Immigration Myth – Québec immigration requires French

Published on: July 17th, 2018

Québec is one of the largest provinces in Canada. It contains the country’s second largest city, Montréal. Therefore, it attracts a high number of immigrants. However, Québec is a very unique province. It is the only province in Canada with French as its official language. People in Québec are very proud of their language and French heritage. The province has robust laws in place to protect the status of the French language.

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Because of this, many people think that being fluent in French is a requirement to immigrate to the province. This is not necessarily true.

While having French language skills definitely makes settling in Québec easier, it is possible to qualify for some of Québec’s immigration programs without speaking the language.

Québec Immigration Programs

The province of Québec has several unique immigration programs that make moving here relatively easy. Some of them do not have French language skills as an application requirement.

The Québec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) is open to people with professional work experience. This program selects applicants based on a points system. French language skills are not a requirement to apply. However, being able to speak French will help you gain valuable points and increase your chances of being selected.

Québec also has several immigration streams based on business and investment. These programs encourage potential immigrants who want to start, buy, or invest in businesses in Québec to come to the province. While most of these programs are currently closed to applications, they could reopen in the future. When they have been open in the past, they did not have a specific French language requirement.

Another popular Québec immigration program is the Québec Experience Program (PEQ). This program allows graduates of certain educational programs in Québec to apply for permanent residence. Temporary foreign workers in the province can also apply for permanent residence through the PEQ. However, this is one program under which the myth holds true. In order to qualify for the PEQ, you must have at least an advanced intermediate level of proficiency in the French language.

Is Learning French Important?

As mentioned earlier, most people in Quebec take a great deal of pride in the province’s French language and culture. The majority of the population speaks French fluently. Additionally, almost all street signs in the province are written only in French.

Therefore, knowing at least a little French can be a huge asset for living in the province. It’s not required to successfully immigrate to Quebec, but learning this beautiful language isn’t a bad idea!

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