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Why Your Student Visa Application Could Be Refused

Canada is internationally recognized for several reasons: friendliness, sports, weather, a high standard of living, and much more. It’s also known for its world class […]

5 Reasons International Students Are Staying in Canada

In 2017, Canada attracted an unprecedented number of international students to its universities and colleges. Not only have application rates have seen a rapid increase […]

Should I Study in Canada or the US?: Six Reasons to Choose Canada

Speedy processing times for study permits, top-quality educational institutions, and an open and welcoming society are just some of factors that influence international students when […]

International Student to Permanent Resident: The Immigration Journey of One of Canadim’s Own

Like many young adults, I set my sights on Canada as the place where I wanted to obtain a world-class education for a fraction of […]

How to Study in Canada: Apprenticeships

Choosing to study in Canada is a big decision for most. After all, packing your bags and leaving the comforts of everything you know behind […]

5 Reasons You Should Study in Canada | International Student Canada

Canada is one of the top international student destinations in the world. In 2016, 353,000 students decided to come to Canada to study. Here are […]

Official Launch of the new Canadim Study-2-Immigrate Program

Choose from 13 different types of vocational programs to study in Canada. Not only can you and your spouse work while you are actively taking […]

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