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Canada Visitor Visa

two people visiting canada
How Long Can You Stay in Canada as a Visitor?

Whether it’s to visit friends or family, take in some of the incredible sights, or find out if Canada is the right place for a permanent […]

parents and grandparents smiling in a house
The Ultimate Guide on Canada Visitor Visa for Parents

While you settle into your temporary home in Canada, the desire to reunite with your parents grows strong. This guide offers a variety of options […]

travel to Canada with an H1B visa
Can I Travel to Canada on an H1B Visa?

As a holder of an H1B visa residing in the USA and navigating the global landscape, the idea of exploring nearby countries, like Canada, frequently […]

How to Extend Your Stay in Canada

There are many reasons a foreign national may need to extend their stay in Canada. If you entered Canada as a visitor or temporary resident, […]

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