Moving to Nova Scotia: A Fresh Start in the East!

Published on: March 27th, 2024
Last updated: April 15th, 2024

This picturesque province, brimming with friendly locals and a slower pace of life, offers a unique blend of natural beauty and a deep sense of history.

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Nova Scotia is Canada’s hidden gem on the Atlantic. With its rugged coastlines, rich culture, and vibrant communities, it is more than just a destination; it’s a lifestyle. 

Moving to this province is not just a change of scenery, but a transformative life choice. Planning your move is crucial – it’s about navigating logistical challenges, embracing new cultural experiences, and preparing for the unique climate and lifestyle of the East Coast. Whether you seek professional growth, a safe and nurturing environment for your family, or simply a fresh start, understanding the nuances of such a relocation is key. Let’s embark on this journey together, exploring everything from the practicalities of the move to the exciting new life that awaits you in Nova Scotia.


Why Choose Nova Scotia for Your Next Move?

Nova Scotia is becoming an increasingly popular destination for both temporary and permanent residents of Canada, as well as for international newcomers. Here’s why this maritime gem is attracting so many:

Natural Beauty and Lifestyle

Nova Scotia is a haven for those who cherish natural beauty and an active outdoor lifestyle. The province is surrounded by picturesque coastal landscapes, offering some of the most breathtaking views in Canada. The Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island, famous for its rugged terrain and ocean vistas, is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts. The Bay of Fundy, known for having the highest tides in the world, provides a unique natural spectacle.

Outdoor activities abound in Nova Scotia

From kayaking and sailing in the summer to snowshoeing and skiing in the winter, there’s always an adventure waiting. The province’s numerous trails, parks, and beaches are perfect for hiking, biking, and picnicking, making it an ideal place for those who love to be outdoors.


Economic Opportunities

Nova Scotia’s economy is as diverse as its landscape. Key industries include ocean technology, life sciences, aerospace and defense, as well as information and communications technology. Additionally, the province has a thriving creative sector encompassing film, digital media, and gaming.

Job prospects in Nova Scotia are promising, as Halifax is a major economic center in the region. The city’s growth in sectors like technology and finance makes it an attractive destination for professionals. Moreover, the cost of living is generally lower compared to major cities like Toronto and Vancouver, allowing for a more balanced lifestyle. Additionally, Nova Scotia publishes more than 3,000 job opportunities per week on platforms like LinkedIn.


Mawio'mi festival held on Halifax

Cultural and Historical Richness

The cultural diversity of Nova Scotia is deeply woven with music, art, and history. The province is renowned for its rich musical heritage, particularly its Celtic and Acadian influences. Festivals like the Celtic Colours International Festival in Cape Breton showcase this vibrant musical culture.

Nova Scotia’s art scene is equally thriving, with numerous galleries, artisan shops, and craft markets. The province’s history, from its indigenous Mi’kmaq roots to its colonial past, is showcased in museums and historical sites, offering a glimpse into Canada’s diverse heritage.

Migration Trends

The blend of natural beauty, economic potential, cultural wealth, and a growing, diverse population makes Nova Scotia a top choice for anyone considering a move. Whether it’s the call of the wild coastlines, the pursuit of career opportunities, or the allure of a rich cultural scene, Nova Scotia offers a bit of everything.

Its welcoming community, quality of life, and economic opportunities are major draws. The province’s immigration programs, such as the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program and the Atlantic Immigration Program, facilitate the arrival of newcomers, making it an increasingly multicultural and diverse society.

It’s heartening to know that the province has been a popular choice for many over recent years, both from other provinces of Canada and internationally. 

Nova Scotia has experienced eight straight years of more people moving in from other parts of Canada than leaving, a trend that continued up to July 2023.

Interprovincial migration to Nova Scotia.

Even though there’s been a small drop compared to the last two years, the number of people coming in is still important when we look at history, marking the third highest since 1961. This means that, while some are choosing to leave, a larger number are still drawn to what Nova Scotia offers. This trend of positive net migration highlights the province’s ongoing appeal, possibly due to its lifestyle, economic opportunities, or natural beauty. So, if you’re looking for a change, Nova Scotia is clearly a province that has been attracting a steady flow of newcomers, promising a vibrant community and a fresh start.


Pre-Move Planning: Setting the Stage for Your New Life in Nova Scotia

Moving to a new province, especially one as diverse and rich in culture as Nova Scotia, requires thoughtful planning. This planning phase is crucial to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition. Let’s explore the key steps in this process:


Researching Cities and Neighborhoods

Nova Scotia is a blend of lively cities and charming small towns, each offering its unique charm. Halifax, the province’s capital, is known for its bustling city life and rich maritime history. It’s an ideal location for those seeking a mix of urban and coastal living. Here, you can find diverse neighbourhoods catering to different lifestyles – from the historic and lively atmosphere of downtown to the serene suburban feel of Clayton Park.

On the other hand, Cape Breton is a haven for nature lovers and those who prefer a quieter, more rural setting. With its breathtaking landscapes and close-knit communities, life here moves at a gentler pace. Other areas like the Annapolis Valley and the South Shore each offer their unique allure, from fertile vineyards to picturesque seaside towns.


Main cities by population

City 2024 Population
Halifax 424,916
Cape Breton 89,510
Lunenburg 24,460
East Hants 23,011
West Hants 15,439
Truro 12,591
Chester 9,864

Table Source:


Understanding the Real Estate Market in Nova Scotia

Deciding whether to rent or buy is a significant consideration when moving. Nova Scotia’s real estate market varies greatly between urban centers and rural areas. In cities like Halifax, you might find a competitive housing market with a mix of historic and modern properties. Renting can be a flexible option for those new to the province, offering a chance to explore different areas before committing.

In contrast, buying property in Nova Scotia can often be more affordable than in many other Canadian provinces, especially in rural areas. Investing in a home here might be a wise long-term decision, given the province’s growing appeal and potential for property value appreciation.


Budgeting for the Move

Creating a financial plan is a critical component of your pre-move planning. Consider the costs associated with moving services, travel, temporary accommodations, and the potential need for new furniture or household items. It’s also wise to factor in the cost of living differences between your current location and Nova Scotia. While some expenses like housing might be lower, others such as heating costs in the winter might be higher.

Creating a detailed budget that accounts for these expenses will help you manage your finances smoothly during this transition period. It’s also a good idea to have a contingency fund for unexpected costs that might arise during the moving process.


It’s evident that Nova Scotia is more than just a place to move to – it’s a place to live well. With its stunning coastlines, rich history, and diverse culture, Nova Scotia offers a unique lifestyle. It’s an ideal spot for those who love nature, appreciate a strong sense of community, and are seeking new professional opportunities.

In Nova Scotia, the beauty of nature is always close by, with activities for every season. The cultural scene is vibrant, filled with music, art, and history that reflect the province’s varied heritage. Economically, it’s growing, with sectors like technology and ocean sciences offering new job possibilities. Life here is also affordable, especially when compared to larger Canadian cities.

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