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Common Mistakes Made on Canadian Immigration Applications

Given our years of experience we have seen many common mistakes applicants make on their Canadian Immigration application that cause the visa officer to refuse their application. With strict caps and quotas, mistakes are things you can no longer afford to make, especially when the end result is something as valuable as Canadian Permanent Residence.

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Attorney Dery has spoken before about how the current immigration system will most likely not exist in the future, or at least not as we know it today. With the Express Entry system (formally referred to as the Expression of Interest system) coming on the scene by 2015, gone will be the days when people, who meet basic requirements, can apply and have their applications processed in the order in which they are received.

In the future, first come, first serve will be a thing of the past. You will have to compete with other applicants with similar career backgrounds and I am sorry to say, for many of you, your qualifications will not be enough to compete against the global talent pool of candidates that will be applying to Canada. Keep in mind, Canada has a lot to offer prospective newcomers: Canada’s healthcare system, stable economy, security and strong democratic values make it a number one destination for the millions of families who want to immigrate here.

We cannot stress enough the importance of working with a reputable firm like Canadim and Attorney Dery given the fact that this might be your last chance to apply. With so much at stake we don’t want you to make the 3 common Canadian Immigration mistakes we will mention below.


Failure to provide the requirements of your immigration category & failure to provide documentation in a format the visa officer understands:

From our experience this is the one where most people make their mistakes. Providing incorrect or incomplete forms, or forms with missing signatures will most likely mean your application will be returned to you and if your cap is reached by the time you are ready to resubmit, your chance will over.

Not entering your information carefully like where to submit your file or even missing a checkbox on your application forms can cause your file to be returned to you.

One major mistake I have often seen is that applicants move and change their addresses and contact details but fail to update the visa office with the new information. If the visa office isn’t able to contact you, they will refuse your file. Working with an Attorney can certainly help with this as the Attorney’s mailing address is the point of contact with the visa office to ensure you don’t miss any essential correspondence regarding your file.


A false belief that your case is special:

When we are children our parents often tell us how special we are and perhaps some of us forget that it might not be true in every circumstance. One of those circumstances is most certainly your Canadian Immigration application.

Regardless of how things are done in your home country, you are applying to Canada and it is important to keep that in mind. If you think the visa office is going to make a special exception for you or clarify the situation by calling you on the telephone for example, you are very wrong.

Visa Officers are not customer service representatives; they are Canadian government bureaucrats with a great deal of discretionary power when it comes to your application.

The burden of proof is on you, the applicant, to demonstrate your eligibility for the program you are applying for and you demonstrate your eligibility by providing documentation in support of this. If you fail to do so, your application will not be successful. Having a skilled Attorney assisting you can help clarify questions you might have and advise you when your documentation is unclear or insufficient.


Listening to friends rather than skilled legal advice:

In our years of experience we have heard “my friend told me …” many times and almost always the information is incorrect, misguided or no longer true. It astounds me that some people would rather listen to their friends, who have no Canadian Immigration experience, as opposed to their legal representative.

Often times your friends who are giving you the immigration advice are well intentioned but they either have incorrect information, or, most likely, incredibly outdated information.  I’ve had several people tell me that their friends told them they don’t need language tests to claim points for their language proficiency. When I ask them when their friend applied, they tell me 10 years ago! If you think the Canadian Immigration landscape hasn’t changed in 10 years then I am sorry to tell you, you are in for a rude awaking.

At Canadim we have 16+ years of experience and the legal expertise to correctly advise you regarding your Canadian Immigration plans and help you get your application right the first time.

So take our free online assessment and find out for yourself all that Canadim and Canada has to offer.

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