Press Developments Inc.
Prestwick Apartments Ltd.
Pro-Dent Laboratory Ltd.
Progressive Cabinets & Millwork Ltd.
Promising International Education Company
Promising International Education Group Ltd.
Promising Maritime Training Company Ltd.
Prospect Bay Children's Centre Ltd.
Protocase Inc.
Provident Holdings Ltd.
Public Electric & Appliance Repairs Ltd.
Pulse Signs & Design Inc. o/a Minuteman Press
Pure Hair Design Studio
Purple Lake Investment Ltd.
QRA Consulting Inc.
Quality Life Healing Centre
Quantum Link Inc.
Queen Nails Sydney Inc.
Queens Daycare Association
R & K Murphy Enterprises Ltd.
R & M Boatbuilding Ltd.
R. & G. MacDonald Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Horton's
R. K. Lynk Enterprises Ltd. o/a Burger King - Sydney (Welton St.)
R.P. Hawboldt Machining Company (1998) Ltd.
Raddall Developments Ltd. o/a Rum Runners Cake Factory / Sugah
Rainbow Nails Inc.
Raised Performance Media Inc. o/a Brave New World Digital Agency
Randy's Pizza & Donair - Lower Sackville
Randy's Pizza and Donair
Rania Pizza inc.
Rankin Financial Planning Ltd.
Rayleigh Solar Tech Inc.
rchmnd haberdashery ltd. o/a rchmnd
RCR Hospitality Group
Ready to Race Auto Inc.
Reasonable Renovations Discounts Inc.
Red Knight Enterprises Ltd.
Red Meat Games Inc.
Redos Pizza & Convenience o/a Redos Pizza Donair & Grill
REDspace Inc.
Renderator Technologies Labs Inc.
Rentokil Canada Corp.
ResMed Halifax ULC
Restaurant Evangeline Ltd.
Revana Pizza - Truro
Revana Pizza Ltd.
RFT Restaurants Ltd.
Right Source Group Ltd.
Rimini Pasta & Noodle Ltd. o/a Sakura All You Can Eat Inc.
RIN Hospitality Ltd. o/a Inn on the Lake
Ristorante a Mano Ltd.
Riverside Lobster International Inc.
RJ Handyman Renovations
Robertson-Surrette Group Ltd.
Robie & Kempt Services Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Halifax (Lady Hammond Rd)
Roll it up Ltd.
Romor Atlantic Ltd.
Roofspecs Design
Ropak Canada Inc. o/a Mauser Packaging Solutions
Ross' Service Centre Ltd.
RP Halifax Driving School Inc. o/a Road Pass Driving School
Rural Roots Engineering & Design Ltd.
Rusty Anchor Enterprises Ltd. o/a Rusty Anchor Restaurant
RV Trading Ltd. o/a Jessy's Pizza - New Minas
S & E Bitar Foods Ltd.
S. Haddad Ltd.
Saadat Financial Services Inc.
Sackville Garden Supplies Ltd.
Sackville Recycling Ltd.
Sahla Thai Ltd.
Saj House Inc.
SAL Group Management Ltd.
Salty's Bar and Grill Inc.
Sambro Fisheries Ltd.
SamOwen Inc. o/a Just Junk Halifax
Sandeannie's Bakery & Tea Room
Sanford & Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.
SAS Restaurants Ltd. o/a The Red Stag Tavern / Lower Deck Pub
Sasco Products Ltd.
Saunders Landscaping and Tree Removal Ltd.
Saunders Motors Company Ltd.
Sawler Gardens Ltd.
Scanway Catering (2017) Ltd.
Schaefer Dental Lab Inc.
Schwartz & Company (2006) Ltd.
Scotia Metal Products Inc.
Scotia Structures Inc.
Scotian Distribution Services Ltd.
Scotian Meat Market Ltd.
Sea Coast HVAC (2004) Ltd.
Sea Star Seafoods Ltd.
Seaboard Liquid Carriers Ltd.
Searidge Foundation Inc.
Seger Motors
Senior Source Ltd. o/a Nurse Next Door Ltd.
Sentry Security & Investigations Inc.
Seoul Restaurant
Sew Amazing Ltd.
Shahriar Food Ltd.
Shambhala Canada Society
Shannex Inc.
Shannex RLC Ltd.
Shawarman Pizza & Subs
Sheba Queen International Investment Consulting
Shelburne Diesel Supplies & Services Ltd.
Shiraz Restaurant Home of Persian Food
Shoreham Village Senior Citizens Association
Shree Ganesh Ltd. o/a Curry Express
Shreeji Holdings o/a Mackenzie's Motel & Wildwood Motel
Siesta Motel
Signature Commercial Realty Ltd.
Silong Express (Filipino Home Style Cooking and Sari-Sari Store)
Silver's Garage (2008) Ltd.
SimplyCast Interactive Marketing Ltd.
Sino-Atlantic Inc.
Site 2020 Inc.
Sketchline Design Ltd.
Skip's General Maintenance
Slumber Inns Ltd.
Smile House Lab Inc.
Smile Studio Apparel Inc.
Smile Sushi
Smitco Flooring Ltd.
Smith and Scott Steakhouse Ltd. o/a Steak & Stein Family Restaurants - Halifax (Young Street)
Snappy Tomato Halifax Ltd. o/a Snappy Tomato Pizza - Halifax (Barrington Street)
Snappy Tomato Sackville Ltd. o/a Snappy Tomato Pizza - Dartmouth (Wyse Road)
Sobeys Capital Inc. o/a Sobeys
Social Navigator Inc. o/a LifeRaft
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Carrefour (201B avenue du Portage)
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Centre Beaubassin - Halifax (54 boulevard Larry Uteck)
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Centre de Bois-Joli - Halifax (211 avenue du Portage)
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Centre du Grand Portage - Halifax (100 Stokil Drive)
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Centre du Sommet - Halifax (500 boulevard Larry Uteck)
Société de la garderie Le Petit Voilier at Pavillon du Carrefour - Halifax (199 avenue du Portage)
Sofdep Ltd. o/a Correnet
Soil Sisters Foods Inc. o/a The Wooden Monkey (Dartmouth)
Solar Ascent
Soleil Chalets Ltd
Solid State Pharma Inc.
Somerled Properties Inc.
Song's Korean Restaurant
Soonhan's Sushi
Sourdough Country Bakery (2006) Ltd. o/a Sourdough Country Bakery
South Shore Farms Ltd.
South Shore Waldorf School Association
South West Family Restaurant Inc. o/a Boston Pizza - Yarmouth
Sowocon Solid Wood Construction Ltd.
Spartan Athletic Products Ltd. o/a Spartan Fitness
SpenglerFox Executive Search Inc.
Spiri Robotics Inc
Springfield Hotels (Halifax) Inc. o/a Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Halifax Airport
Spritely Technologies Inc.
S-T Natural Medicine and Acupuncture Centre Ltd.
St. Anne Community & Nursing Care Centre
St. Joseph's Children's Centre
Staff of Life
Stanfield's Ltd.
Star Tires Ltd.
Steele Auto Group Ltd.
Steele Volkswagon Ltd.
Stelia Aerospace North America Inc./Stelia aéronautique Amérique du Nord Inc. o/a Stelia North
Stephen Spellman Mortgages Inc.
Stokdijk Greenhouses Ltd.
Stonehouse Motel & Restaurant (1999)
Stone's Superior Homes Ltd.
Strong Chiropractic Inc.
Sub Chaser Restaurant Inc.
Success Way Driving School Ltd.
Suedan Investments Ltd. o/a First Choice Haircutters
Summer Coast Properties Inc.
Summit Cafe
Sunsel Systems Manufacturing Corp.
Sunshine Atlantic Holdings Ltd.
Super 8 Amherst Hotel
Superport Marine Services Ltd. o/a Superport Marine
Supreme Investments Ltd.
Surrette Battery Company Ltd. o/a Rolls Battery Engineering
Sushi Fang Inc.
Sushi Jet Asian Cuisine
Sushi Nami Clayton Park Restaurant Inc.
Sushi Nami Dartmouth Restaurant Inc.
Sushi Nami Royale
Sushi Shige Japanese Restaurant Inc.
Sushi Tonari
Sustainable Fish Farming (Canada) Ltd. o/a Sustainable Blue
Swanky's Dining Room & Lounge Ltd. o/a Big Leagues
Swarmio Inc.
Sweet Memory Investments Ltd. o/a Jay's Chicken & Ribs
Sydney Automotive Repair Ltd. o/a Speedy Auto Service
Sydney Fresh Casual Restaurants Inc. o/a Swiss Chalet - Sydney
Sydney Street Pub and Cafe
Synergy Seafoods Ltd.
Sysco Halifax o/a Sysco Canada
Syspro Software Ltd.
T & L McCarthy Investments Ltd.
T and T Holding Ltd. o/a Dairy Queen - Greenwood
T Bear Cleaners Ltd. o/a Snow White Laundry & Dry Cleaning
T L Yorke Floral Design
T.A.N. Fair Trade Products Ltd.
T4G Ltd.
Tabrizi Marketing Ltd. o/a Tabrizi Oriental Rugs
Tako Sushi & Ramen Restaurant Ltd.
Tan's Family Restaurant Ltd.
Tantallon Food Store
Tao (Kevin) Song Ltd.
TapRoot Farms Inc.
Tara Motel Ltd.
Tarek's Cafe
Target Hydraulics & Machine Works Ltd.
Tawa Grill
Taylor Flooring Ltd.
Techtronics Machine Works Ltd. o/a TMW Ltd.
Télécon Inc.
Temple Foods Ltd.
Thai'd & True Company Ltd.
That's Right Roofing
The Accounting House Inc.
The Allen Print Ltd.
The Appleseed Modern Diner o/a The Appleseed
The Bank of Nova Scotia o/a Scotiabank
The Barrington Steakhouse Inc.
The Bicycle Thief Ltd.
The Big General Store - Halifax
The Bread Lounge Bakery Ltd.
The Children's Garden Inc.
The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria Saint Mena
The CSL Group Inc.
The Deanery Project Co-operative Ltd.
The Dock - Food, Spirits & Ales Ltd.
The End of the Line Pub & Grill Ltd.
The Growing Place: Early Education Centre Ltd.
The Halifax Coffee Company Ltd. o/a The Brooklyn Warehouse
The Halifax Experience Foundation
The Head Shoppe Company Ltd. o/a Head Shoppe - HS Studio
The Henry House Ltd.
The Kiwi Cafe Ltd.
The Lobster Trap Company Ltd.
The Martin Arms Hotel Ltd.
The North Grove Society o/a The North Grove
The Orb Factory Ltd. o/a ORB Toys
The River Food Services (2014) Ltd. o/a DQ Grill and Chill - Sydney River (Kings Road)
The Shaw Group Ltd.
The Stone Soup Café & Catering
The Trailstore and Cabins Ltd.
The Tratt Ltd. / Mappatura Bistro
The Writing Centre at Saint Mary's University
Thompson's Moving Group Ltd.
Timber Dry Ltd. o/a Dow & Duggan
Time + Space Media Ltd.
Tim's Carpet
TKBS Family Sales Ltd.
TMO Company Ltd. o/a Greco Pizza -Hamonds Plains
Tony's Meats Ltd.
Top Construction Ltd.
Top Point Auto Ltd.
Trampoline Creative Inc.
Transoverland Ltd.
Trecan Combustion Ltd.
Treit Holdings 22 Inc. o/a The Cambridge Suites
Treit Holdings 23 Inc. o/a The Prince George Hotel
Trendco Enterprises Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Sydney (Weatherbee Rd and Churchill St); Glace Bay
(Reserve St)
Tri-Star Industries Ltd.
Trout Point Inc.
T-Roy Enterprises Ltd. o/a Wendy's - Sydney (Welton St); (Charlotte St)
Tru Line Design Inc.
Truleaf Sustainable Agriculture Ltd.
Trullo Ristorante Italiano Ltd.
Truly Tasty Ltd.
Truro Heating & Ventilation Ltd.
Truro Periodontics Inc.
Turock Holdings Ltd.
Tusket Sales and Service Ltd.
Tusu Karaoke Inc.
Twin City Painting (1979) Ltd.
Twin Staffing Inc.
Two River Consult Inc.
Tylev Investments Inc. o/a Cape Breton Highlanders Basketball
UAT Trading Service Inc.
Ubisoft Divertissements Inc. / Ubisoft Entertainment Inc.
Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc.
Umaiya Inc. o/a Woodside Tavern
Ummah Society o/a Maritime Muslim Academy
Under the Bridge Company Ltd.
Under the Bridge Company Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Dartmouth (Portland St.)
Uniform Works Ltd.
United Dental Lab Ltd.
Universal Machining & Fabrication Inc.
Upper Cutz Barber Shop
Vaci Painting Inc.
Valley Ford Ltd.
Valley Pizza Inc. o/a Pizza Delight - Greenwood (Central Av)
VCan Investments Inc. o/a Comfort Keepers Halifax
Velocity Machining & Welding Inc. o/a Velocity Inc.
VERB Interactive Inc.
Vermeuland Farms Ltd.
Vermeulen Agricultural Company Ltd.
Vero Pizzeria Dartmouth Ltd.
Verve Realty Group Inc.
VetStrategy o/a Pet Focus Veterinary Group
Victoria Co-operative Fisheries Ltd.
Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada - Nova Scotia Branch
Villa Acadienne Inc.
Vintage Hardwood Flooring Company Ltd.
Virant Construction Ltd.
Visionled Developments Inc. o/a Cora Breakfast and Lunch - Halifax (Dresden Row)
Vistacare Communications Services of Canada Inc. o/a VistaCare Communications
VitaMed Inc.
Wabo Inc. o/a Wabo's Pizza, Sub & Donair
WARP Textiles ULC
Waterford Energy Services Inc.
We Care Health Services LP o/a CBI Home Health
WearWell Garments Ltd.
Wedgeport Boats Ltd.
Wee Folk Centre Inc.
We'kopekwitk Service Hotel LP (Hampton Inn & Suites Truro)
West End Baptist Church
Westport Baptist Church
White Perkins Associates Chartered Professional Accountants Inc.
White Point Holdings Ltd. o/a White Point Beach Resort
Whynot Family Restaurant Inc. o/a Boston Pizza New Minas
Wilcraft Concrete Services Ltd.
Wil-son Donuts Ltd. o/a Tim Horton's - Sydney (Victoria Rd and Grand Lake Rd)
Wilson Investments Ltd. o/a Tim Hortons - Sydney (Grand Lake Rd, Welton St, and Charlotte St); New
Waterford (Plummer Ave)
Wilson Securuty Ltd. o/a Wilsons Security
Wing Fu Restaurants Ltd. o/a Wing Fu Restaurant
Wise Man Foods Ltd.
Wittaya Aqua International Inc.
Wohlgemuth Farms Ltd.
Wolfville Children's Centre Society o/a Wolfville Children's Centre
Wonderlust Media Inc
Woori Education Group
WOW! Food Systems Inc.
Wrought Iron Brewing Company Ltd. o/a Good Robot Brewing Company
Xeos Technologies Inc.
Yao Chen Ltd.
Yarmouth & Acadian Shores Tourism Association
Yarmouth Collision Center Inc. o/a Yarmouth Carstar
Yarmouth Subway Ltd.
Yava Nova Scotia Inc. o/a Yava Technologies
Ye & Zhou Food Company
Yi Guang Media Ltd.
YMCA of Cape Breton
YMCA of Pictou County
YNBTECH Information Technology
Yoka Restaurant Inc.
Yomes Inc.
You Like It Chinese Restaurant Inc.
Yu Yo The Artists' Place Inc. o/a Yu Yo Craft Supply & Tea House
Yummy Deli Shop
YWCA Halifax
Zever Investment Ltd. o/a Yanjing Chinese Restaurant
Ziegler Homes Ltd.
Zliv Creations Inc.
ZM Supreme Cleaning Services Ltd. o/a ZM Supreme Cleaning

Prince Edward Island

Current as of November 2nd, 2021
10019038 Canada Ltd.
100556 PEI Inc
100716 PEI Inc.
101144 PEI Inc.
101407 PEI. INC - Dino's Pizza Summerside
10141186 Canada Inc. - Kensington Greco
101796 PEI Inc. (Paul's Flowers)
101865 P.E.I. Inc. o/a Island Stone Pub
102216 PEI Inc. o/a Alexandra's Pizza
1055084 Alberta Ltd.(A&S Scrap Metals)
150 One Salon
7035233 Canada Inc.
A & R Adventures Inc.
A.E. MacPhee Company LTD o/a Main Street Home Hardware Building Centre
A-1 Building Cleaning LTD.
Abegweit Driving School Ltd.
Advantage Communications Inc.
Agafran Holdings Inc.
AgraWest Investments Ltd.
All Kids Learning Center Inc.
Allan Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
Anchor Refrigeration
Andrews of Charlottetown Inc.:101888 PEI Inc.
Andrews of Park West Inc.
Andrews of Stratford Inc.
Andrews of Summerside Inc.
Anne in China INC
A-OK Gardens
Armadillo Metal Roofing Systems Inc.
Asian First Sauce Inc.
Aspin Kemp & Associates Inc.
Atlantech Companies
Atlantic Aqua Farms Ltd.
Atlantic Beef Products Inc.
Atlantic Deck Systems Ltd.
Atlantic Grown Organics Inc.
Atlas Structural Systems Limited
Auburn Acres
Ayoub Holdings: Dino's Pizza
Azim Enterprises Inc.
B. Doyle Holdings 
Bayshore Home Health
Beach Point Processing Company
Belgo Transport Inc.
Bernard's Welding Ltd.
Big Diesel Transport
Binary Star
BioVectra Inc.
Bishop's Rest Ltd.
BJs Truck Parts Inc.
BKR Management Inc. Burger King
Bluefield Acres
Bohemian Findings
Bonafide Investment Group Inc.
Bridgeview Acres Inc.
Brooklyn Holdings Inc.
Bulk Carriers (PEI) Ltd.
Canada Kinetic Intelligent Inc.
Canada-Ask Immigration & Investment Services Inc.
Canada's Island Garden Inc.
Cardigan Feed Services Ltd.
Carrefour de l'Isle Saint-Jean
Carruthers' Farms Ltd.
Casa Mia Inc.
Cavendish Agri Services Limited
Cavendish Farms Corporation
Cedar Food (2010) Ltd., Cedar's Eatery
Centennial Auto Body Ltd.
Centre Éducatif Pomme & Rinette Inc.
Century 21 Northumberland
Chapman Bros. Construction Ltd.
Charlottetown Fresh Casual Restaurants, Inc.: Swiss Chalet
Charlottetown Metal Products Ltd.
City of Charlottetown
City of Summerside
Claddagh Holdings Inc.
Coast Tire & Auto Service Ltd.
Cocoon Inc.
CoffeNUT Hospitality Inc.
Coles Associates Ltd.
Combat Computers Inc.
Commission Scolaire de Langue Francaise
Compass Group Ltd. (Chartwells UPEI)
Complete Fusion Welding Ltd.
Country Garden Florists Ltd.
D & E Pork Inc.
Daily Naturopathic Centre Inc.
Delta Foods Inc.
DH Real Estate
Dianne Bell Inc.
Domino's - 101996 PEI Inc.
Domino's - Ritchie Foods Inc.
Domino's (101487 PEI Inc.)
Don Carlos Mink Farm Inc.
Doucette's Boat Building
DP Murphy Inc.
Dr. John M Gillis Lodge Selkirk Enterprises
Dr. Robyn Ramsay Dentistry Inc.
DRM Company Ltd. (Dairy Queen)
Duca Trans Inc.
Dynasty Restaurant Inc.
Dyne Holdings Limited
Earthform Corporation 
East Point Potato
Eastern Fabricators Inc.
Elanco Canada Limited
Essential Time Inc.
Extondale Farms Ltd.
Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities Inc.
Feetopia Health Co. Ltd.
Flooring Canada: 101626 PEI INC.
FMI Atlantic Inc. - KFC
FR Enterprises Inc.  (Sam's Family Restaurant Cornwall)
G. E. Silliker & Sons Ltd.
Garden Home Inc.
Garden Isle Farms Ltd.
Garden of the Gulf and Court Motel Inc.
GD Construction: 101367 PEI Inc
Golden Sunshine Global Ltd.
Golden Touch Accounting Services
Good Neighbor Trading Inc.
Grain Essence Garden Inc.
Grand Cloud Inc.
Grand Unity Investment Company Ltd.
Greenisle Environmental
Griffin Service Centre Inc.
Groom Foods Inc. Brothers 2 Restaurant
H.F Stewart & Sons Co., Ltd.
Halibut PEI Inc.
Health PEI
Heritage Lane Mini Barns Inc.
HGS Canada Inc.
Himalayan Indian Cuisine (7332122 Canada Ltd.)
Hopyard Beer Bar Inc.
Howardvale Holsteins 
Howmac Farms Ltd.
HueGO Electric Limited
Hutt Brothers Ltd.
i2t2 (9545832 Canada Inc.)
Indian River Farms
Infinite Expressions
Invesco Enterprise Services
IO Solutions Call Center Inc.
Island Abbey Food Science Ltd.
Island painting & Decorative Services Ltd.
Island Retail Group Limited
Island Solar Transit System Inc.
Island Taylored Meats Inc.
Islandsand Holdings Inc. -Subway
J&C Ventures
Jamieson Electric & Refrigeration Ltd.
Jeff Keough Professional Corp
Jialin Diana's Beauty Salon Inc.
JMK Fish Mart Inc
John Lecky & Company Inc.
Joloway Ltd.
Kate the Spice Lady
Kenny Richards Plumbing & Heating Inc.
KEW Holdings Inc.
Kildare Fisheries Ltd.
King of Clubs Inc.
Kings BBQ Chinese Food
King's County Pork, Inc.
Kinkora Holdings 
La Coopérative Le Chez-Nous Ltée
Label Construction Ltd.
Le Comité Acadien et Francophone de l'Est Ltée
Le Jardin des Étoiles 
Leaps and Bounds Childcare Centre Inc.
Le-ong Company Ltd.
Leonhard's Inc.
Linkletter's Welding Ltd.
Little Tree Inc.: o/a King Wok Restaurant
Livingston Steel Inc.
Lotus Garden Restaurant
MarineNav Ltd.
M&D Construction Inc.
M&M Funiture LTD.
M.F. Schurman Ltd.
MacDougall Steel Erectors, Inc.
MacLeod Group Health Services PEI Limited
MacPhee Custom Marine Inc.
Mad Wok
Maid Marian's Diner - 102157 PEI Inc
Mallard Painting
Mango Fresh Market, Inc.
Maple Isle Homes PEI Inc.
Maritime Hairwaves Inc.
Maritime Industrial Services, Ltd.
Maritime Pet Foods 
Maritime Precast Products (2011) Ltd.
Martin's Machine Shop Inc.
Mary's Cornwall Bakery
Mason's Auctionary & International Trade, Ltd.
Maximus Canada Services Inc.
McCardle Bros.
Mellish Enterprises Inc.
Minh Wang Family Restaurant
Morley Annear Ltd.
Morrison's Truck Salvage Ltd.
Most Wanted PEI Inc
Mr. Sushi Japanese and Korean Restaurant
MSM Restaurants - McDonald's
Murphy Investments, Inc.
Murphy's Pharmacies Inc.
Murray Transport Ltd.
National Port Security Services Inc.
Neuron Communications Inc.
Nobra Holsteins 
North Lake Fisheries (2013) Inc.
Notre Dame Take Out
Noye and Noye Limited
Ocean Heart Investment Inc.
O'Halloran Property Management Inc.
Options Financial Inc.
Outer Limit Sports Inc.
Outriders Cookhouse
P.E.I. Mussel King (1994) Inc.
P1460 - 10713490 Canada Limited - Hojo's Japanese Cuisine
Parker Developments & Arnold's Post Hole Digging: 101670 PEI Inc
Paul Davis Restoration PEI
Pauley Ventures Inc.
Peace Travel Company Ltd.
PEI Atlantic Baptist Homes Inc.
PEI Bag Company
PEI Junior Badminton Training Centre
PEI Mussel Farms INC
PEI Ocean View Resort, Inc.
PEI Photo Lab
Perrin's Marina Villa
Perry Niessen Studios Inc.o/a Island Stoneware
Phinley's Diner & Dairy Bar
PJ Atlantic Restaurants (Charlottetown) LTD - Papa John's
Policy Intel
Pollard's Roofing Inc.
Pondsedge Farms Inc.
Port Hill Farm Inc.
Power Line Pork Inc.
Prince Edward Aqua Farms Inc.
Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Co.
Prince Freight Lines Inc.
Princess Nails
Protestant Old Ladies Homes
Pure Pork Farms Ltd.
Purity Dairy Ltd.
Randy's Pizza
Rashed Enterprises Ltd.
Raspberry Point Oyster Co. Inc.
Ratelle & Associates Ltd.
Real Potatoes Ltd.
Reliable Motors Ltd.
Results Marketing PEI Inc.
Richards' Roofing
Richburg Redwater Limited Partnership
Ridgeline Construction Ltd
Robert's Holdings, Inc.
Rodd Management, Ltd.
Romy's Hair Studio
Royal LePage Prince Edward Realty
Royal Star Foods Ltd.
RWL Holdings Ltd.: PEI Potato Solutions
SableARC Studios
Scott Dickieson Law Office
Seafood 2000 Ltd.
Seafood Express (PEI) Ltd.
Seaside Fun Foods Incorporated
Seoul Food Canadian & Korean Restaurant
Seoul Food CNK Corp.
Service Master PEI
Sherwood Auto Haus Ltd.
Simmons Drainage & Supply Ltd.
Smith Farm
Smith Farms Ltd.
Somru Bioscience Inc.
South Shore Seafoods, Ltd.
Sporting Intentions (2007) Ltd.
Spring Valley Building Centre Ltd.
SQF Team Inc.: Dutch Inn
Steady Enter Inc.
Stepscan Technologies Inc.
Steven Brown
Stratford Pizza Corner Ltd.
Studio-Brehaut Architecture Ltd.
Study Abroad Canada Inc.
Summerside Seafood Supreme Inc.
Sunrise Innovative Enterprises Ltd.
T & J Construction, Ltd.
Ta-ke Sushi: 101775 PEI Inc
Taste of India
Tethy's Aquaculture Canada, INC o/a  Center for Aquaculture Technologies
The Mount Academy
The Mount Continuing Care Community
The Noodle House Limited
The Old Triangle Alehouse PEI Inc.
The Spice Store
The Techie INC
The United Way of Prince Edward Island
Thermotech Industries Inc.
Thinking Big Information Technology Inc.
Thomas-Martin Group Inc.
Timeless Medical Systems
Timeless Veterinary Systems Inc.
Tiny Acres Holsteins 
Top Dog Manufacturing
Trius Transit 2007 Inc
Trout River Industries
Valley House Holdings Ltd.
Vector Aerospace Engine Services - Atlantic Inc. o/a StandardAero
Victory Stone
Vos & Sons Ltd.
West Highland Contractors Ltd.
Whisperwood Villa
Wintrust International
Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island
Worklinks Canada Inc.
Z&C Flourish International Ltd.
Zi Yan Ltd.

With an offer of employment from a designated Atlantic employer, applicants will be able to begin the rest of the process. This will include collaborating in an endorsement phase with your employer, and the creation of a settlement package that will describe the personalized settlement services the candidate will receive once they arrive in Canada.

If the province approves this, the candidate will receive a nomination and be able to apply federally for Canadian permanent residence. As well, they will be able to begin working in Canada with a work permit while they await the processing of their application.

Want to know more about your options for Canadian immigration? Complete our online free assessment and a member of the Canadim team will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your eligibility.

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