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Benefits of IELTS training with Canadim

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most popular language test accepted by Canadian immigration for proving English proficiency. The IELTS score has the ability to drastically increase your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score under Express Entry, putting you in a very strong position for receiving a nomination to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.

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Why We Care

Undeniably, your IELTS score matters. At Canadim, our legal team understands how important it is not to leave points on the table in the immigration process. We also appreciate that taking the IELTS exam can be costly, so we want you to write it once and get the score you need. This is why we include complimentary IELTS training and tutoring with our services, to help ensure your best chances at Canadian Permanent Residence.

Here are four major benefits of IELTS training with Canadim:

  1. The layout of the test is not necessarily common-sense,and follows a specific structure. Even native English speakers need to be familiar with how to approach the test in order to get the best score. We’ll help get you there.
  2. We will help guide you in locating your best testing centre option and date.
  3. If applying with a spouse or common-law partner, our training can cover them as well.
  4. It’s free! Training is included in our services, saving you the cost of the online training module.

Why Prepare?

Like any test, the IELTS follows a particular structure, and the best way to prepare for it is to study! Familiarizing yourself with the layout, as well as practicing the skills before the day of the test can be the difference that pushes your Express Entry profile past the cut-off. Due to the set-up of the Express Entry system, a one or two-point increase across all four testing segments of the IELTS has the potential to significantly raise your CRS score. Here’s how…

When applying under Express Entry, your IELTS score will be converted to fit the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels. A CLB level 7 is good enough to meet the minimum for consideration, but just a few points higher in each language category could score you a CLB 9, and the possibility of claiming up to 100 more points towards your CRS score under the Skills Transferability factors.


Interested in living and working in Canada under Express Entry? To determine your immigration eligibility, complete our free assessment and a member of the Canadim Team will contact you in order to discuss your options!

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