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RAMQ service in Quebec
What is RAMQ? A Guide for Newcomers to Quebec

Whether you’ve just arrived to Canada or are planning your move from another province, understanding how to access a health insurance plan in this francophone […]

Two students in Mont Royal, Montreal
Study in Quebec as an International Student

There are many great advantages to choosing to study in Quebec. It’s home to fantastic universities, dozens of colleges (CÉGEP), and hundreds of other great schools. Studying in Quebec […]

students in Canada
Do I Need a CAQ to Study in Quebec?

Quebec Immigration is unique as it is the only province that has the autonomy to select its applicants through economic immigration programs. Quebec study permits […]

5 Reasons International Students Choose to Study in Quebec

Quebec is a top destination for many international students and is home to 16 accredited universities, many of which rank in the top universities in […]

man receiving a job offer
How to Get a Validated Job Offer for Quebec Immigration

Embarking on the journey of immigration to Quebec is exciting, and securing a validated job offer is a crucial step. A validated job offer can […]

What Is Arrima? – Quebec Immigration

Quebec’s immigration system operates slightly differently than the rest of the country. In September 2018, Quebec introduced Arrima, an immigration portal for skilled workers. Read […]

quebec flag against blue sky
Quebec Immigration Values Test

The province of Quebec has started off the new year with the introduction of the Quebec Values Test, an additional step to the province’s unique […]

city of Quebec in Canada
Is French a Requirement for Quebec Immigration?

Quebec, a very unique province in Canada, boasts the distinction of being the only one with French as its official language. Home to the country’s […]

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